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Character Created: 2009/03/16
Corp/Alliance: The Dark Space Initiative/Scary Wormhole People
Country: United States
Twitter: @ExookiZ
YouTube: A Game of Holes

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

9 Year eve veteran, experienced in small and medium gang PVP,and leading/managing eve corporations. Extremely familiar with wormhole space.Heavily involved in eve community through my podcast, hosting EVE meetups such as EVE North East and occasional Boston meetups, as well as presenting at fanfest.

As a corp leader I am familiar with pain points related to driving content and eve groups, and I hope that we can lead CCP to investing a bit more time into making EVE less of a job for people interested in building their own communities.

As a wormholer, I hope that my insight can help ensure that CCP considers our niche part of the game when making balance decisions. I may not be able to convince CCP to give WH space more dev time, but I can hopefully make sure they don't accidentally make it worse.

I am experienced in working with CCP, both for meetups and helping plan Fanfest activities, and hope I can leverage that prior experience to improve my capabilities as a CSM member.

Hello, Space Friends!

My name is ExookiZ, and I am running for CSM 13. EVE Online has been my second life and home for 9 years; now, I am seeking to further my contribution to this wonderful world by becoming a CSM representative.

In addition to being familiar with wormhole related gameplay, I have been the CEO of The Dark Space Initiative (Scary Wormhole People) for almost 9 years. I am intimately acquainted with roles, titles, structure management and corp organization, much of which I believe is in dire need of some attention. I am a frequent FC for my corp’s fleets and am familiar with small/medium fleet combat across both wormhole space and null-sec. Finally, after years of being a content creator for my corporation, I am acquainted with what does and doesn’t motivate conflict and how gameplay changes can impact these.

Having been part of the EVE community for so long has made me incredibly community focused, both in and out-of-game. I organize one of the US’s largest player meetups, EVE North East (Formerly EVE New England). I also give a yearly presentation at Fanfest on the health and history of wormhole space, along with running a W-Space focused Podcast.

All of my community-building experience has also afforded me the opportunity of working with CCP on numerous occasions. I have a good deal of experience working with them already, having worked on Fanfest presentations, meetup collaboration and focus groups, where I have already helped ensure that changes CCP is implementing are as good as we can get them.

The focus groups that I served on were:
the Contracts Focus group, where I helped ensure that courier contracts would be available to WH Structures
the T3 Cruiser Focus Group where I removed the PG and CPU per level bonuses and helped get them moved to role bonuses, ensuring a player never lost access to a fit just because he/she lost SP as a result of losing a T3C; helped provide changes to the industry side, ensuring that the various levels of relics maintained value; worked to help balance the different strategic cruisers (this is an area that is subjective).

I don’t believe there is a point to listing out my goals or what I aim/promise to accomplish since, at the end of the day, what CCP does is not up to the CSM, but I can promise that it is my intention to try and always provide solid feedback from a very active EVE player.

If the voice of an experienced and active player with a great deal of experience leading and managing groups of player, and with no political agenda besides to make the game a better place is appealing to you, then please vote for ExookiZ for CSM 13.