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Character Created: 2007/07/04
Corp/Alliance: The HEDWAY NETWORK/Ikusaro
Country: United States
Twitter: @HEDWAY_Station

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Since my early days in EVE I have been involved in leading others and helping them achieve what they did not believe they were capable of. I strive to empower others to go further. My latest iteration of this goal has been The HEDWAY Network - a network of stations built on empowering the communities they serve. This is why I seek to run for the CSM: to take that goal to the next level and help not just players within my circle of friends, or within the regions our stations operate, but across all of New Eden.

As a CSM Member, I will advocate for Capsuleers across all of EVE's great constituencies, however, I will give a particularly strong voice to the often misrepresented & neglected Capsuleers of Hi-Sec and Low Sec.

My campaign platform is built around the three main points of: Relevant Content, Better Stations, & 3.) Balance Leadership.

EVE is at a critical point and all Capsuleers deserve competent, capable community representatives that will fight to keep EVE sustainable and engaging. With my partners in the CSM and CCP developers, I will work to accomplish just that.

Eurzadahn - Your partner in making a better New Eden.

EURZADAHN - Your partner in making a better New Eden.
Relevant Content + Better Stations + Balanced **Leadership**

Hello, Capsuleers! Eurzadahn, here. CSM campaign season is upon us. It is an exciting time to be in EVE Online. There are many new challenges that face EVE and the incoming CSM. This new CSM has greater challenges set before it than any other CSM has faced to date. Additionally, this new CSM is under new scrutiny after the events that transpired of last year. It is times like this that demands that the CSM consist of new blood, with new ideas, with no baggage of their past terms, and who possess the ability tackle the unique challenges that have been, and are yet to be, set out before us in the coming year. I am one such candidate, and as your CSM Representative I will not only hold myself accountable to meet these challenges, but I will hold my partners in the CSM and within the CCP Dev Team as well. To the table I bring a passion for EVE, backed by over eleven years of in-game, as well as real life, relevant experience that will make me your ideal representative on the Council. Join me on this adventure, and give me your vote to make CSM 13 one that will breathe new life into New Eden.


This sections comes to you in two flavors -

  • The Short, for the crowd who likes the info fast and brief.
  • The Long, for the more in-depth and thorough reader.

As your CSM Representative I will seek to drive forward three primary strategic goals:

Relevant Content //////////////////////////////
THE SHORT: Moving forward, we need content that makes a difference and drives the end-game forward, adding life to EVE as a whole.

THE LONG: The end game of EVE has not changed in … Years. Generally put, that end game has been: Build a player-run empire in the depths of Null Sec space, dominate others through PVP combat. Upon which, you are to sustain through industry and/or market domination. Protect your territory or gain assistance via the arrangement of coalitions with like-minded groups which are to partner with you to help keep your space secure and to keep opponents at bay. Then crush them when the time is right.

This was a worthy goal for a game in 2003. It truly did set EVE apart. That being said, though, after nearly 15 years, this end goal has not changed and now, with no reason to grow or evolve themselves, null groups have formed the blue donut - albeit unstable at times. If the end game of EVE had been evolving, one must ask, would this have happened? Likely not.

To remain a relevant game as well as achieve community growth (let alone maintain interest of current players), a new content development tact has to be taken by the CCP Dev team. It is the concern of many players in EVE that the new “content” being placed into EVE feels irrelevant: That it is nothing more than a theme park-style distraction from the otherwise unchanging normal flow of EVE. There were only two major occasions CCP changed the end-game, well, added to it - Wormholes and Faction Warfare.

The CSM should work as strategic collaborators with Developers to break the myopic development trajectory that we have been seeing roll out for the past 24 months. As your CSM Representative I will insist that my CSM Council partners and I press upon CCP the importance of moving in a new direction in terms of content development. We need to see content that shakes up EVE as a whole. We need to see content development that takes the gameplay further in terms of interaction, story, and play styles - something set to push all players beyond the same old end game that has hardly changed since the game’s deployment.

Better Stations //////////////////////////////
THE SHORT: Structures are broken, not only as a feature, but by the process in which they were implemented. We need to tackle the feature development and deployment process.

THE LONG: “Stations” - Upwell Structures: Citadels, Engineering Complexes, and Refineries have constantly remained out of balance since their original deployment. At first, they were too much in favor of their owners and defenders. Presently, however, the developers “rebalance” has thrown them far too in favor of aggressors. It is time for a change.

Looking at how structures behave and operate in the game, we need to ask ourselves, “Do they feel like an element that feels natural within the context of the EVE Universe?” They cost players large sums of capital to fully fit and utilize, they are dumb on defense, and unless you are able to afford a larger structure, they are weak and limited in functionality for the cost compared to earlier iterations of the player owned structure concept - the POS Towers and their support structures.

We need to find that acceptable medium between past and present iterations that makes these structures feel like they are part of the universe and are balanced for both attackers and defenders. With the greater ISK sink these structures have become, they do not bring enough strategic advantage to the table when compared to their POS ancestors. There is no doubt citadels and their sister structures are needed component to the game, and that they have been successful in providing players with new means of generating ISK and with new forms of content. Now, though, is the time to perfect them.

Balanced Leadership //////////////////////////////
THE SHORT: The way the CSM works is broken and it must be fixed to better represent the community.

THE LONG: This topic is very much the “third-rail” of EVE politics but it is a topic that needs to be addressed. There is no doubt that the CSM has been largely populated by players that come from the large null sec entities and their “voting blocs.” That needs to come to an end. Each constituency group [high sec, low sec, wormholes, and null] all deserve a seat at the table. Period. It is my goal, as a member of the CSM, to collaborate with my fellow CSM Council Members and the CCP Devs in order to see how we can make a CSM that all of the players are confident in and that they feel truly represents them. We need to prevent content/feature development that leans favorably towards one player segment.

The desire to only build up ones’ own group shows that their desire to help has terms, has conditions, has limits. That is not what a CSM Member should represent. The players of EVE deserve better. CSM Members are here to be a voice that helps the community - at large - all the while helping the developers in keeping EVE engaging and sustainable.

Additional Points of Interest//////////////////////////////

  • Establishing updates that bring relevancy to Low Sec
  • Bringing Faction Warfare into the modern EVE Era with mechanics improvements and tweaks.
  • Balancing the economy and station operation issues utilizing the old POS standing and fueling methods.

I am aware of the titanic effort set before me in running for a seat on this Council. I am not part of a specific Bloc. I have views that do not align with everyone. That being said, pilots, vote not for what you are pressured to vote for, but vote for who represents what you feel will keep EVE alive, fun, and a game that makes history. We are at a critical time in EVEs history - vote for council members that will secure EVE for tomorrow and thereafter.

I wish to send a shout out and best wishes to some of the new faces, and old, running at this time -@Jin_taan@commander_aze, and @Otto_Bismarck to name a few. There are a great many good ideas and intentions our there and I look forward to working along side you in the future.

Thank you.

Who is Eurzadahn? | A Brief Biography
I am an 11 year EVE Online veteran that currently serves as the Executor of Ikusaro, the Founder & CEO of, The HEDWAY Network, and is a community ambassador amongst Khanid and Kador traders, industrialists, and haulers. Throughout my entire careeer in New Eden, I endured to empower players to reach their full potential in EVE Online. Over the years I have taken on this mission through the paths of Alliance leadership, coalition diplomacy, and now, most recently through my entrepreneurial endeavor - The HEDWAY Network: A public network of stations that help our community by empowering their trade, industry, and research endeavors. Running for the CSM, I seek to work with fellow Council Members and CCP devs to empower both the entire EVE Community and the game itself.

Outside of the game I am a designer, a brand strategist, and associate developer. In the past I have worked as a QA tester within the gaming industry. This skillset emphasizes teamwork, creative problem solving, and business development skills that would position me an ideal candidate for the CSM not only for players, but for the CCP Devs as well.

Relevant Experience

  • Executor, Ikusaro Alliance
  • CEO, The HEDWAY Network
  • Community Ambassador, Khanid Manufacturers, Traders, & Haulers
  • Community contribution via Twitter, Facebook, forums and the web: Infographics, promotional graphics, and the website www.hedway.net.
    – Recognized by CCP four times for design work and community pieces in “THIS WEEK IN EVE” Newsletters
  • Operator & Owner, The HEDWAY Network - A network of 25 stations empowering trade, research, and manufacturing throughout the Khanid and Kador regions.

How to Contact Eurzadahn

Examples of Community Design Work
This work has been featured by both CCP Games as well as a variety of streamers throughout the EVE Community such as Reload, Hametok, & Hidden Musings.

HEDWAY.Net - Home of The HEDWAY Network , Community Website


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