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Pack 942 Den Leaders
The LION Den
    Den Leader 1 - Nicholas Worrell
      Den Leader 2 (Asst.) - Vacant
    Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant


     Den Leader 1 - Melanie Jacobs

       Den Leader 2 (Asst.) - Vacant
       Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant

The WOLF Den
      Den Leader 1 - Vernon Tolliver
      Den Leader 2 (Asst.) - Vacant
      Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant

The BEAR Den
      Den Leader 1 - Rodney Dinkins
      Den Leader 2  (Asst.) - Cecil Vaden
      Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant

      Den Leader 1 - Ralph Alverez
      Den Leader 2  (Asst.) John Riley
      Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant

     Den Leader 1 - Kermit Lewis
      Den Leader 2  (Asst.) Jennifer Lewis
       Den Leader 3 (Adv. Coord.) - Vacant

Den Assistants: All parents that are not registered Leaders!

Pack 942 Unit Leaders

Chartered Organization Representative            Kevin Kirkman (Assigned by the Chief Scout Executive)

Unit Commissioner                                        Mark Mathis (Assigned by the District)

Pack Committee Chair                                   Ed Spitler

Cubmaster                                                     Shannon Macon

Assistant Cubmaster                                     Scott Phillips

**Pack Trainer                                                Vacant
Help to ensure our Leaders are trained.  Check a training report that is available to the Pack, and help point Leaders to online and traditional training classes.  Every Scout deserves a trained leader! 

**Advancement Coordinator                               Vacant
This job includes working with Den Leaders to ensure advancement information is in for Pack meetings, compiling the shopping list and coordinating the procurement of awards, leading the effort to bag the awards for individual Scouts, and ensuring that Den and Pack Leaders hand out the awards in an appropriate time frame. They work with the Cubmaster.

**Popcorn Kernel(s)                                              Vacant
This position includes helping lead show & sells (we will schedule 3 events), assisting the Treasurer with finance (we collect a lot of money), assisting with procurement and prizes.  The job starts immediately, and runs until around December. They work with the Cubmaster

Treasurer                                                       Karyn Kidd
File receipts in the Pack accounting book, help to collect and deposit money (dues, camping, etc..) throughout the year.

Webmaster                                                    Shannon Macon
Update the Pack Website weekly. 

**Marketing & Membership Chair(s)                    Vacant
Help the Cubmaster to lead Membership & Marketing efforts. This includes posting signs for Round Up in September, helping with new Scout and Leader paperwork, and entering new Scouts and Leaders in ScoutTrack. Also, we can market using our FaceBook and Twitter accounts.