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Sullen Decimus

Character Created: 2012/04/12
Corp/Alliance: Polaris Rising/The Bastion
Country: United States
Twitter: @Sullen_Decimus

Eve Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

I have extensive experience working with CCP devs on and off of the CSM. If you would like to know more, please read my campaign post on the Eve Online forums.

To Contact (in order of priority reading)

Twitter: sullen_decimus@sullen_decimus
Tweetfleet Slack: Sullen Decimus
Reddit: sullen_decimus

It’s CSM election time and I’m back again. After an active CSM 11 term the last year has been refreshing playing the game with a little more free time to enjoy it. With the year break over though I’m plunging back into the CSM campaigns again and with your help, hope to return.

In Eve, I split my time between nullsec and wormholes. With nullsec I’ve been involved with The Bastion alliance since its formation in 2014. Through the years I have continued to become more involved and wish to help it grow for years to come. In wormholes I have always had a preference for low class wormholes space but have lived in high class as well.

If you would like to read my involvement with CSM 11 I have linked the minutes here and here

My primary involvement though was on the following topics.

  • Mining Command Ship Rebalance – I felt with boosting changes coming it was a necessity that these ships get an overhaul. The public document of my original proposal can be read here2. Obviously CCP did not go with all of my recommendations but a large portion made it to the final ship versions along with additions I didn’t think of. This coupled with a roundtable gave invaluable feedback for CCP.
  • Citadel Data Removal on Singularity – While not quite as big an issue in k-space (although still abused) this problem was a huge in w-space. Thankfully it was corrected now.
  • Engineering Complex Revision – During the final month, I worked closely with the developers to aid in final designs as referenced in this article.
  • Production Tax Equation Visualization – The production tax equation was a “blackbox” of mechanics.

As You can see I’m not tied to anything that benefits a certain area of space. Most of what I look to improve has benefited, and will benefit, all avenues of Eve Online.

I do not hold any superiority complexes over other groups regardless of size. During my CSM term I actively worked with people from game play styles regardless of in game affiliations to obtain the best results for players. As a manager in real life, it is this mindset which I believe is the most effective means to improve our game.

I come with no false promises of motives or campaigns to change the game. Doing so would only be met with the same failures others have showcased before. I only guarantee that I will do everything in my ability to make sure the game we love to play is the best as it can possibly be, and that the developers understand our issues in a constructive way.

To Contact (in order of priority)

Twitter: sullen_decimus@sullen_decimus
Tweetfleet Slack: Sullen Decimus
Reddit: sullen_decimus