Agendas & Achievements

The agendas here are for our Den Leaders and Akelas to plan den meetings.  Each den also has a spreadsheet to help track achievements. Please login to edit the agendas and spreadsheet directly in your browser.  Den Leaders and Akelas are free to edit the agendas as they wish for their den.  (Keep in mind that these can be read by anyone, so refrain from sharing too much private information).

The BSA publishes a lot of useful aids so you don't have to reinvent the wheel:
Check out the Resources page for even more useful BSA publications

Here are some at-a-glance summaries: 
The list below are the agenda templates that den leaders, den chiefs, and akelas can use to plan meetings.  You can view the agendas without signing-in.  To edit an agenda, you must sign-in with your Google or Gmail account.  Google Docs will automatically save your changes.  Multiple people can collaborate on an agenda in real-time (you will see what the other person is typing).