Harry Morgan Moses

A defining quality of Harry Morgan Moses is his tenacious commitment to live, while inspiring others how to live . . . with commitment.

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses is the Spiritual Director of SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank, California, as well as a nationally recognized author, speaker, and motivational corporate trainer. His message empowers people to achieve greater emotional health, success and creativity by showing how shifts in attitude establish genuine fulfillment.

Moses is the author of the popular book, It’s So Easy When You Know How, now in its second edition. He was the host of a nationally aired, magazine-style television program and the co-host of a network informational series. Currently, he is hosting The Moses Show, an incredible archive of Consciousness radio at www.HarryMorganMoses.wordpress.com. He offers an extraordinary breadth in presenting to large and small groups.

In 1976, Harry Morgan Moses was warned in the hospital by a team of doctors that he would never walk again. His life-threatening diagnosis was met with a demonstration of the power of right attitude living. Today, he is an avid skier and sportsman. He offers extensive, practical applications of right attitude living to engage individual success and deeper fulfillment in his books and in his teachings.

Harry’s passion for principles led to his founding of the New Thought Center of San Diego, where he served as the Director for over 10 years. Together with Dr. Domenic Polifrone, Dr. Moses co-founded the Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN), and served for 5 years as its President. During his presidency ~ and for three years prior ~ he designed and implemented the leading edge ANTN conferences. A Senior Advisor for the Emerson Institute, he was instrumental in creating an educational partnership between ANTN and the Emerson Institute. He continues to serve on the Advisory Council of the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT).

In September of 1999, Dr. Moses joined a select group of distinguished civic and spiritual leaders for dialogues with the Dalai Lama in the “Synthesis Project” at His Holiness’ residence in Dharmasala, India.

In 2004, Dr. Moses was the co-founder of New Thought Ministries of Oregon. He worked with this community for nearly two years, supporting the establishment and implementation of a sustainable infrastructure. Today, this is a growing & thriving community.

Dr. Moses is featured in the movie, Living Luminaries – The Serious Business of Happiness along with such spiritual leaders as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Eckhart Tolle. Dr. Moses has taught every level of Consciousness classes, led seminars and workshops, facilitated organizational development, and sustained an independent counseling ministry. In addition to his work for the business and secular world, he has been a keynote speaker for all the major organizations in New Thought. He has spoken and done seminars for churches and centers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

Dr. Moses lives with his wife in Topanga, California. Their two grown children have graduated from Southern California universities.

VISION: “ . . . the last great Religious Impulsion”~ Ernest Holmes

New Thought leader, Emmet Fox, spoke about ministries that flow from the life of a Minister as “The Work.” I am committed at the deepest level of my Soul in the “Work” that is mine to do, which has out pictured itself as Holmseian New Thought ministry since 1976.

We, the Practitioner descendents of Ernest Holmes, have created a big goal: to touch the hearts of millions of souls, so that we might do our part for a world awakening and the transformation of humanity. In recent years, our Centers have had slow or no growth ~ perhaps reflecting the principle of, “A house divided against itself will not stand.” Now that we are integrated as the Centers for Spiritual Living, the challenge before us is potent. I believe that the hope for humanity is in understanding the concepts and practicing the principles of The Science of Mind.

Is it possible for the world to make a collective decision about the thing desired if selfishness (as opposed to self-inclusiveness) is the dominant paradigm? The more we begin to live in the awareness that God is all there is, and we are that, the more we move away from an unsustainable selfishness and toward a world that works for everyone.

I believe that the primary goal for the Centers for Spiritual Living in our time is to be achieved through expanding teaching modalities, optimizing all forms: radio, television, social media and the strengthening of our communities. Ours is to make clear to the world the teachings of The Science of Mind. We offer universal technologies, stepping beyond religious or organizational identities to reveal the reality of the unity of only One.

As critical mass moves into this awareness, new opportunities and new solutions will emerge, bringing the promise of lives fulfilled into the Consciousness of all humanity. What will be revealed to us are new possibilities as to how we, as the living energy of the Centers for Spiritual Living, can support the revelation of solutions into all walks of life.

I know that New Thought and The Science of Mind have been essential, critical and beneficial to the advancement of human Consciousness. I also know we have not reaped the rich rewards for our great giving in the world. It’s time for this to shift. Now we must be the momentum and make clear to the individual who practices these ideas that the model of Consciousness revealed is not just a pop or trendy solution. Our teaching offers the keys to the nature of Reality.

In my 35th year of personal practice (21 years of active ministry), the vistas of my Consciousness continue to be transformed. I am in awe. I am in wonder. I am passionately committed to bringing the revelation of The Science of Mind teaching to the world.

Imagine . . . the last great religious Impulsion!