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Kathianne Lewis

Reverend Dr. Kathianne Lewis has served thousands of people in her 23 years of service as Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle. She is known worldwide as a Spiritual Leader, Master Teacher and Luminary - Empowering people to live a thriving life. Her worship services, classes and retreats, both locally and internationally, are engaging, entertaining and most importantly, transformational. She always engages an audience whether it is a workshop at Asiloman or as a keynote speaker at a CSL Gathering.

Having been a spiritual seeker for most of her life, she draws from the ancient wisdom of faith traditions around the world, yet always makes the Universal Spiritual Principles she presents applicable to human needs and aspirations. As a leading scholar in New Thought philosophy, she brings into harmony those teachings with the insights that ancient and contemporary religious studies offer. Always, she puts forth practical spiritual tools for use in an often complex world.

Kathianne (as she likes to be called) was ordained by the United Centers for Spiritual Living, and has received a Doctorate in Divinity as well as a Doctorate of Religious Science. Kathianne is a sought-after national speaker on the topics of Spiritual Empowerment, world transformation and spiritual service. Her inspirational messages are videotaped and available on the Spiritual Not Religious website; offering global access to her weekly teachings.

Kathianne has served twice on the United Board of Trustees and the United Core Council for one term. She also acted as COO of United for two years after the departure of Rev. Bob Gale. During that time she ran the home office with a dedicated team of ministerial and lay volunteers. During this important time in UCRS history, she balanced the budget, kept the Church out of bankruptcy and appointed the transition team that headed up the organization. This was the same team that solidified our current operational model. Kathianne is also the co-founder of the Ministers Ongoing Education Conference that, over the last 15 years, has trained over well 300 ministers in both the United and the International organizations.

Devoted to teaching, Kathianne never misses an opportunity to teach classes like Applied Spirituality which focuses on the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. Her approach offers no nonsense spiritual tools which empower students to live the life of their dreams and create a world that works for everyone. Also a gifted retreat leader, she offers experiential learning and discovery; helping people to deepen their relationship with the God of their hearts.

Kathianne lives with her husband, Tim, outside of Seattle with their dog and three horses. Her mare gave birth to a miracle foal just last year; he consistently teaches lessons of living life with a grin, a kick of the hoof, and a gleam in his eye.


VISION:  I am passionate about attending to the support and nurturing of individual churches, their ministers, and lay people. I am dedicated to finding ways to effectively energize our ministers to inspire, lead and care for the people who make up the body of the church.

Ideas I have considered that will enhance our constituency are:

1. Ongoing Ministerial Classes such as volunteer development, finances, fundraising, conflict resolution and new ministry ideas.

2. Shared Resources, including templates for e-newsletters, volunteer recruitment and  placement assessment materials, employee evaluation guidelines, and New Thought music songbooks.

3. Facilitate the formation of Ministerial Peer Support Groups for prayer and encouragement.

4. Create regional family camps.

5. Regional trainings for Church lay leadership:

a. Boards working effectively with ministers

b. Duties and responsibilities of the Board Leadership

c. Documents to keep not-for-profit status in accordance with State laws.

I am eager to assist in the deepening of our collective consciousness. Since my term as COO for United CSL,  I have been with ministers, practitioners and members of CSL on trips and retreats  enriching their connection to the Divine. Although I think our Asilomar and national Gatherings are vital and important, they may not feed the soul like other experiences such as meditation retreats and sacred travel opportunities. This is something I would like to instigate. If given the opportunity, I believe that as President I could lead our organization into Greatness.