Marsha Meghdadpour

I’ve been called to serve.  After a 28 year corporate career of service, I was guided to ministerial school -Holmes Institute, Mile Hi Church, Denver CO, graduating in 1998.  In 2000, I was the Founding Minister of New Horizons Church which is now Center for Spiritual Living, Boulder Valley.  Five(5) years later, Spirit guided me back to Dallas and service at the Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas as an Assistant Minister and Director of Education.  I loved my role, and the additional benefit of my children having children in Dallas.  I’m the proud Granny for 3 beautiful grandchildren. 

I’ve also answered the call to serve UCSL. I was a member/chairperson of the UCSL Awards Committee, followed by being elected to the UCSL Nominating Core, serving both as member and chairperson up until the current time.  I have a deep faith and loyalty to our organization and our teachings and being able to be in service to seek out the gifted and talented in our organization is a blessing for me.  I see it as an Ambassadorship.

Just recently, Spirit guided me to leave CSL Dallas and be a “free lance” minister, which means travelling around, speaking, doing workshops and finishing a book that’s been revealing itself to me for 2 years.  This also feels like the next right step to expand my Ambassadorship..  I’ve mentored new ministers and plan to continue doing so.  It’s a joy to express Spirit while in service.  


VISION:  (Nominating Search Chairperson) Many are called - Many answer the Call.”  The NSC communicates through multi-medias to ministers, practitioners and laity to inform and seek out gifted and talented individuals to answer the call to serve.  Collaboration occurs within a team of individuals who year round connect and share information regarding the Leadership opportunities in the organization.