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Cub Scout Pack 673 is a scouting organization chartered by the Kiwanis Club of La Palma. While we are based in La Palma, we serve scouts from several nearby cities as well, including Cerritos, Cypress, and Lakewood.

We are a family-oriented pack that fully embraces the concept of Shared Leadership. The cub scouts place an emphasis on the adult partner (akela) being involved with the scout in the activities and working with him as a team to reach his achievements. While there is a leader for the pack and a leader for each den, our akelas play an integral role. We all work together to help the scouts do their best and have fun.

2016 – 2017 Leadership

Position Name Position Name
Committee Chairperson Michael H. Tiger Den Leader Michael H.
Cub Master Diego A. Asst Tiger Den Leader TBD
Asst Cub Master Cathy I. Wolf Den Leader Melissa P.
Treasurer Amit P. Asst Wolf Den Leader TBD
Packtivities Coodinator Tina G. Bear Den Leader Amie H.
Pack Trainer Darrell C. Asst Bear Den Leader
Membership Chair Sangeeta P. Webelos Den Leader David S.
Scout-O-Rama Amy C. Asst Webelos Den Leader
Charter Liaison Mark W. Arrow of Light Den Leader Diego A.
La Palma Days Linda W. Asst Arrow of Lt Den Leader
Mistletoe Coordinator Amber L.

Pack T-Shirts Julie E. and assistant

Webmaster Cason L. & Yu L.

The purpose of scouting is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build desirable qualities of character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. Personal fitness includes physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Purposes of Cub Scouting
1. Character Development
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Good Citizenship
4. Sportmanship and Fitness
5. Family Understanding
6. Respectful Relationships
7. Personal Achievement
8. Friendly Service
9. Fun and Adventure
10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

We generally meet at Wednesday nights from 7pm – 8pm at Luther Elementary. We also have “packtivities” scheduled some weekends.

Steve Luther Elementary
4631 La Palma Ave.
La Palma CA 90623
Steve Luther Elementary


Contact Us
(714) 867-7346
Website Help: csp673+webmaster@gmail.com

Membership: csp673+membership@gmail.com



Do you have a one page flyer of basic information for your pack?

Yes, here is the 2014-2015 Pack 673 Info Sheet.


Who is this site for?

This site is for the akelas and scouts of Pack 673. This page and the About-Us page also provides basic information for anybody who wants to learn more about scouting and our pack. If you have any questions on how to use this site, please contact csp673+webmaster@gmail.com.


What are the BSA Requirements?

The BSA is the Boy Scouts of America, not Babysitters of America! The BSA adheres strictly to youth protection laws and requires an adult partner accompany the scout at each meeting; they cannot just drop the scout off. Furthermore, all adult partners are required to complete a web-based youth protection training.

We recognize everybody has tough schedules, and you may not be able to make all meetings, but that’s ok. The adult partner that accompanies the scout to each meeting can be either dad, mom, grandparent, or a trusted guardian, so if you cannot make it to all meetings, please make arrangements with a trusted adult who can.


What is an Akela?

An akela is the adult partner that accompanies their boy(s) throughout their scouting journey.  The akela is integral to the pack’s success and the enjoyment of scouting for the boys.  Akelas are expected to help with pack activities and lead den meetings.  “Many hands make work light”, and scouts are much more likely to take on leadership roles as well when they see their akela being actively involved.  Having each akela lead a meeting also brings different view points to a subject.


What are the ranks?  How do the boys advance?  What is a Webelos?

The dens are organized by grade level:

  • 1st Grade: Tigers
  • 2nd Grade: Wolves
  • 3rd Grade: Bears
  • 4th Grade: Webelos 
  • 5th Grade: Arrows of Light

The badge for each level is earned by completing the achievements prescribed in the handbook for that level.  The scouts are simply expected to do their best in performing the activities for the achievements and electives.  Even if the scout does not earn the den badge within the scout year (e.g., because they joined scouting later or because of scheduling reasons), they still advance to the next level according to grade level.  (For example: It is possible for a scout to earn a Bear badge without having Wolf or Tiger badges).  However, scouts can continue working on achievements at their own pace over the summer before the start of the next scout year to earn their rank for that scout year. Webelos is an acronym that stands for We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.


Does your pack meet year round?

No, our pack follows the school year of the local school districts.  Our schedule also reflects the school holidays, and generally don’t meet during the winter and spring breaks.   Our meetings usually start in mid to late September and conclude in early June.  We meet weekly and occasionally have events on weekends.  BSA runs some day camps in the summer.


What’s the best time to join the pack?  Can we still join in the middle of the scout year?

The best time to join is at the beginning of the scout year, generally when school starts.  However, it is not unusual for boys to join throughout the year.  The earlier you join, the more time there is to do the achievements and electives to earn advancements.  (See question above about the ranks).

People who are interested in scouting tend to enrich and strengthen our pack.  However, we also need to keep den sizes manageable so everyone has a good experience and has fun pursuing the purposes of cub scouting.  The den leader, cubmaster, and pack leaders take these factors in consideration when discussing mid-year memberships.  Scouts that join part way through will also have the fees pro-rated.


How much does it cost?

Scouting is an activity where you will get a lot of bang for the buck.  The dues for a year are about $80.50 for new scouts and $64.00 for returning scouts.  Scouts joining part way through the year will be prorated.  Registration fees may be subject to change each year.

New Scouts Oct – Dec 2014 Jan – Dec 2015
Cub Scout Registration fees $6.00 $24.00
Adult Registration fees $6.00 $24.00
Insurance* $1.00 $2.00
Boys Life subscription $3.00 $12.00
Pack Dues $5.00 $20.00
Total: $103.00 = $21.00 $82.00


Returning Scouts Oct – Dec 2014 Jan – Dec 2015
Cub Scout Registration fees $0.00 $24.00
Adult Registration fees $0.00 $24.00
Insurance* $0.00 $2.00
Boys Life subscription $0.00 $12.00
Pack Dues $0.00 $20.00
Total: $82.00 = $0.00 $82.00


Returning Webelos II Oct – Dec 2014 Jan – Dec 2015
Cub Scout Registration fees $0.00 $24.00
Adult Registration fees $0.00 $0.00
Insurance* $0.00 $0.00
Boys Life subscription $0.00 $0.00
Pack Dues $0.00 $0.00
Total: $24.00 = $0.00 $24.00


* Insurance is $1 per registered scout/adult annually, and is pro-rated to $.50 per registered scout/adult for a partial year.
Please make checks payable to Cub Scout Pack 673.


What are the basic things we should get for a new scout?

A uniform and the handbook are a must. Here are some more things:

  • The uniform starts at about $63.00, but is used for three years (Tigers, Wolf, Bears); when they get to the Webelos levels, they have olive shirts (although the BSA site says they can continue wearing the navy Cub scout uniform). The price may be higher including optional items, such as pants and other clothing. Prices below are circa August 2011.
  • If sewing is not your strong suit, the Scout store can send the uniforms to a seamstress to sew any badge or emblem. It costs $2.50 to sew each emblem.
  • The shirt ($24.99) is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so won’t shrink much, if at all.
  • Other articles of the uniform to get:
    • Neckerchief ($5.99)
    • Neckerchief Slide ($3.99)
    • Pack numbers 6, 7, 3 ($1.19 each)
    • Orange County Council emblem ($2.50). If the uniform has this sewn on already, there is a $2.50 emblem sewing charge.
    • World Scouting Crest emblem ($1.49). If the uniform has this sewn on already, there is a $2.50 emblem sewing charge.
    • Belt ($5.99 – $7.99)
    • Cap (optional, but handy for outdoor activities like hikes $14.99)
  • Navy pants are part of the uniform, but our pack has deemed it optional. $24.99.
  • The Cub Scout handbook is a must.
    • The handbook lists all the Family, Den, Go See It Activates, and Electives.
    • That’s where the akelas get to sign off for activities.
    • Tip: Get the spiral bound version. I go the paperback before I heard this advice, and the pages fell out pretty quickly. I ended up buying the spiral bound. It costs a little more, but definitely worth it.
    • Paperback / Spiral bound prices:
      1. Tiger: $6.99 / $12.99
      2. Wolf, Bear, Webelos: $8.99 / $14.99
  • The Anaheim Scout Shop is closest store to our pack (see below for other stores).
  • There is also a teal blue pack t-shirt. We usually wear it for packtivities for easy identification. This is sold through the pack, not the Scout store.
    • $7.00 for kids (scouts and siblings)
    • $9.00 for adults


Where do I sew the badges?

Over the years, a scout will earn a lot of recognitions.  Where to put them all?  The BSA Insignia Guide and this uniform inspection sheet found on the Boy Scout Trail website will give you some idea.  The Boy Scout Trail website also has some good information about uniforms in general.


By when should we get these things?

The uniform and handbook is the first thing to get.  The sooner you get them, the sooner the scout gets a sense of belonging.  Cub Scouts are usually proud of wearing a uniform and all the adornments.  Get them within the first or second den meeting you attend.

The teal shirt is secondary, but is very useful when going out to packtivities.  The bright color makes it easy to spot members of our pack.


Where are some scout stores?

Please see the Scout Stores section on the Resources page.


What do you do when you meet?

  • Our Pack has Den meetings, Pack meetings, and Packtivities
    • Den meetings are usually the first 3 to 4 meetings of the month. We work on achievements and electives and impart scout values throughout the meeting.
    • Pack meetings are usually the fourth or last meeting of the month. Skits are performed and scouts are awarded for their accomplishments.
    • Packtivities (like field trips) are usually on the weekends but some are on den meeting nights. Take a look at the Events and Photos pages for an idea of what we do.
  • Structure of Den Meetings
    • The structure is at the discretion of the Den leader and akelas, but generally cover the following:

  1. Gathering (:05 – :10) – A little game to channel the scouts’ energy.
  2. Opening (:02 – :05) – Scouts recite the Cub Scout Promise (p. 29).
  3. Share (:10 – :15) – Scouts take turns talking about what they did for the Family activity or things they’ve done since the last meeting.
  4. Discover (:15 – :20) – Crafts or activities as suggested in the handbook or improvised by us.
  5. Closing (:02 – :05) – Scouts recite the Law of the Pack (p. 31) and are dismissed.
  6. After the Meeting (:05 – :10) – Den Leaders plan next week’s meeting with akelas.

Pack History

2013 – 2014 Leadership

Committee ChairpersonChris L.Tiger Den LeaderJulie S.
Cub MasterLyman H.Asst Tiger Den LeaderTBD
Asst Cub MasterDennis H.Wolf Den LeaderDiego A.
TreasurerRichard S.Asst Wolf Den LeaderTBD
Packtivities CoodinatorVariousBear Den LeaderMark S.
Pack TrainerLarry D.Asst Bear Den Leader
Membership ChairHojung L.Webelos 1 Den LeaderGerald T.
Scout-O-RamaTina M.Asst Webelos 1 Den LeaderJonathan H.
Charter LiaisonChris L., Hojung L.Webelos 2 Den LeaderDon S.
La Palma DaysHenry L.Asst Webelos 2 Den LeaderDat N.
Popcorn SalesLenka F.

Pack T-ShirtsJulie E.

WebmasterDon S.

In the 2012-2013 scouting year, Pack 673 met at Clara King Elementary (8710 Moody Street, Cypress, Ca 90630) while Luther Elementary underwent Measure M renovations. We are grateful to the principal and staff of King Elementary for allowing us to use the facilities.

2012 – 2013 Leadership

Committee ChairpersonHenry L.Tiger Den LeaderDiego A.
Cub MasterDennis H.Asst Tiger Den LeaderTammy M.
Asst Cub MasterRanida D., Cathy I.Wolf Den LeaderLyman H.
TreasurerRichard S.Asst Wolf Den LeaderChris L.
Packtivities CoodinatorRanida D., Cathy I.Bear Den LeaderGerald T.
Pack TrainerLuke C.Asst Bear Den LeaderJonathan H.
Recruitment CoordinatorHojung L.Webelos 1 Den LeaderDon S.
Scout-O-RamaJenny C., Tina M.Asst Webelos 1 Den LeaderEric S.
Charter LiaisonCathy I.Webelos 2 Den LeaderPhil Z.
La Palma DaysHenry L.Asst Webelos 2 Den LeaderJanet G.
Popcorn SalesRene B.

Pack T-ShirtsJulie E.

WebmasterDon S.

Up through to the 2011-2012 scouting year, Pack 673 was chartered by the parents of Luther Elementary (4631 La Palma Ave., La Palma, CA 90623). We appreciate the hospitality of the school for the time we were there. We wish the school its best as it undergoes Measure M renovations.

2011 – 2012 Leadership

Committee ChairpersonShilonda M.Tiger Den LeaderDon S.
Cub MasterDennis H.Asst Tiger Den Leader
Asst Cub MasterRanida D.Wolf Den LeaderJonathan H.
TreasurerJennifer C.Asst Wolf Den Leader
Packtivities CoodinatorRanida D.Bear Den LeaderHenry L.
Pack TrainerJudi K., Luke C.Asst Bear Den LeaderCathy I.
Recruitment Coordinator
Webelos 1 Den LeaderJohn C.
Asst Webelos 1 Den Leader
Charter Liaison
Webelos 2 Den LeaderPhil Z.
La Palma Days
Asst Webelos 2 Den LeaderPatricia Z., Ranida D
Popcorn Sales

Pack T-Shirts

WebmasterDon S.