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“The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.” - Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Adult Volunteers

As parents, we have found that our boys' Scouting experience is even more exciting when we volunteer as leaders.  In fact, Cub Scouts would not be possible without the time contribution of the parents.  We have a great group of adult leaders, and we encourage the parents to get involved.  Keep in mind as as boys get older and move on to the Boy Scouts, so do their parent(s).  Adult leaders and volunteers are always needed.  The best way to learn what Scouting is all about and what you can do, is to participate.

To volunteer for either individual activities or for a Pack position, you can
  • Attend the next Pack meeting and talk with one of the leaders there, dates and times are listed on the calendar.
  • Attend the next Pack parent meeting and talk to one of the adult leaders, dates and times are listed on the calendar.
  • Talk with your Den leader.
  • Email or call either the Cub Master or Assistant Cub Masters.

Activity/Event Coordinators

 Bobcat Ceremony Webelo I Parents   
  Blue & Gold Ceremony
 Eagle Cave/
 Submarine Camp
Patrick Hare
  Earth Day/
 Community Project
Jennifer Heaton-Amrehein
Jim Amrhein

 Pinewood Derby
 Tech Session
   Flag Folding -
 Memorial Day & July 4th

 Pinewood Derby Joe Martino
 Brendan O'Rourke
 Ed Stube
  MacKenzie Center
 Amy Soderman
 Family Fest Booth   Scouting for food
 Family Fest Parade   Halloween Pack Activities Amy Soderman    
 Christine Jarrett

 Family Picnic   Spring Round-up
 Fall Roundup   Candy Bar Reward Activity 
 June Campout
   Memorial Day Parade
 Raingutter Regatta
   Empty Stocking Club Karleen Mack-Brandt
 Joe Martino
 Lock-in Pack Party Darrin Wroblewski  Mt Olympus
 Karleen Mack-Brandt
 UW Hockey   
 Karleen Mack-Brandt  Mallards Game(s)  
 Karleen Mack-Brandt
 Christine Jarrett
 Climbing Wall
 Bev Semmann
 Dana Dennis

If you do not have the time to coordinate an event or activity, buddy up with others and split up the role.

Pack Positions
You can also volunteer to assist any position or person listed below.

 Position   Description
 CubmasterOversee operations, Pack parties, Events, Orientation, Recruiting, etc...
 Tim Kreft
 Assistant Cubmaster
 Trainer & Safety

 Assistant Cubmaster
 Training & Safety, Public Relations
 Dan Maahs or 2nd Address
 Awards Procure & organize for distribution
 David Grzybowski
 Charter Organization Representative
  Bill Mitchell
 Committee Chair
 Parents Meeting
 Anne Byers
 Information & Technology
 Website, Scout Track, Equipment
 Dan Maahs or 2nd Address
 Racing Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta
 Joe Martino
 Brendan O'Rourke
 Sales Candy bars, Fundraising
 Melanie Ebert
 Robin Koch
 Sports/Tickets Hockey, Mallards, Waterpark, etc...
 Karleen Mack-Brandt or 2nd Address
 Treasurer Accounting, Banking and allocations
 Jeanie Witt
 Volunteer Coordinator
 Sign-up, recruit & coordinate

** Note: Last year with our pack.  Volunteer as an assistant to shadow and learn from an experienced parent.

 DenDen Leader(s)
 Den 3 - Tiger
 Joan & Pat Hare
 Den 6 - Tiger
 Shawn Irwin
 Den 8 - Tiger
 George Esguerra
 Den 1 - Wolf
 Joe Martino
 Jeanie Witt
 Den 9 - Wolf
 Melanie Ebert
 Robin Koch
 Den 4 - Bear
 Eric Lindass
 Anne Byers
 Den 5 - Bear    
 Brendan O'Rourke
 Den 7 - Webelo I
 Dan Somers
 Ed Stube
 Den 12 - Webelo II
 Curtis Bakk
 William Mulhern
 Chad Neild or 2nd Address

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