Beverly Jacobson-Schler

A personal spiritual journey coupled with a lifetime of volunteerism, will make me a valuable dedicated personable team member of the Laity Council. The valuable offerings I bring include are that of a social entrepreneur, actively participating in leadership roles in the global dialogue, creating media/messaging that inspires and empowers and producing media content and strategy on all platforms.  All of this is based in a deeply held love for Science of Mind.

Living in New York in the 1980s, I had a transformative spiritual experience that lead me to becoming a contributing member of the First Church of Religious Science. I owe those early roots and thus my personal and professional experiences to the seeds planted by Rev. Raymond Charles Barker who helped cultivate my ongoing commitment to a consciously co-created life.   I have been associated with several Centers throughout the years since leaving New York. In the last several years, I have taken many of the core courses, which ultimately lead to practitioner status.

If elected, my networking abilities, skills and contacts will be invaluable.  I am personally familiar and have worked with many of the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” in the transformational shift of global evolutionary thought. I am pleased to say that the relationships I develop are mutually beneficial and effective. At the core of my work is a collaborative cooperative style.  

VISION: My vision for The Centers for Spiritual Living is through our manifestation of the Principles of Science of Mind, we serve as an integral guide and demonstrate an empowering role in the current awakening of the shifting consciousness of humanity towards sustainability, peace, global oneness and ultimately a world that respects all life.