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An Earth Science Institute World Project: Titan Exploration Industries: Wildlife campaigners of the World welcomes

CSPB Ornithologist's Alliance.

Exploring the World online, Researching, Archiving oh and we also campaign for the rare & awesome Animals of this Planet!

Caledonian Society for the Protection of Birds. CSPB is a network of Ornithologist's & trusted volunteers across Scotland, Conservation biologists with the main focus on rare or endangered species "Discipline with a deadline" providing information about Scotland’s wild birds.

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  • Scottish Wildlife & Adventure Tourism Association: Lapwing

    At a distance the lapwing looks black and white, on close inspection it has rich greens and shades of red on its back and wings.

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    At a distance the lapwing looks black and white, on close inspection it has rich greens and shades of red on its back and wings, with an orange vent under its tail. In flight, it looks all black from above and white with black wing ends from underneath. It calls in flight with a plaintive ’pee-wit’, its vernacular name.

    Posted Jul 9, 2014, 2:05 AM by Aaron Svalberd
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An Earth Science Institute World Project: Titan Exploration Industries: Wildlife campaigners of the World welcomes 

CSPB Ornithologist's Alliance.
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Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Our Mission Statement
At Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary we are committed to providing care, love, time, devotion and a lifelong natural habitat for unwanted, abused, neglected and non-saleable parrots or for parrots that the owners are merely looking for a permenant solution for their bird, in order to have the peace of mind that their bird will not be in uncertain environments.

By Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary! Our Capital Campaign - Spreading Our Wings in 2014!

With millions of baby parrots and Exotic birds being produced by the pet trade each year, the population of captive birds continues to grow. As peoples' interests fade and the birds AND the people get older, the overpopulation of parrots is destined to become a heartbreaking tragedy. This is now the case with cats and dogs where four to five MILLION are euthanized every year.

Our one and only purpose is that of a rescue/rehab organization.

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc . is a non profit organization 501 (c) (3) (Established 2003) organization that is a unique haven for parrots. Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc. will house and care for your bird in an optimum environment for the rest of the birds life or we can adopt your bird into a monitored, secure, loving home. (See "Placing your Bird" to the left)

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc. was established as a non profit in 2003 (501 (c) (3) exemption status) although we begun taking in unwanted parrots and personally funding their care for the last 15 years. We have been trained in Avian care by some of Florida's most prominent Avian Veterinarians and have countless hours of " hands on training" and experience in the Avian Veterinarian office. We take care of all the birds needs (ie nail trims, ect...) here on premise or have our Avian Vet come to us for anything more advanced.
Through the efforts of its staff, board members and the generous donation of various company's and individuals we have been able to erect a 750 sq ft 25' high "Macaw Parrot-ize" that currently houses rescued Parrots who are free to eat , fly and chew, bath in misters several times daily and interact with each other, living out their lives in a natural, healthy environment. We have just completed the 10x20 flight that some of the smaller birds can interact with one another. There is a great deal of expansion going on at FEBS this summer so updating and new pictures and the Newsletter is a bit slow but you will be able to see another great environment for these beautiful birds that are adjusting nicely to their new found home at The Sanctuary.

We have found that this natural environment, flight, fresh air and sunshine that is abundant here in Florida, combined with lots of love and attention and the proper diet has been instrumental in rehabilitating and/or lessening the stress of leaving their previous homes and is key in making the change over to "real interactive bird life" an easy, smooth transition. We have not experienced ANY bird that did not totally enjoy this newly found freedom!

Our goal in the next five years is to be able to erect more large aviaries and provide a permanent solution for med and small species of parrots, while maintaining the care and upkeep of the birds already living at the Sanctuary. Your help would be essential in meeting that goal.

Tax Deductible Donations may be made through this website in the "pay-pal" link on any page, simply click on the pay-pal box below, Visa, MC, AMX and Discover payments are accepted there and the donation will go directly into toys, food, housing, maintenance and most desperately needed, 2 large aviary's for small and med sized birds. If pay-pal's not your thing, then please feel free to make other arrangements by emailing us. Also please consider joining our Membership, it is 250.00 per year and includes a Membership Certificate, T-Shirt and is a way for owners to
"stay in the loop" with their placed birds!

Once again , Our Sincere "Thank you" for your interest in our love and passion for the happiness of these very intelligent, long lived, beautiful Parrots!!! All the birds that have been placed with Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary have come for various reasons including biting, screaming too loudly to be kept indoors,sexual frustration,feather picking, aggression and sometimes simply because owners really find that to make the sacrifice to have their birds cared for in a Sanctuary type environment opposed to selling their bird and not knowing their fate is in their birds best interest.

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc.
Patricia Norton, President, Exec Director 813-545-5406