Arthur Chang

Rev. Dr. Arthur W. Chang has been the senior minister of Founder’s CRS in Los Angeles for the past 18 years, succeeding Dr. William D. Hornaday.  Dr. Arthur and his wife, Cecile, migrated from Jamaica over 40 years ago and are citizens of the USA. He left a career as a licensed architect for the ministry.


Dr. Arthur:

  • Restored the Ernest Holmes School of Ministry at Founder’s and served on Holmes College board.
  • Continued the daily radio broadcasts of This Thing Called Life, started by Dr. Ernest Holmes and continued by Dr. Hornaday.
  • Changed the name of the program to The Enlightened Life in 1996. This is the longest continuous running radio program teaching the Science of Mind in the world.
  • Is considered one of the leading thinkers in New Thought. He was the first to introduce the notion of Process SOM.
  • Has been a keynote speaker for many conferences throughout the US and Jamaica, including Asilomar, and the International New Thought Alliance (INTA).
  • Served on the INTA Board for several years.
  • Has published in Science of Mind Magazine.
  • Published his book, “The New Positive Spirituality—Finding Purpose and Happiness in Everyday Life,” in 2009.
  • Is heard twice daily at 6:15 AM and at 6:30 PM on station KTYM, 1460, and on the Internet at
  • Has a variety of interests, which include world religions, literature, music, art, drama, philosophy, psychology, and health. 
  •  Has an eclectic vision, bringing together at Founder’s people of varied ethnicities, ages, and cultures in an atmosphere of learning, caring, thriving and flourishing by using the SOM.

VISION: To consolidate the harmonious and creative union of our two organizations for the purpose of launching a stronger impact of the Science of Mind in the world for the good of all. To foster a Science of Mind renaissance through Love and Law for a thriving and flourishing world.