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I received a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, RCCIIT Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) India. During my undergraduate studies in 2011, I worked as an Intern at Microelectronics & VLSI Lab, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee on Solar Photovoltaic Cells. My B.Tech thesis concerns computational modeling & simulation of Semiconductor Heterostructure device physics based on DQWTB (Double Quantum Well Triple Barrier) structure with GaAs/ AlxGa1-xAs material composition.

My primarily  Research Interests are in the fields of Semiconductor Device Modeling for VLSI Design, Electronic Device Physics of Solar Photovoltaic Cells, Superlattice based Semiconductor Nanostructures. I wish to pursue graduate studies leading to a PhD in my desired area of interests.

Updated: March, 2013.

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