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Character Created: 2008/09/03
Corp/Alliance: Almost Dangerous/Stranger Danger
Country: Netherlands

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Im Razorblade92, usually called Razor to make it less weird. You probally never heard of me, because im always sitting next to you cloaked and you cant see me local(laughs in wormhole).
After saying this, i can imagine this sounds a bit creepy, but let's be honest, 90% of what wormholers do is creepy. I'm part of the senior Vanguard team with Stranger Danger and also one of the main FC's.
I ocasionally warp shield kite fleets to zero and frequently die horrible deaths in general. Let's face it, J-space needs a cynical being like me, that doesnt take no for an answer! Wormholer BTW.