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The Judge

Character Created: 2003/10/08
Corp/Alliance: GoonWaffe/Goonswarm Federation
Country: Australia
Twitter: @_TheJudge

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

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Who am I?

You may know me as the architect of Judgement Day, a legend among Goons and the Boogieman of Circle of Two. I single handedly pulled off the biggest heist in EVE history, destroyed an alliance in the process and became infamous.

Although I may seem the villain, there is more to my story. Over the last two years I have served as a member of CSM 11 and CSM 12. Despite the real-life challenges of attending weekly meetings at 3 a.m. local time. In fact, I’m the only CSM member who has attended every single one in a term.

My first EVE experience was in 2003 and I have been hooked ever since, exploring every type of content the game has to offer. EVE is a massive game fueled by the experiences of its players. I strongly believe what makes it unique is the community that shapes and guides the universe we all take part in every time we log in. Together, we write the story of EVE. Whether you’re an elite pvper, master of pve, industrial tycoon, shameless scammer or notorious pirate, you’re what makes this story worth telling.

Why you should vote for me.

The CSM isn’t all powerful. People will tell you they will fix Faction Warfare, make EVE more dangerous - or safe, fix the economy and so on to try and win your vote. That’s not what the CSM does. Over my last 2 terms serving on the CSM I’ve learned the limitations of the position. We’re here to advise, not command. I’m not going to try and sell you a bridge. Instead I want to focus my time encouraging CCP to address the concerns of the players as well as encourage better communication from the development team to the playerbase.

Although I am currently a member of The Imperium, I have spent years in High, Low, and Null security space doing just about everything there is to do. As such, I have my ear to the ground on the issues facing pilots from all over New Eden. This is part of what has made me a successful CSM for the last two years. Clone states, Jump Fatigue changes, Refineries and Moon Mining, Ships and Modules balance and yes, Pink SKIN’s, are some of the things I’ve been involved with in my time as a CSM representative.

My platform is quite simple. I’m running for reelection because I’m good at being a CSM. I’m willing to go above and beyond to represent the playerbase. Helping shape Alpha Clones and their available skills, as well as bringing attention to ship balance are just a couple of examples of that. My attendance record speaks for itself about my dedication to the CSM. Beyond that, I’m extremely knowledgeable about EVE and have an incredibly positive working relationship with EVE’s developers, something critical to achieving success as a CSM.
Many players and even a few developers have asked me to run again for CSM 13, so that’s what I’m doing.

Whether you were involved in Judgement Day or not, it was a perfect representation of what EVE is. Regardless of any in-game notoriety, I have consistently advocated for the needs of my voters and the greater EVE playerbase.

I’m The Judge, and no matter if you think of me as a hero or a villain, you should be voting for me for CSM 13. This is our story, and its what makes EVE worth playing even after all these years.

How can you contact me?
Twitter: @_TheJudge
Ingame: Mail or convo The Judge
Discord: The Judge #1886
Reddit: _thejudge
Email: thejudgeeve@gmail.com