For a Cub Scout leader to be considered "trained" and to wear the Trained badge on his/her uniform, the leader must complete the following training:
  • Youth Protection Training - Every adult involved with the pack should complete this training.
  • Fast Start
  • This is Scouting, Basic Leader Training.  This replaced New Leader Essentials.
  • Position or Leader specific training - See the guides and schedules below for locations and dates of position trainings.
Glacier's Edge has a couple guides to assist in your training.

In addition, Webelos leaders and others involved in the camping program are encouraged to take OWLS, BALOO, and Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills.

Youth Protection
The BSA places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members. All Cub Scout and Boy Scout adult volunteers should take this course. It covers the BSA's Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure of abuse, and proper reporting procedures.  The Youth protection policies can be reviewed with the BSA's Youth Protection & Adult Leadership.

Fast Start
This is the first step toward training for any volunteer new to Cub Scouting. This course should be taken immediately after you register but before you begin youth activities. The course introduces the aims and purposes of the Boy Scouts of America's foundational program, then zeroes in on the job. Subsections of the course will brief anyone new to the job of Tiger Cub leader, den leader, Webelos den leader, or Cubmaster. We also cover the standard parts of the meeting and tell where additional resources can be found. This program typically takes no more than an hour to complete. Those taking it for credit in local council records must provide their official BSA registration number as part of their user profile.

This Is Scouting
This Is Scouting is an online interactive learning experience that is divided into six modules. It picks up where Fast Start left off and introduces you to the following areas of the Scouting program.
  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Programs for All Ages and Abilities
  • Scouting Is Fun!
  • Scouting in the Community
  • Protecting Our Youth
  • Scouting’s Legacy
This Is Scouting is replaces New Leader Essentials, and can be found on the Online Learning Center on It takes about an hour to complete.  You must correctly answer questions at the end of each module, and upon successful completion, will receive a certificate of completion.

Leader Specific Training
Once a volunteer has a solid overview of the BSA's values-based program, he or she can begin training for a specific Scouting position through Leader Specific training. This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role. Because each course is designed for a specific leadership position, the training time varies. Leader Specific training has been developed for the following positions and their assistants:
  • Tiger Cub den leaders
  • Cub Scout den leaders
  • Webelos den leaders
  • Cubmasters
  • Pack committee members
  • Scoutmasters
  • Troop committee members
  • Venturing committee members
  • Venturing Advisors

BALOO - Basic  Adult  Leader  Outdoor  Orientation

BALOO is a one-day training event that introduces leaders and parents to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly pack camping.  This training is required for any adult who is in charge of planning a pack campout.

Participants who complete this training course will
  • Understand the focus of the Cub Scout level of the BSA outdoor program.
  • Gain the skills needed to plan and carry out a successful Cub Scout-level overnight activity.
  • Learn more about the resources available from the BSA for carrying out this activity.
The course will cover:
  • BSA rules and guidelines for camping
  • Health and safety in the outdoors
  • Camping equipment
  • Finding great campout locations
  • Cub scout cooking
  • Campfire planning
  • Nature hikes and games

OWLS - Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills Training (also known as Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders)

Webelos den campouts serve to move the Webelos Scout to the next level of the BSA's ever-increasing challenge in the outdoors. The boy and his parent will be introduced to the basics of Boy Scout camping. A trained Webelos den leader who has completed position-specific training and Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders should conduct these events. Webelos dens are encouraged to participate in joint den-troop campouts, particularly in the fifth-grade year.

Designed specifically for Webelos den leaders and their assistants, the Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders course teaches outdoor-related skills through demonstration and hands-on practice. Webelos den leaders should attend this training before conducting Webelos overnight camping with the boys and parents of the den. In addition to covering basic camping skills, this training features planning campouts and finding resources.

The council and/or district usually offer Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders several times each year

Helpful Training Links
  • MyScouting Logon - Sign-in to your MyScouting account.  Required to track adult training.
  • BSA Online Learning Center - BSA OLC home page.  There are links to the e-learning courses required and optional for leaders.  You will be required to logon using your myscouting account.
  • BSA Adult Training Guide - BSA Adult Training home page.  Provides information and several links to the various training needed for each position.
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