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Cacique Yuhasz

Character Created: 2007/11/05
Corp/Alliance: Spartan Vanguard/Test Alliance Please Ignore
Country: Cuba

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Media Appearances

not much to tell
i am new player but yes i like EVe i actually have to work hard to be online at least few times at week but i am here
and i want to help new players to find the things they want to do
not been some assets for corps
i want them be free and choose and learn and have fun  

Vote for a change , vote cause you want to vote
vote cause you can

to players who play EVE online , spanish , and inglish ones , also cubans around the world to have a space in that big and dangerous place not been alone in the big space
vote for the unity vote for a stronger EVE
Vote for Cacique Yuhasz

well it is my first time ever in EVE this is my only character and also play here is a challenge not just for the violence and players rules is also for my ISP provider call ETECSA is the only one do that here
but i don´t want to talk about me

since my start i see avesome poeple who help me in the coming events in the game i also meet bad people as well

and i decide running this to make a change in the content of the game be more avialable to play to the new guys who join see the world of eve in good way not just the bad part that players sometimes do to new guys

iplayers hold the power but bigger alliance rule the game and is not that good be monopolize that way in this game

if i want to have fun , why should i join a big alliance , why fill their task
i am not a slave for the system and i will not be either
alliance comen and go , corps come and go , but friends always stay
i want to make EVE more friendly to new guys and nos just around the world also spread the word to play this avesome game in cuba my country in my town
in the next country in everywhere and in the big universe of eve

not all is to be the power, the power corrup people let be free of choice let be free of goals and FLY together
it is no matter if we are allies , if we are enemies just lets have fun and play EVE online together

My goals is to make a place to stay to new players a place to call home