Darien Avan

Character Created: 2016-03-05

Country: Greece

Corp/Alliance: Redshift Concepts/The Bastion

Eve-Who: Link

zKillboard: Link

Website: darien.redsh1ft.eu


Hello space friends, I am Darien Avan and I am applying to this years CSM 14 in an effort to make EvE online a better place to live and enjoy as a game. I am not applying to make things better or worse for one group of players or so but instead what I like to see in this game is a way to bring to the game more opportunities to all communities involved and give equal fun to all. EvE is living and breathing thanks to you, the player base and community, We as future CSM must stay clear out of this and stay focused on how to make this work for all. Common sense for common men.

Campaign Post

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Darien’s Candidacy for CSM XIV

Hello, I am Evangelos a 42 year old entrepreneur from Greece running my own firm during the Greek Crisis of the last decade. However you should know me from my in game activities for the past four years.

I have been in various power groups during my career, starting as a line member and ending up most of the time as either someone next to leadership or leadership itself. From High Sec to Null Sec and from there and beyond, life in EvE treated most of the time with camaraderie . I have met people who have become real life friends, real life business partners, real life kin-spirits.

Currently I lead one of Bastion’s finest corporations that is comprised by a strong ethnic group, Redshift Concepts. We as pioneers for the Bastion made an example how with strong will and spirit you can endure and prosper even in adverse conditions. I come to believe that our trial-ship actually inspired Bastion leadership into taking a huge step into the future.

My passion in EvE is getting people where they want to be. Help the new, support the needy, befriend even sometimes the enemy. During my time I had been all of above and I have assisted all of them. There is no living, breathing soul at EvE that can point a finger at me, while I can count more than enough on all sides that see dignity, honor, hope and passion in me.

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