About Department
The CHAMOS Matrusanstha Department of Mechanical Engineering offers Undergraduate Programme (B. Tech.) of Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Postgraduate Programme of Master of Technology (M. Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering.

The specializations offered in M. Tech. programme are CAD - Computer Aided Design and CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing.The department has intake capacity of 132 students for B. Tech. programme and 18 for the M. Tech. programme.

It offers subjects such as Design Concept & Machine Drawing, Material Science & Metallurgy, Dynamics of Compressible Flow, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Robotics, Advances in Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Applied Materials Engineering, Artificial Intelligence at UG and PG level. 

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech. AMT
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering

To provide state of art education in mechanical engineering supported by research and development to cater industrial and social needs.

 To nurture mechanical engineers with strong theoretical foundation, hands-on experience, and high moral and ethical values for the betterment of lives.

 To provide an academic environment to demonstrate critical thinking and leadership qualities needed for the development of productive career.

 To develop and maintain facilities for continued education, training, research and development in the field of mechanical engineering.

Program Educational Objectives:

1. To develop students with academically rich background with extensive and intensive development of knowledge and skills with an uncompromising attitude towards excellence in the chosen field in the industry and further studies.

2. To develop the technical ability of the students through exposure to Material Sciences, Production Technology, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

3. To train the students and impart software skills, product design and development, integration of systems to develop cost effective and green technology.

4. To imbibe moral and ethical values with thorough professionalism and motivate the students towards overall personality development and encourage them towards entrepreneurial thinking.

5. To enhance verbal communication, provide a conducive environment for futuristic thinking for a successful professional career. 

Program Outcomes: Mechanical Engineering


Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge of engineering fundamentals, mathematics, science and engineering specialization to solve complex engineering problem.


Graduates will exhibit the ability to design, identify, analyze and solve problems related to mathematics, science and engineering.


Graduates will exhibit the ability to design, solve and develop processes or systems which are cost effective, technologically advanced and meets public health, safety and environmental challenges.


Graduates will demonstrate ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data through simulations to arrive at valid conclusions.


Graduates will demonstrate the skills to use modern methods of engineering, software tools, high-tech equipment’s and facilities to solve various problems.


Graduates will display their abilities in undertaking problems of technological significance with a motive to serve the society.


Graduates will demonstrate ability to provide professional engineering solution in the contents of societal and environmental sustainability.


Graduates will exhibit responsibility in ethical and social issues.


Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse team and in multi-disciplinary settings.


Graduates will be effective in formal and informal communication in both verbal and written form and develop managerial skills.


Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work on multi-disciplinary problems through engineering and management principles.


Graduates will develop confidence for self-education and ability for life-long learning.

Program Specific Outcomes: Mechanical Engineering


The mechanical engineering graduates will be able to analyze, design, and evaluate the performance of mechanical components and  systems by using various technological tools.


The mechanical engineering graduates will be able to plan and manufacture mechanical components and systems, including selection of material, method and process automation.

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