The better trained we are, the better the experience for the scouts, and the more fun the pack will have. Most of the training can be completed online on the BSA MyScouting site: -> E-Learning.  (That is the national scouting website; if you have not logged in to that site before, you will have to create an account there.  It is a separate site from the Pack 673 website). 

As you complete the relevant training, please update the Pack 673 Training Tracker with the date of your completed training.

Youth Protection Training is required for all BSA registered volunteers, but “Fast Start” and “This is Scouting” are highly recommended too. The website has a neat graphic of the training building blocks:

The Building Blocks of New Leader Training

Trained Patch jpg
Leader Specific Training

all four parts,
a leader is

This Is Scouting
“New Leader


Fast StartTraining
Taken Immediately
Prior to submitting Application
<— Basic Leader Training —>
is “This Is Scouting” plus
“Leader Specific Training”
Online, or
Online, or
Online, or
Some are Online,
others are classroom +
outdoors only


  • Youth Protection Training (YPT)
    1. From the menu on the left, click E-Learning.
    2. From the General tab, scroll down to Youth Protection Training and click Take Course.
    3. When you complete the course, print a certificate of completion to submit with a volunteer application, or submit the certificate to the unit leader for processing at the local council.
    • You’ll need to know the following to print out the Scout Executive’s Letter and the certificate:
      • Council: Orange County Council – Santa Ana, CA – 039
      • Unit Number: 673
    • When your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a BSA membership card, which includes your member ID number.
    • Enter this member ID into your MyScouting profile so that your local council has a record of the training you have taken online. To do this:
      1. Log into MyScouting
      2. Click My Profile
      3. Enter your member ID number
    • This links your Youth Protection training, and any other MyScouting training, to your BSA membership.
  • Fast Start
    • Available online. Takes no more than an hour to complete.
    • This is the first step to take for any volunteer new to scouting.
    • Take before beginning youth activities.
    • You’ll learn the aims and purposes of the BSA’s core program, then zero in on the job.
    • Provides immediate help for the new leader by providing information and examples for planning and conducting the first meeting.
    • Covers the seven parts of the troop meeting, the troop committee, outdoor program, and other basic concepts of Scouting.
  • This is Scouting
    • Picks up where Fast Start left off
    • Necessary to be considered Fully Trained.
    • Each leader completes This Is Scouting training only once.
    • Available online. Takes about 45 minutes to complete online.
    • Replaces “New Leader Essentials”; if you’ve already taken NLE, you don’t have to take this again.
    • Six modules:
      • Scouting’s mission, vision, and values
      • BSA programs for all ages and abilities
      • How Scouting is fun
      • Scouting’s role in the community
      • BSA Youth Protection policies
      • Scouting’s legacy
    • Benefits:
      1. A better understanding of the advantages of encouraging youth and adult volunteers to move through the traditional program as their youth mature.
      2. An awareness of the different aspects of the Scouting program, which may result in leaders taking advantage of those programs for a child in a different age group.
  • Leader Position Specific
    • Training for a specific Scouting position.
    • Begin after you have a solid overview of the BSA values-based program.
    • Provides specialized knowledge needed for a specific leadership role.
    • Training time varies for each course.
    • Leader Specific training has been developed for the following positions and their assistants:
      • Den Leaders: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos
      • Cubmasters and Assistant Cubmasters
      • Pack Committee Members

For more information, please see:


Roles and Responsibilities

 Role Responsibility
Local CouncilEach Scout Unit (pack, in the case of Cub Scouts) is supported by a BSA local council, a nonprofit corporation whose voting membership may include active members at large and the chartered organization representatives of the units it serves. The council does not provide service directly to individual boys. Rather, it offers a program to chartered organizations that operate Scout Units, providing a number of common resources for all units in a specific geographic area. In some areas, councils divide their territory into districts, which provide direct-to-unit service to a smaller number of units.
More info about the Local Council on
Chartered OrganizationEvery Scout Unit belongs to an organization with interests similar to those of the BSA. This organization, which might be a church, school, community organization, or group of interested citizens, receives a charter from the BSA to use the Scouting program. This chartered organization provides a suitable meeting place, adult leadership, supervision, and opportunities for a healthy Scouting life for the boys under its care.
More info about the Chartered Organization on
Chartered Organization RepresentativeThe direct contact between the unit and the Chartered Organization. This individual is also the organization’s contact with the District Committee and the Local Council. The chartered organization representative may become a member of the district committee and is a voting member of the council. If the chartered organization has more than one unit, one representative serves them all. The Chartered Organization Representative appoints the Unit Committee Chair.
More info about the Chartered Organization Representative on
Pack CommitteeCoordinates information from district; Attends roundtable meetings (once a month).
More info about the Pack Committee and Pack Committee Chair on
Pack TrainerTracks training for the pack (leaders and parents).
More info about the Pack Trainer on
CubmasterWorks with all leaders, including den leaders for pack meeting.
More info about the Cubmaster on
Assistant CubmasterAssists Cub Master and helps with other dens.
More info about the Assitant Cubmaster on
Cub Scout Den LeadersLeader of Den, plans weekly meetings/activities.
More info about the Cub Scout Den Leader on
Assistant Den LeadersHelps Den Leader with weekly meetings/activities.
More info about the Assistant Cub Scout Den Leaders on
Adult PartnersThe adult may be a parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or even a neighbor. The requirements are that the adult partner be 18 years of age or older, care about the boy, and be strongly committed to his well-being.
More info about the Adult Partner on
Den ChiefsThe position of Den Chief serves at the request of the Cubmaster. He is approved by the Cubmaster and the Pack Committee for recommendation to the Den Leader. The Den Chief helps Cub Scouts advance through Cub Scout ranks and encourages Cub Scouts to join a Boy Scout troop upon graduation.
More info about the Den Chief on
DennerA denner is a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout who is elected to be the temporary youth leader of his den. All Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, as well as Webelos Dens should elect a Denner. A den may elect a new Denner every few weeks, monthly, or other term. The Denner wears the gold double-strand Denner shoulder cord No. 00368 over his left shoulder.
More info about the Denner on
TreasurerBookkeeper; Provides monthly statement to Cub Master and Den Leaders.
More info about the Treasurer on
Packtivities CoordinatorSchedules and coordinates packtivities for the year.
More info about the Outings Chair on
Recruitment CoordinatorAssists new cub scouts with information about recruitment, including registration packets, contact information, etc.
Scout-o-Rama CoordinatorCoordinates with district to secure exhibit booth and ticket sales at this annual scouting expo.
Charter LiaisonHelps with filing and updates from / with charter.
La Palma Days CoordinatorContacts the city of La Palma for city parade info and secures booth (jumper); Informs entire pack.
Popcorn KernelHelps with coordinating with district (Orange Frontier) on when to sell, how much to sell, and deadlines (Fall fundraising).
Pack T-Shirts CoordinatorCoordinates pack t-shirt sales and works with t-shirt vendors.