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Killah Bee

Character Created: 2006/11/30
Corp/Alliance: Shiva/Northern Coalition.
Country: Germany
Twitter: @CEKillahBee

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link


I am Killah Bee and I am a Fleet Commander for Northern Coalition..

I have been playing the game for about 9 years now. I started FC'ing in 2014 and have been active ever since.

I started out to FC in Nulli Secunda where I worked my way up to the Leadership up until the point I was invited to join PL in early 2015. I became a major player of 0.0 in PL mainly through my involvements as Campaign Commander of the Money Badger Coalition during WWB. After that I lead PL’s campaign onto Tribute and the assault of the Nalvula and M-O Keepstars.
More recently I lead the northern forces in the defense of the 9-4 Keepstar.

Obviously I focus mostly on large and strategic scale PVP in 0.0.
I don’t have an instant solution on how to fix Sov ( I don’t think a single person can fix it ) but I think I can offer valuable insight on the matter and help to improve it due to my vast experience with it.

I wanna get people fighting again instead of running around in inties.