Our pack plans for packtivities that are fun, build skills, and can teach scout values.  The packtivities can be some or all of those.  Some are free, while others cost money.  We also try to to take care of our members who help the pack grow.  We use our funds to cover certain materials and fees for returning members, for example.

The pack participates in a few fundraising events to help us meet our financial goals.  There may not be a fundraising belt loop, per se, but one can learn valuable life lessons by raising money to turn visions into reality.

Fundraising Goals

Pack 673 Fundraising Goal Setting Worksheet.

This worksheet helps to set our fundraising goals.  It facilitates the decision-making for spending and determining the amount of money we need to raise.

La Palma Days Carnival (November)

The City of La Palma holds a carnival after the La Palma Days Parade.  Pack 673 mans a booth (jumper, slide, or something else) to raise money.  You can sign up to help man a booth

Mistletoe (November - December)

Mistletoe is one of the most favorite decorations for winter.  By leveraging our time and a little elbow grease, we can harvest some green from some green.  You can sign up to help with the picking and related activities.

John’s Incredible Pizza Holiday Party (December)

It's a party and a fundraiser!  20% of proceeds go to the pack, so invite some friends and family.  This is essentially raising money with no effort!

Scout-O-Rama (May)

Scout-o-Rama, the annual trade show for scouts in Orange County, highlights the core values and skills of Scouting in a fun manner that is open to the entire community.  The council helps each pack raise money through the sale of coupon cards.  If we set up a booth to teach some scout skills, we can earn even more.  If the pack decides to do so, you can sign up to man a booth.