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Floraine: I am a graduate student at Berkeley. I originally come from Switzerland and moved to California for grad school. I got into computer science after participating in a program similar to CS KickStart back in Switzerland. I do research in computer graphics and work on various tools for image and video editing. Apart from school, I am totally addicted to traveling and chocolate :). I have visited many many countries so far and my favorite places include Namibia, Botswana, Mongolia, Jordan and Uzbekistan. There is nothing I enjoy more than learning about different cultures and trying to master a new exotic language.


I was born in Windsor, CA, and I have lived in the bay area my entire life. I am an undergraduate at Berkeley double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math. I hope to go into a focus on algorithms or computer security as time goes on, but I honestly can't say for sure. My favorite non-educational hobby is basically any sport you can think of. I have played volleyball and softball almost my entire life, and have recently taken up snowboarding and rock climbing since I came to college. 

Hi there! I'm Ayushi and I am a undergraduate at Cal (GO BEARS). I was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Cupertino, CA. Math and science always seemed cool so I think EECS was a great fit for me. There are so many different fields in computer science that it's hard to choose a favorite, but for now, I'd say I'm excited about computer security.  In my spare time, I like listening to music, watching TV, hanging out with friends and reading books. I love dancing (from hip hop to bollywood) and occasionally you'll find me baking or gardening.

Guest Speakers

Cindee Madison 
Member of the Jagust Lab

PhD in the School of Information
Technology for Developing Countries

Sharena Pari-Monasch
Developer at Microsoft

Professor in EECS
Device Technology


Rita: I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved into the Southern California in 1st grade. Though my official first name is "Yi Ju", I usually go by "Rita". Since I am in "engineering-undeclared", I am interested in exploring the various fields of engineering and computer science. Math and science classes have always been my favorite subjects. Rather unsurprisingly, I am involved in my high school's Math Club and Science Olympiad team as the president for both. Outside of school, I love to help out my church's ministry during the children's special programs and playing flute on Friday nights. I also love to stay up late solving jigsaw puzzles.

I was born and raised in Shenyang, China. My Chinese name is “Huang Shiyun”, but you can simply call my English name, Jane. I plan to be an Economics and Applied Mathematics double major, but I may also add a computer science minor, if possible. I am really into economic theories; mathematical knowledge and computer skills would help me a lot in understanding and analyzing economic problems. Also, IT industry is a rising power that reshapes the whole world. The influences of technology have always intrigued me. So I’m really happy to be admitted to this program and get to know all of you, my fellows! In my free time, I love trying different cuisines and different recipes. I also enjoy reading; I’ll definitely take a visit to the City Lights bookstore someday.

: Hi! My name is Nina Partha, and I was recently admitted as an EECS major at UC Berkeley. I have always loved math, chem, and physics, and am very excited to expand my borders in these fields in EECS. A little bit about me: I have lived in Fremont, CA my entire life, but I've traveled to various parts of the world. In addition, I love to play the piano, sing, and of course, solve (or attempt to solve) challenging puzzles. In any spare time I can find, I also dabble in short-story/novel writing, though I doubt I'll ever be published. My goals for the future are to survive Cal, get a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and hopefully gather up enough courage to go skydiving one day. But for right now, I eagerly anticipate this class so we can learn some computer science!

I was born in Wuhan, a big city in China. Though my Chinese name is Li Lu, you can just call me Lea. I was admitted to college of Letters&Science. I haven't declared my major yet but I plan to major in applied math in the future because I’m eager to explore more fields. This program is a great opportunity for me to understand some basic knowledge about computer science and I believe I can benefit a lot. In my spare time, I always enjoy listening to music and watching movies. Traveling is also one of my favorite things to do since I can get beautiful views and learn about different culture. I’ve been to some countries in Asia like Japan and Singapore. Those happy memories are unforgettable.

I was born in Portland, Oregon and I moved to Carlsbad (about thirty minutes north of San Diego) when I was eleven.  I am planning on majoring in EECS at Berkeley.  I have zero experience with CS, but in my imagination we all become expert hackers!  In my free time in high school I raced sailboats and I am thinking about joining the Cal Sailing Team.  I've also been playing the piano for a few years, which I really enjoy.  I love running, hiking, traveling, and just being outside.  Some random things: I can ride a unicycle, I'm fascinated by psychology, and I love food!

I was born in South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of eight. Currently, I live in San Ramon, CA and have lived in the bay area ever since I moved to the US. I will be a bioengineering major this fall at UC Berkeley, but I also hope to focus my studies in other areas such as psychology and sociology. In high school, I played tennis and flute, and volunteered extensively with various organizations. In particular, due to my love for kids, I have volunteered heavily in activities involving children. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, watch TV shows and movies, hike, read, and play tennis.

Hi everyone, I am Rachel from Singapore. I actually hold Malaysian passport but I have been in Singapore since 7th grade, so I consider myself 52% Singaporean, 48% Malaysian. I am currently in College of Engineering as Mechanical Engineering major but I will probably double major or switch major to EECS. At school, I have always enjoyed math and physics classes tremendously.  I had experience with computing, but has never taken a computing class, so I really look forward to CS KickStart. During my free time, I like playing games and chess, and I love movies and food. See you guys soon:) 

My family calls me "hey you!" but everyone else just calls me "Deirdre" though some people have gotten a lot more creative than that. Although I was born in Manila, Philippines I'm a San Diegan at heart. My love for puzzles and mysteries developed my interests in math while this increasingly digital age has pleasantly pushed me into learning more about computers. As of now, I'm currently in the Letters and Science shooting for Business Administration at Haas but if that doesn't work out I'm planning on advancing my interests in Math. I enjoy trying out a variety of different activities and occasionally find one that I'm willing to do consistently such as playing the piano. I especially adore meeting new people so I'm excited to meet you all! 

Raji: I was born in Napa, CA, and I have lived in Kansas and in India during my childhood. But for the most part, I grew up here in the Bay Area. Currently, I am a
senior Berkeley EECS undergraduate
student. One thing I
still haven't decided
is what I want to
focus on in EECS; I have been taking classes
 in software,
hardware, and signal processing, and
everything seems inter
esting! My favorite hobbies are drawing portraits (,
playing chess, and playing badminton.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I'm happy to be going to college here too!  I'm currently an undergraduate at Berkeley with a tentative double major in Math and Computer Science.  I developed my love for math from my high school calculus class, but I also want to incorporate art into my future.  To combine the two subjects, I've decided to focus my efforts into computer graphics and/or graphic design.  When not forced to learn, I enjoy hiking through redwood forests, doodling in the margins of my notes, and spontaneously bursting into song and dance.

: Born and raised in the Bay Area, I did my undergraduate studies in the social sciences (including a mix of linguistics, psychology, biology and education) because I was interested in human cognition and language learning. It was only after graduating that I discovered computer science and became addicted not only to the creative process that it fosters, but also to its vast applications to the cognitive sciences and linguistics. I will be starting graduate school in EECS this fall at MIT, a switch that would not have been possible without the strong CS community and support that I got at Berkeley. 

Kathy Yelick 
Professor in EECS
Scientific Computing

Professor in EECS
Data-Oriented Systems

Marie-Ange Eyoum
Marketing Engineer at Intel

Professor in EECS
Computer Science Theory

Nancy: I come from Shanghai, China. My legal name is Yiqiong Xu,but you can simply call me Nancy. I am now in the College of Letters and Science,with my major undeclared. I love travelling and getting to understand different people and their lives. I was once an exchange student at a famous high school in Paris,France and had a wonderful time exploring French culture. I am good at cooking Chinese dishes and hopefully you can have a try! In my leisure time, I enjoy Chinese painting and calligraphy. Sometimes I also play a traditional musical instrument.

: I was born in California, but I've lived in Iowa City, IA since preschool.  I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences and hope to study computer science because of my interest in graphics and animation.  My dream is to work for Pixar or become a Disney Imagineer.  I’m obsessed with anything related to design, especially the Adobe Creative Suite.  In high school, I designed for our magazine, “West Side Story.”  Apart from design, I also have a slight addiction to fashion.  In my free time, I watch runway shows on YouTube, read Vogue, and secretly wish that I could afford a pair of six-inch Louboutins.  I also play the classical saxophone.  Recently, I performed on NPR's From the Top.  On a random note, I will never understand physics and tend to laugh too much.

: I was born in China and moved to the Bay Area when I was six-years old. I plan on majoring in EECS at the College of Engineering. I have previous programming experience with Java and website design languages. In high school, I played tuba in the band, volunteered a lot, competed in technology competitions, and played a few sports. During my free time, I enjoy watching anime, playing board games, listening to K-pop, and drawing. I have a wide variety of interests and am a total computer nerd, so don’t be afraid to talk to me!

I have lived in Wuhan, China for my entire life. My Chinese name is Beidi, Chen, but you can also call me Betty. I was admitted into college of engineering as an EECS major. Both Math and Physics have been my favorite subjects since I was in junior high. In my spare time, I enjoy doing some physics experiments. Usually the failure of the experiments will just push me to try it again and again until I succeed. I love sports and feel that the time playing table tennis or volleyball with friends always flies too fast. 
I should say that I am good at board games :). I just cannot wait to see all 
of you!

I was born in Singapore. In my entire life thus far, I have been to US once on a holiday but that was many years ago. So I am excited at the prospect of going to Cal to study. Being passionate about Mathematics and Physics, I have been enrolled in the major of Materials Science and Engineering. Besides academics, I enjoy playing the piano and board games.:)

I was born and brought up in the Bay Area my entire life. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences with a Computer Science major. I have a passion for design and have always loved utilizing my creativity towards my school projects and outside endeavors. My previous experiences include programming with Java, Adobe Photoshop, web designing with Adobe Dreamweaver, 3D modeling and animation with Maya, and 2D motion graphics with Adobe Flash. It has always been my dream to help create the magic of special effects, graphics, and animation. From learning computer science, I would like to coalesce my creativity and technical knowledge. In my free time, I love reading novels, listening to music, and watching tv and movies. I also love playing sports, basketball and billiards especially. I have an endless list of hobbies and interests, so I hope to have something in common with everyone, and from there, start fabulous friendships!

Coming all the way from the other side of the world, I’m Sangeetha – born and raised in the beautiful country of Bahrain. I’m an EECS major and have always planned on being one since I was eleven and had taken a liking to the funny-looking triangular brackets when programming in HTML. Besides fiddling around with source codes and creating multi-coloured marquee scrolls, my other loves are Harry Potter, writing, books - especially hardbound ones with cracking spines- , photography, blogging, animals and dogs in particular, the environment, doodling, the smell of coffee, sunny days and dessert. Becoming a Cal Bear is going to be a brilliant experience and I can’t wait – I already suited up!

Hello! I am from Victorville, California. I am excited for Berkeley and the CS kickstart program because it will be an entire different perspective for me since I live in the High Desert. I have a strong passion for anything related to computers. I have taken several computer courses in my high school and community college and it is one subject I can study for life. I have no experience in programming, but I am eager to learn. One of my hobbies include making videos by using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. My intended major is computer science in the Letters & Sciences College. Also, for fun I play tennis and swim. I'm very excited to meet you all!

Durga: I was born in India, but I grew up here in the Bay Area. I am a Senior undergraduate student majoring in EECS. My focus is Computer Systems, but I have really been enjoying all the classes I've been taking here at Berkeley! When I'm not studying, I love to read books, watch movies, and spend time with friends and family. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking and baking, as well as traveling.

Colleen: I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying computer science education. I did my undergrad at Cal in EECS, but didn't convince myself to major in EECS until my senior year! I studied abroad in London for a year during college and I love to travel! In my free time I like to be outdoors: swimming, sitting, hiking, biking, or running (in that order). I worked as a software engineer for a few years before going back to school and I got to make educational video games for LeapFrog. 

Professor in EECS
Human-Computer Interactions

Research Scientist, Adobe
Human-Computer Interfaces

Professor in EECS
Computer Security

Professor in EECS
Control Systems

I have lived in Elk Grove, California for nearly my entire life. I was admitted into Berkeley’s College of Engineering as an EECS major. In high school, I was involved in Mathletes, Science Olympiad, and Art Club. Painting is my favorite pastime and my preferred medium is watercolor. (If Computer Science doesn’t work out for me, I’ll probably become a starving artist.) My other hobbies include reading mystery novels, folding dollar bill origami, and shopping until I’m broke. I’m great at making cards and playing Scrabble. On the other hand, I am awful at most sports and can’t cook to save my life. I can’t wait for college!

: I was born and raised in the Bay Area my entire life. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences, hoping to do a Computer Science and either a Psychology or Applied Math double major. I love to draw, so you'll probably catch me doodling during a lecture at least once. I am also a huge Nintendo fangirl; if any of you play Super Smash, I'd love to play you. I also play violin and would like to form a geeky quartet playing videogame soundtracks. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

 I was born in Baltimore, and grew up in North Carolina, but I moved to the Bay area about a year ago. I currently plan on majoring in Computer Science in the College of Letters & Sciences, but I also am interested in math and linguistics. I am interested in Computer Science because of the computer science classes I have taken. Outside of school, I play tennis and enjoy volunteering, especially tutoring.

Hi! My name is Emma :D I spent most of my childhood living in different places, such as Los Angeles, Holland, New York, and Texas, but I have lived in San Diego for the past 9 years. I am interested in Computer Science because I love computers and I have been coding since the days of neopets profile pages :). I am a super big nerd and in my free time I love to play video games, watch anime, read, go to conventions, etc, but I also have a very girly side that loves shopping, makeup, and Desperate Housewives. With a degree in Computer Science, I would love to do something with either artificial intelligence or video games. I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Chapel Hill, NC six years ago. I moved to McLean, VA four years ago due to my father's job and attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I got into UC Berkeley College of Engineering and I am intending to major in Bioengineering. Besides biology, I absolutely love computer science and neuroscience! I'm squeezing in classes for this upcoming semester so I could maybe get a minor in computer science. I hope to engage in all the things I used to do (play violin, piano, lacrosse, taekwondo, origami, drawing) at Berkeley and I can't wait to live in California! 

Hello everybody, I'm Amy and I am from Mission Viejo, a suburb in Orange County, California. I am an environmental engineering major but I am certainly open to exploring other fields in engineering. I have many interests and hobbies and some might even call me scatter brained. I was a synchronized swimmer for 5 years during high school and although I will not be continuing this at Cal I still love swimming, the beach and anything aquatic. I also participated in Model United Nations throughout high school and my favorite committee is UNEP. In my free time I like to listen to music (any All Time Low fans?), crochet, make origami, and browse the internet. I also love to draw and have invented my own cartoon character named "mousie". I look forward to meeting you all.

Hi everyone! My name is Ashleigh and I'm Filipino-American, born and raised in the Philippines. I attended an international school for thirteen years, and now I'm in the College of Letters and Science as an intended Computer Science major. I've been obsessed with computers and coding from a very young age (Neopets!), and since then it's become my dream to work for a company like Google or Blizzard (I'm a complete World of Warcraft geek). I'm also very interested in artificial intelligence, so it's likely that I'll add a double major in Cognitive Science. Academics aside, my interests include reading, wakeboarding/snowboarding, psychology, animals, traveling, and rock music (I play guitar, bass, and drums). I can't wait to meet you guys and have an awesome time at CS KickStart! :D

Ashley: I live in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which is in Los Angeles County. I plan to major in EECS in the College of
Engineering. I don’t have any programming experience, so I’m excited to learn something at
CS Kickstart. I’m a dancer, and my favorite style is tap, but I have also trained in ballet and jazz.