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Commander Aze

Character Created: 2006/12/04
Corp/Alliance: Sub--Zero/The Bastion
Country: United States
Twitter: @CommanderAze

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Media Appearances

Three Goals.

1. Focus on the little things

2. Consider the Health of the game when pushing priorities

3. Increase Communication between CSM and CCP and the greater community.

Why these three things

Little things

Eve needs a new Crucible. We can all agree on the little things, changing at least temporarily from large changes to continually fixing smaller issues. We saw some seriously good improvements in the March release and we need to build off this focus to develop a more positive gaming experience.

Health of the Game

There are some long standing health issues that eve has, much like getting old in real life games eventually develop issues with old mechanics that have worn out in the test of time. We all know what these are but for those that want to see what I think, War (the Mechanic in high sec), Cloaky Camping, and balance. These are a few of these mechanics although there are many more that cut at the heart of eve and prevent healthy content. I cannot promise change but I can promise to advocate for iterations on these mechanics.


With the reduction on the Community Team CCP needs to take advantage of the CSM as ambassadors for the brand. Use them to develop focus groups for targeted change, and use them to communicate to the masses. There are a lot of ways the player base can see where the CSM effects the game and insuring the masses see what the CSM does is vital to its success.

:rotating_light::rotating_light:Commander Aze for CSMXIII :rotating_light::rotating_light:
Official Forum Thread

TLDR for the people that don’t read

1. Little Things Initiative

2. Improve overall health of high sec

3. Community Support

Persistence and Depth of knowledge. Welcome to my 5th CSM Campaign Every Year It gets better and better, I gain more experience and more depth of knowledge in other areas of Eve.

What do I bring to the table you might ask. I’m a long-term industrialist the numbers, and data type. I build various larger ships with my corporation including Capitals, Supercapitals, and Titans. I formerly ran a moon empire (all sub r32) So in terms of someone that understands the market and industrial Quality of Life issues specific to moon management, PI, and general industry. However, I am formerly a Fleet commander (slowly bringing it back) Between a former association with Spectre Fleet as an FC and multiple skirmish commander type roles in various groups I am a seasoned combat pilot also able to speak to many of the issues we run into now.

I am a huge proponent of public eve communities and finding new ways to support and spread their availability to the masses. I am a former Spectre Fleet FC and formerly ran the Spectre Fleet Alliance Tournament Team. Additionally, I am an active (though novice skill level) participant within Dev Fleet focusing mainly on industrial tools.

The Big Three
Little things
Simply put what are the little things that drive people nuts to let’s get them fixed, or at least bring them forward as problems to be looked at. This is easy because it’s not my idea, previous CSM’s have done this and I think it’s time QoL bring it back for some quick QoL fixes.

High Sec Health…and NPE
Those that know me well know I’ve lived in high sec for a long time and only recently moved to null and set up shop with the Bastion, Prior to this I set up in Amarr Space and tried my hand at building LINKK, a new player friendly high sec industrial alliance. https://puu.sh/yIOAp/a278338536.png8 things went… as expected. High sec is impossible to actually grow a group of any size without dying to some of the most frequently discussed broken mechanics in EVE the War Dec system. I’m passionate about High sec and new player development so I won’t say its the silver bullet but creating a system for both sides to be happy and logging in to actually play means more people might actually keep playing eve long term. There are other issues with high sec that need to be addressed as well but the War Dec mechanics are something I’m particularly well versed in.

Community support
This comes in a variety of ways Id like to see supporting major player events such as the Alliance Tournament and other community events. I like many others am concerned with the layoffs of the Community management Devs This topic naturally might spring criticism when it comes to my membership within the Imperium I can assure you as always I will listen to what is best for the game as a whole taking input from anyone who is willing to reach out to me and those who I trust to reach out to as well. Below is a list of endorsements I gained outside of being in the Imperium prior to my time in the Bastion. I hope you take their words for it over a meta-gamed impression of me as a person.

About Commander Aze
IRL Job: Incident Workforce Management Division Specialist, Federal Incident Management Cadre. Long story short I work in disasters dealing with staffs from dozens of different agencies, states, cities, and nonprofits coordinating common operational goals and objectives. I feel this directly translates to an ability to coordinate and communicate issues to CCP from groups around the Eve Universe.

In Game Responsibilities and Playstyle
Member Corporation of The Bastion Alliance https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99004425/3
Sub–Zero CEO https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98189216/3
Supercapital Production and Industrial and Financial Mogul
Small Gang and Theta Squad (Delve Defence Fleet)

Former Associations and Experience
Alliance Executor for Lin Kuei (LINKK)
Spectre Fleet Fleet Commander,
Captain of the Spectre Fleet Alliance Tournament Team,
Highsec Alliance Executor
C2 Wormhole Resident
Drifter Incursion FC for ‘What Drifters?’
Null Sec Industrial Corp CEO
Incursion FC
Former Catastrophic Uprising (CUP) FC / LC
Former ECIO FC/ LC
Former Battlement Coalition FC/ LC
Serenity Initiative FC/ LC
The Ditanian Fleet FC (Vanguards)

More About Me

How To Contact
Tweetfleet Slack
Discord (Statecraft/Bastion/TiS/INN/Spectre-fleet/scc-lounge/MindClash)
Goonfleet Mumble
Imperium Jabber
Twitter @CommanderAze
Email frostmining@hotmail.com
Ingame and Forums

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former Writer and Current Copy Editor for Imperium News Network


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Positive Community Mentions
"I think he’s getting the hang of running… He is actually improving" @Noizygamr

“He does seem to know his stuff and is extremely active running his csm campaign” LockeFox Eve Prosper Host

“I put him in my Yeah. He is getting better running which in turn means he is listening to the advice and listening is an Excellent skill.” & “Commnade aze and I cross paths often enough in working with alphas and he is good in communication skills.” Mike Asariah

“The only real bear in here is Aze and he’s not a retard” Vimsy Vortis (War Deck Project)

“He is very persistent, wouldn’t mind him on CSM” Fuzzy Steve

“4. Commander Aze: Aze has fantastic passion and attention to detail. I’ve never seen a single candidate grow so much from one year to the next as he has since run unsuccessfully last year. This year he’s ready.” Alekseyev Karrde Declarations of War Podcast

“I didn’t know he was running, Best of Luck” Laztel
“as alliances official spectre fleet FC I would like to recommend that if you have spare vote give it to commander aze he is spectre fleets, official candidate.” Hutter (Eve Skunk email to Alliance Legio De Mortem)

“Jin Taan, Roedyn and Commander Aze, these are our top 3” MindClash Podcast

“Good Luck on your Campaign” Ashterothi

“A great guy with a vision for the future, and someone I could trust with anything in game pr out.” Orion Sa-Solo

“Hope he does well” Manny Bothans Podside Podcast

“I’ll be voting for you Commander” Tengu Grib

Videos from Alliance tournament (Because Real Men Hull Tank)

Videos From FCing Spectre Fleet

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Want to hear my case?


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