Welcome to the home page for the "CS+X partnered-faculty workshop"!  The workshop activities will be split between Olin College and the workshop hotel (the Babson Executive Conference Center, or BECC for short).

Schedule at a Glance

For more detail see the Schedule page.

Thursday October 1st

Welcome reception 7pm-9pm (at the BECC).

Notes: This is not a full dinner.  We will provide snacks.  Alcoholic drinks are available through the hotel bar at your own cost.  Also, pub-fare can be ordered from the hotel bar.

Friday October 2nd

breakfast: 8am-8:50am (at the BECC)
workshop day 1: 9am-5:15pm (at Olin College)
dinner: 7pm-9pm (offsite location, transportation will be leaving from the BECC at 6:45pm).  Alcoholic drinks will be available at your own expense.

Saturday October 3rd

breakfast: 8am-8:50am (at the BECC)
workshop day 2: 9am-12pm (at Olin College)
lunch: 12pm (lunch will be provided in to-go bags in case you need to leave for the airport).

Travel and Accommodations

  • Participants are responsible for making their own transportation and accommodation arrangements.  These will be reimbursed by Olin College upon proper submission of receipts.
  • The nearest airport is Boston's Logan International Airport. Amtrak stations at Route 128 in Dedham and in downtown Boston provide an alternative for the northeast corridor.  Both Logan Airport and Boston’s South Station are accessible by public transportation; however, faster transfers can be made by airport shuttle or even taxicab.
  • On Friday night, transportation will be provided from the Babson Executive Conference Center to dinner and back.
  • The workshop organizers will be walking from the Babson Executive Conference Center to Olin College Friday and Saturday mornings at 8:50am (please follow us if you are coming from the conference center).


This map shows the location of the workshop hotel as well as the workshop location at Olin College. We will be guiding participants between the two each day, but this can serve as a backup.

Prompts for Day 1 Course Narrative Activity

In the first workshop session, you will be in a small group with three other faculty members.  Each member of the group will walk the others through the narrative of their CS+X course.  The emphasis of this activity is on lively interactive conversation, rather than one-sided information transmission.  The prompts that we will be using to direct the individual course narratives are listed below.  You do not necessarily have to prepare answers to these ahead of time, however, we wanted to include them in advance for those that would like to see them in advance.
  • Tell us the story of the genesis of your course. What were your motivations, obstacles and initial steps in putting together your course? How did you find your faculty partner?
  • Who was the audience for your course? What level were the students? What were their backgrounds? How did you structure your course to cater to your particular student audience?
  • While you were teaching the course, what happened? Were there any major changes to the course that had to happen on the fly?
  • Looking back on your course, how did it go? What lessons did you learn that you either implemented in a subsequent version or are planning to implement?

Questions / Assistance

If you need assistance, please contact Sharon Breitbart at sharon.breitbart@olin.edu or 781-292-2526. You can also e-mail / call the workshop organizers:

  • Paul Ruvolo 650-279-8868 (e-mail Paul.Ruvolo@olin.edu)
  • Darakhshan Mir
  • Sumita Mishra
  • Lori Pollock