Olmeca Gold

Character Created: 2009-01-23

Country: Turkey

Corp/Alliance: The Free Folk/Delve Pest Control Inc

Eve-Who: Link

zKillboard: Link

YouTube: Project Free Folk

Campaign Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_pSzzvWytG2142bx7O8WKGA84TcOiAoSwIPGlbGzN6g

Reddit: /u/Olmeca_Gold


There are two reasons to play Eve.

Some play for the immense depth of self-actualization and lifetime stories it offers. We find it in things like the "pvp shakes" moments, getting chased during exploration, participating gigantic wars, evading a gank, or competing in the AT.

And some play for asset acquisition and growth. Much like any MMO, they chase the next epic item; the bigger better assets. These can be ships, accounts, structures; but also corporations or huge alliances.

I have respect for both playstyles.

But due to CCP's constant validation of their playstyle over others, the asset acquirers are holding the Eve meta hostage; causing a stale game, no major wars, not a lot of content. Instead, there are ultra safe spaces that nobody can contest, n+1 mechanics that nobody questions, and a constant lack of reasons for people to log in. My proposals to reverse all these are in the google doc.

Most CSM are asset acquirers. Vote for someone else this year. Do it for the good of Eve.

I am a whaler. I go after expensive assets that don’t want to fight back.

See the video below to get to know me better. Here is the discussion topic for the video.


  • I run to ensure more explosions.
  • I am the right person because:
    • I have a wider range of background to represent many underrepresented playstyles of Eve (whalers, NPSI, wormholers, lowseccers, and more)
    • As a content creator I have lots of contributions to the community.
    • I have the most elaborate and helpful ideas about the main problems of Eve, and how to solve them.


Besides whaling, I have following activities in my background.

  • Wormhole evictions (defense or offense).
  • Wormhole life (in a C2 null/C5 static).
  • NPSI Fleet commanding (for Bombers Bar)
  • Factional Warfare (mainly to farm missions, a system which I know to be broken).
  • Lowsec roams.

Some of the out of game content I offered to the community so far.

Why I am running:

My purpose of running for CSM can be summarized in two words: More explosions.

From wormholes to nullsec, lowsec and hisec, all my proposals will be toward game mechanics which catalyze more player interaction and fights. I have been arguing for many ways to catalyze content for over 3 years now. And finally CCP/CSM are beginning to see the issues as we are. This makes me a really good candidate particularly for CSM 14. I believe, as a whaler, I have a unique background that puts me in a position to understand this game’s ecosystem problems better, and offer solutions to systematically increase player interaction from major wars to small fights.

There are two main reasons why people play Eve.

One is asset acquisition. Getting into bigger and better ships, and building bigger and stronger empires. This playstyle is often based on PvE and grind at an individual level, and it is based on metagaming skills at an empire level.

The other is lifetime stories. PvP shakes. The immense depth of experience Eve has to offer. And these stories often initiate with player interaction of different kinds, if not with direct PvP and fights. I believe this aspect is Eve’s strongest suite and the reason it kept going for over 15 years.

In recent years CCP has invalidated the second type of player for the sake of pleasing the first type. Probably due to the revenue stream Rorqual multiboxers and people farming for capitals has provided for them, in terms of extractor and PLEX consumption and in terms of keeping the online count high. Most game mechanics that shape the Eve ecosystem are based on that decision. Particularly, farming in nullsec has become safer over time. One of the things that make me a worthy candidate is that I collect relevant data before making these claims. Here 1 you can see the rates in which mining income converts to content and killmails (it is easier to collect mining data, as mining ships are easier discern). You can easily notice the downward trend. This means mining has become safer and safer over the years. Particularly in regions with strong supercap umbrellas. I believe the same is happening for ratting. But my data on it is less reliable, so I won’t refer to it here (you can see it in the spreadsheet).

The problem is that asset acquisition and PvE playstyle in Eve has an expiration date. CCP can’t keep adding bigger and better ships to the game, like other MMOs can add the next epic item set. They can’t keep adding different PvE experience like other MMOs can add more raids and dungeons. So when asset acquirers have all the titan, super, FAX alts, and ships they want, they stop logging in. For a sustainable Eve, they need reasons to play with these assets, and lose them often, and farm them back. Which means that we need wars and explosions.

The current stagnation of Eve, I believe, is due to invalidation of lifestyles of people playing for lifetime stories, and expiration of asset acquirers’ playstyle.

I am running to advocate a reversal in CCP’s late direction, offer my know-how in that reversal, and balance the scales a little bit.

Why I am the right person

  • By now you know my thoughts and goals. I believe I also am a candidate with most highly elaborated ideas about what the problems of Eve are, and about how to solve them (see below section).
  • According to latest interviews, CCP wants to make Eve a bit more dangerous. I argued that stance since 4 years. I possess better background to help them do that compared to most other candidates.
  • My background includes many playstyles. From FW to Wormholes, from lowsec to nullsec, from PvE to PvP, I have been doing many activities. My background enables me to particularly represent
    • Wormholers
      • Those who do PvE, PvP, and evictions (offense or defense).
    • NPSI
      • As a long time NPSI FC in Bombers Bar and a JFC for Spectre.
    • Nullseccers
      • Those who roam in nullsec.
      • Those who live in NPC nullsec.
      • Those who engage in sov warfare.
    • Lowseccers and FW
      • I started my Eve career in lowsec.
      • I know the shortcomings of the FW system pretty well.
    • People who do bombing runs!
      • It pains me to see bombing falling out of meta due to capital proliferation and defender missiles. It was one of the most important anti-n+1 mechanics in the game.

Problems of Eve

Below are three layers of Eve-related problems that I believe should be a priority for CCP.

  1. Direct Game Mechanics
  • Nullsec Anomalies (respawn times, bottability):
    • They allow far too condense nullsec regions. They allow for easy botting.
  • Supercap Umbrella Mechanics:
    • They are the #1 blocker of daily content in Eve.
  • Citadels/structures (timers, asset safety, fatigue-free jump gates)
    • Currently they block both daily content and major wars.
  1. Indirect Game Issues
  • Capital proliferation.
    • Subcap playstyles invalidates as a result.
  • Lack of content (daily content and major wars).
  • PLEX inflation.
    • People leave the game as a result.
  1. Metagame Issues

The way CSM is elected.

  • Overrepresentation of asset-acquirer interests in the game.
  • The ways CCP/CSM makes game mechanic change decisions.

PS: My stance on issues which every other CSM agrees on

  • NPE needs love.
  • FW needs love.
  • Wormholes need love.
  • Many problems with UI and Agency.
  • We need a community team and AT (this is particularly important, I’d support every effort).

Solutions and Proposals

My ideas are maybe more revolutionary than most other CSMs. And perhaps even too much for CCP’s taste. Perhaps there are some of them which are too much for your own taste. But I believe Eve needs serious changes to reverse the late decay. And I am open to renegotiate and refine these ideas with dialogue, as long as you are constructive.

I also recognize the fact that CSM is ultimately a focus group. People seldom get their own specific ideas inside the game. But voters still deserve to know what I think the ways to fix Eve’s main problems are. And CSM candidates should be elected with their ideas showcased.

So what am I bringing to the table? See below.

Anomaly Rework:

I argued for adaptive anomaly respawns which would mean farm that spawns in every nullsec system would be dependent on total farm done in the entire nullsec. This system guarantees mega empires of Eve to spread out a little bit, and it still guarantees there to be space for small alliances.

Read the details and the discussion here and here.

Mobile Cyno Inhibition Rework:

This is the single best way to empower people to operate under huge supercap umbrellas. I argue for greater range for the mobile cyno inhibitor, and a new single target module on Black Ops Battleships to shut down active cynoes.

Read the details and the discussion here.

Capital Changes

Price often justifies the powers of a ship in Eve (e.g. AT ships). But thanks to capital proliferation, price is far less of a factor in deciding to skill in, buy, and use a capital ship. Thus, a new balance is required. As we can’t take ships back from players, we need make them weaker vs. subcapitals in order to introduce a new balance. CCP already started doing this with HAW titan and fighter application changes. Below is the next few steps I recommend…

  • Fighters: Carriers and supers have received insane net damage and (targeting/ongrid) speed buffs during the transition from drones to fighters during the citadel patch. See an example for yourself. Nobody was asking for stronger capitals back then, and nobody is asking for it now. Fighter net damage and speed should be taken back to pre-citadel times.
  • Gate bosoning: This is one of the biggest tools umbrella regions have to prevent offensive fleets roaming around. People have enough titans to completely prevent gating from certain regional pipes. This leads to huge denial of content and people unwilling to roam in these regions. Gate bosoning should be disallowed.
  • Fighter jamming: This was one of the top ways to counter fighters. CCP has taken this from players during jamming changes. Fighters should be an exception to the new jamming rule, and should be unable to target their jammers.

New Wormholes with Nullsec Statics

Eve playerbase has shrunk enough that we should start looking into new ways to bring people together and ensure explosions. One way to do that is bringing wormholers with nullseccers together, which has proven to be good content during the HK eviction. Due to proliferation the forces wormholers can project into nullsec became much weaker. There needs to be new ways to balance this issue.

The milder version of this proposal involves introducing nullsec statics to all/many C6 wormholes.

The more radical version involves new C7 wormholes with about 25 million max stable mass (1.5 m max jump max). This means multiple dreads and carriers can go in and out. The wormhole-to-wormhole connections of these wormholes doesn’t need to have this level of mass. And they don’t need to have farm inside them (better if they don’t, really). I would even be fine with shattered wormholes of these type.

Asset Safety Rework

Asset safety needs to change to foster content. But most asset safety proposals are frowned upon due to not caring about players going afk. My proposal is middle ground. It changes nothing for line members of corporations. But it encourages people attacking structures in all spaces.

What I propose is a mobile structure. Let’s call it “Safety Tax Hacker”. If the hacking process completes successfully in 5 days, and a citadel dies next to it, it reverts the 15% asset safety tax (the existing tax which is already taken from linemembers) to the corporation that owns it. This change is inspired by how asset safety works in wormholes. In wormholes, you need to maintain grid superiority (by controlling entrances) 24 hours for an entire week to conduct a successful eviction and earn the assets. Even nullseccers enjoyed this mechanic (e.g. HK eviction by Init). This change would bring a similarly healthy incentive for people to attack citadels all over Eve. Here are some further details worked out to implement this change right:

  • After the initial 15 minutes anchoring, it has the damage cap of an Astrahus (this prevents it from being instantly blapped - and gives some reaction time for those who defend it). But it has no timers, so one can kill it in 30 minutes.
  • After the anchoring, it inhibits cynoes up to 300 km (this prevents constant cynoing-in and suiciding of dreadnaughts to kill it).
  • It can only be anchored between 300-500 km from its target citadel (this prevents the cyno inhibition effect from being used to defend the citadel or other things).
  • Only one can be anchored every 1500 km (only one can be used against a citadel).
  • Hacking takes 5 days, which means 5 days of constant grid superiority is needed for the module to online.

New Local Delayed Ship Class

Local is argued to be one of the most important guarantors of safety in New Eden. There are many people asking for a complete removal. And there are some who would want to see it tied to infrastructure. The issue with the first proposal is that it’s more drastic even for my own taste. The issue with the second proposal is that, in places that local is a problem, people already have infrastructure. And in empty places with no infrastructure, people actually need to know whether they share the system with someone else.

So here is the compromise: A new ship that is local delayed. There are two options.

  • Cloaky. 0 recalibration. 60 seconds delayed. Probing bonus. Can light covert cynoes. This ship would be a covert cyno hunter.
  • Cloaky. 0 recalibration. 300 seconds delayed. Agile. Fast warping. Tankier. This ship would be a +1 scout hunter.

I believe this ship would be ultimate solution to making local a little less safe. And it would be the ultimate solution against botting.

CSM Elections Overhaul

I am running for CSM, but I think the way we elect CSM is a joke. In no country an election with 10% turnout would be considered a democracy. In many of them, the most twisted and radical groups would be elected if the turnout was that low. In such countries, organization and kinship would have a much greater advantage compared to having the best ideas. It’s the reason why we have 6 representatives from an alliance that makes no more than 10% of the entire game’s population. Here is how I think CCP should change CSM elections.

  • SP farmers have so many votes to sell. Ban buying votes. Better yet, there needs to be 1 vote per real person on the account.
  • Ingame voting and campaigning platforms are needed. This is why lots of people are left out.
  • Most radical of all, a complete overhaul of the CSM system. In this new system, 5-10 most important playstyles get a focus group selected and renewed each year by CCP/CSM. Each focus group elects one CSM to ensure a CSM body with diverse backgrounds. Here 1are the details.

CCP Decision-making Overhaul

Overall, I think CCP should learn to look at ecosystemic matters of Eve more wholistically, and should be more friendly to special case rules. I won’t bore you with details, but here is a long article about it.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!