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Chainsaw Plankton

Character Created: 2007/01/06
Corp/Alliance: FaDoyToy/No Alliance
Country: United States

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

My friend got me and a few others to start playing Eve and join IDLE GUNS in 2007. We mostly ran missions and when we got bored of that we shot each other in t1 frigs. Eventually we got bored of highsec and we moved to Ihakana and enjoyed the pirate lifestyle full time. We grew and formed the alliance IDLE EMPIRE and just had fun shooting stuff. Over time most of IDLE left and I moved back to mission blitzing and solo roaming.

In 2014 CCP created burner missions and I started focusing on burners, and helping others run burners on the forums and twich.

I’m interested in ongoing ship rebalancing efforts. Tiericide has been one of the best things I’ve seen in my time playing eve. The recent AF balance pass and March balance changes are things I want to see more of.

I’d also like to see some pve tweaks. LP stores have mostly been untouched since 2007, I would like to see some changes. I’m also interested in making more agents viable, telling everyone to go run SOE missions is pretty boring. 

Hi I’m Chainsaw Plankton and I’ve been playing eve for most of the last 11 years. I’ve pretty much always wanted to run for CSM, and probably should have years ago as there’s too many good candidates these days. If you are a regular on the forums or over on #tweetfleet you’ve probably seen a bunch of my posts. If not a brief summary of what I’ve done involves mission running, small gang lowsec piracy, industry, and trading. The last year I’ve mostly focused on my industry and trading activities, and then helping people with PVE questions on the forums.

I’m also a huge fan of solo and small gang pvp, whenever I’m in game I’m reading Bringing Solo Back, or watching a streamer on twitch. I’m very interested in keeping CCP working on balance passes. I’m also a huge fan of battleships so I’d love to see them get some love, was nice to get some extra cargo room and locking range.

I believe a happy highsec creates a happy eve. When I started in 2007 pretty much any system in caldari high sec was just full of people doing their thing. I spent my time making isk and learning the game mechanics with corp mates. We were constantly shooting each other in cheap t1 frigates figuring out what worked. After a few months we got bored and took a trip out to 0.0 space in venal, we had some fun, but were unorganized and pretty quickly got back to highsec. Another few months and we started getting bored again, from there we moved to Ihakana and pretty quickly all went -10, and stuck with lowsec for a few years.

When we were in highsec I remember our early main systems being so busy that CCP removed the belts in Suroken, and when PI was introduced you couldn’t use the planets in Irjunen as the system was full of mission runners. Of course I think a lot of this had to do with most of null being unlivable, belt ratting didn’t support many players in a system, and living in a POS wasn’t fun. So I mostly like what CCP has done with anoms and increasing player density in null. And now with citadels it seems like it’s much easier to live out there these days.

My main interests for CSM have to do with game balance. Far too many times I’ve seen CCP say they are going to focus on game balance, and then forget about it not too much later. Ship and structure balance is probably the more important aspect. having balance gives players more options to go shoot things, and having conflict keeps people interested in the game. I’m also interested in economic balance. Seeing CCP work on new content and then not tune the rewards just seems like a waste of everyone’s time to me. Also there’s lots of years old content that hasn’t been touched by CCP since.

Beyond that I’d like to see some improvements for mission running. An LP store balance pass is a high priority, for a handful of items the LP store works very well, but there are many that see almost no trade activity. This also will depend on module tiericide as some items like faction guns/launchers just aren’t very competitive so their low volume makes sense, but some of the prices might be right if they were more powerful. More missions always sounds nice, but I don’t know what CCP’s priorities are and what it would take to get that done.

Outside of Eve I mostly play first person shooters. I’ve spent a lot of the last 3 years playing Destiny and Destiny 2. Before that I played a lot of Halo and Battlefield 2142. Ran in a group with some eve corp mates and had a ton of fun all trying to get onto one side to swing the match and shoot some stuff. Very excited for Project Nova if elected I hope I can give some insight for that.

tl;dr I’m an empire based 11 year vet interested in game balance and pve quality of live improvements.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here I’m on the forums most of the time. Can also find me on twitter where I’m ChainsawPlankto