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Start a Blog

Create a Google account if you do not already have one.  Go to:  

Then go to Blogger at

  • Use your Google account username and password to log in. Then click on Sign in.
  • Enter your display name (such as your first name) and then accept the terms of agreement.  Click Continue.
  • At the Name Your Blog screen, enter a title.  You can always change or delete this title and blog later.  It may take a few attempts to find a name/url for your blog that is not already used.
  • Choose A Template.  Select one of the template styles listed by clicking the button under the template you like, next to its name.  Then click Continue.
  • Click the Start Blogging arrow.  You will be taken to a page to write/post your first entry.  Give it a title and write a sentence or two.  Then click on Publish Post.  Click View Post on the next page to see how it looks.


  • From your published blog entry page, select New Post in the upper right to go back to editing your blog. 
  • Click on the Layout tab, which lets you re-arrange some of the layout and add gadgets.  If you hover over an element ( such as About Me or Followers) and it turns into a plus symbol with arrow tips, you can relocate or remove that element.  Click and drag  the elements in your page to rearrange their order. 
  • Experiment with removing an element:   click where it says Edit, within the element.  A box will open up, in which you can select Remove on the lower left.  To exit the box without making changes, hit Cancel or close the box.  You can restore elements you have removed by using the Add a Gadget feature.


  • Add a Search Box.  Click on the Edit button in one of the elements that says Add a Gadget.  When the box opens showing the Basic Gadgets, select Search Box to add a search box to your blog.
  • Have your search box search only your blog by deselecting  the Link From Here and The Web options.  Then click on Save.
  • Add an Image.  Go to New Post and select the image icon.  On the side that says Add an Image from the Web, click on Learn More under the space for the URL.  In the page called Regarding Images From the Web, you’ll see a list of sites where you can appropriately copy an image without violating copyright.  You could also add an image from your computer.

If you want to see a sample blog created for this class, click here: