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Creating a Web Site the Easy Way

For the purposes of this exercise, we'll use Weebly.  Go to the Weebly Web site at 

Click on the Sign up button to create an account.  Choose Option A to use a Weebly domain (this is the free option, the other options cost $).  When choosing a title for the domain name, you might see the words "Not Available." This means someone else is using that domain and you need to change the wording until you see "Available."

Click on Designs. You will be able to preview a template to help you choose one.  As you hover with your mouse over the mini designs, you will see the preview of the larger version below.

Notice the menu at the upper left (under where it says Weebly editor) which has a scroll bar. This allows you to choose from Web site templates for certain purposes, such as Business, Education, or Wedding.

When you find a design you like, click on it to have it show up in the main area of your screen.

Go to the Elements tab to add words and pictures to your Web site.  Put your mouse over the icon called Paragraph with Title.  When you see the plus sign symbol, double click and drag the element into the body of your home page.  Wait while the page incorporates the new element.  When you see the words “Title, Click here to edit,” click there and type in a title.  Click below on the paragraph portion to add some text. 

In the upper right of your screen, click on the orange Publish button.  Click on the link to your new Web site to see how it looks.  It will open in a new tab.  To make more changes, go back to the tab where you were editing your page.

To see a live sample Web site created for this class, go to