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I was born in Windsor, CA, and I have lived in the bay area my entire life. I am an undergraduate at Berkeley double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math. I hope to go into a focus on algorithms or computer security as time goes on, but I honestly can't say for sure. My favorite non-educational hobby is basically any sport you can think of. I have played volleyball and softball almost my entire life, and have recently taken up snowboarding and rock climbing since I came to college. 

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Professor in EECS
Device Technology

Professor in EECS
AI / Computer Vision

Professor in EECS

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Emerging Technologies


I was born in Stockton and I moved to San Leandro when I was in second grade. My intended major is molecular and cellular biology but it is still likely to change because I am interested in various subjects. I enjoy watching tv, hanging out with friends, sleeping, reading/writing, listening to music, and making collages.
In high school, I was involved in lots of community service clubs. I was also involved in Book Club. I am very dedicated to anything that I set my mind to and will never give up.
I am excited to participate in CS Kickstart and am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Vivian: Hello, my name is Vivian Nguyen and I'm coming from sunny Southern California. I'm not too sure what I'm going to major in yet, so I wanted to give this program a try. In my spare time I read history, browse Reddit, take walks, and ponder about the universe. My guilty pleasure would have to be crocheting. With company, I like to try new foods and learn about new cultures! In high school, I swam and played water polo along with participating in several clubs. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing wonderful memories.
Yi-Lin: I am an international student from Taiwan. Although Taiwan is a leading hardware supplier in the competitive 3C industry, I am more interested in the software and applications of innovative technology products. Maybe I can be a bridge between hardware and software, the East and the West, after sharpening my CS knowledge and skills. Innovation and software is the key value embedded in any hardware product. I believe the KickStart will give me a good start for my university life. As for myself, I play piano and cello, enjoy travelling and reading. One of my shortcomings is that I fall asleep easily if the class is boring, but I believe this KickStart program will always keep me alert, because I can sense this is a very challenging program. I am also very interested in making good friends with the other participants before the semester starts. Everything is so exciting since this is the first time I leave home and study abroad. See you soon...

Nisha:  I am from San Jose, California and have lived in the Bay Area my entire life. At Cal, I intend to major in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science but I am also interested in pursuing my interest in the biomedical sciences. Throughout high school, I was actively involved in speech and debate and participated as a Fellow of my school’s Math and Science Academy. Academics aside, I enjoy competing in Indian classical and folk dance as well as volunteering at the local hospital. I do not have much CS experience so I look forward to exploring computer science through CS KickStart and, of course, meeting all of you!

Kara: I've lived in Manhattan Beach, CA since I was five after moving there from Tucson, AZ. I was admitted into the College of Letters and Sciences, where I plan to take a variety of classes in the sciences, math, and art. In high school I played the flute in both wind ensemble and orchestra, and I was on the swim team and in stage crew at our school's auditorium. In my free time I also practice flute, explore the many capabilities of Photoshop, cook random recipes I find on the web, play various video games with friends, and draw.

Katherine: I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but largely spent the first three years of my life living with my grandmother in China. I moved back to America when I was six years old and have lived in northern California since. If I had a free afternoon, I'd probably spend it drawing, reading, or watching random TV shows on Netflix. My other passion is traveling and I would like to study abroad for one semester. I currently intend to study Economics but would also like to do some computer science on the side. I'm still very undecided as to what I want to do in the future, but I'm sure I'll have an enlightening experience at Berkeley that will help me find my way!

Ingrid: Hi! I'm Ingrid from Arcadia, California but originally from Taiwan. I am going to enter the College of Letters and Science in the fall and I intend to major in Computer Science. I have never really had much experience with CS but it has always been a fascinating subject to me. One day, I would like to use the inspiration of the seemingly improbably ideas found in science fiction, which I am a fan of, and transform it to reality - except the robots taking over the world part of course. Other than my interest in computer science, I also do ballet and contemporary dance, love reading, listening to movie scores, and graphic designing.

Hi everyone! My name's Ilakya (ill-aah-kyah) and I'm an intended EECS major! Having never lived outside of a five mile radius from Cupertino, I'd say that my interest in pursuing a career in technology isn't much of a coincidence; I've always been around and fascinated by computers and gadgets! I come with some programming experience and technological knowhow (from courses during my first couple years of high school and whatnot), but certainly hope to refresh and build on it during CS Kickstart! Aside from that, I enjoy doodling, reading, gardening, high five-ing, and consuming chocolate. I'm extremely excited to meet you all soon!

Grace: I come from Los Angeles County, and I’m entering Berkeley as a civil and environmental engineer (but I’m certainly open to change). I love exploring new subjects, which has led to my wide variety of interests. My knowledge of computers and programming is very limited, but I’m eager to learn through CS KickStart. In addition to math and science, I enjoy great food, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, staying active, volunteering, and just about any artistic endeavor.

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Amy: I am an undergraduate Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am excited to be one of the teachers for the program this year!

Professor in EECS

Professor, Chair in EECS
Computer Systems

Sharena Pari-Monasch
Developer at Microsoft

Professor in EECS and School of Information

Angela: Hi everyone! I’m Angela and I was born in Gui Zhou, China and raised in Beijing, China. My life so far has involved lots of travelling. Since I was young, I have been moving from places to places within China, and later I went to Singapore and attended school there. In my sophomore year of high school, I moved to Mission Viejo, a suburb in Orange County, California. I am currently a computer science major, but I am interested in studying economics as well. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading novels, listening to music, and playing a variety of percussion instruments. I have been a percussionist at the school’s orchestra for four years now. Besides percussion, I also play a Chinese traditional music instrument known as the Yang Qin. I can’t wait to see all of you at Cal! :D

Sumita: MSE theater-loving math nerd from Elk Grove, California. I know nothing about computer science but those who do say I'd love it, so I'll give it a go. Making stuff is what I like to do, after all - mostly stuffed animals for my friends, but I'll do anything productive. CS sounds pretty productive to me, anyway. Singing is also a hobby. Maybe try and get used to that. Oh, and I love to run.

Robyn: Hi! My name is Robyn, and I was born in Canada, but I later moved to the bay area and have lived here for the past ten years. I’ll be in the College of Letters & Sciences this fall and I’m looking into majoring in Computer Science. I’ve always liked math and it as well as physical sciences have always been my stronger subjects in school. I hope that at CS Kickstart my interests will be expanded as I further explore the field of computer science. Another area I am interested in is learning new languages—I hope to have the chance to study abroad one day! Aside from academics, I really enjoy dancing—anything from ballet and jazz to traditional Chinese. In the winter I love to go ice skating and I like to watch makeup and comedy gurus on Youtube. I really look forward to meeting all of you this fall!

Hnin:  Hello! My name is Hnin. I was born and raised in Burma, which is located in Southeast Asia. I moved to Rowland Heights in LA County almost six years ago and have never been out of Southern California since then. At school, I was involved in Red Cross, Math Club, Art Club, and CSF. I am recently very interested in cognitive science with concentration on computational modeling. However, I have absolutely no experience in computer science, so I'm very excited to be part of this program! During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching TV series, and eating different kinds of food!

Parul: Hi! My name is Parul. I was born in Texas but I was raised right here in the Bay Area. I'm really excited to participate in CS Kickstart and learn more about the importance of computer science in the modern world. I'm currently an Undeclared Engineering major so hopefully this program will help me solidify my interest in EECS. In my spare time I enjoy playing badminton, reading novels, and watching TV shows like Gossip GIrl, Modern Family, or Community. I'm really excited to come to Cal in the fall hope to make many lasting friendships at CS Kickstart!

Katie: Greetings everyone! My name is Katie Zheng and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am interested in learning computer programing because it would be a very useful skill to know and computer science sounds like an exciting field. I was admitted as a Civil and Environmental Engineering major in the College of Engineering. In high school, I played on the varsity tennis team and was involved in Science Olympiad. I am also very interested in French language and culture, architecture, marine biology, and ecology. I love nature and the outdoors, and enjoy hiking, biking, and running. I enjoy spending time with my family, painting with watercolors, photography, watching and playing basketball, and cooking and eating good food! I am very excited to be at Berkeley this fall. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Jill: Hi there! My name is Anne Jilliane, but you can call me Jill. I was born in the Philippines and moved to California when I was 8. I have an identical twin sister, whose name has a two-letter difference from mine. She is also in this program. I am eager to learn, explore, and gain new experiences. Right now, I am considering going into the business field, but I am open and very excited to try new things. I do not know much about computer science, but I am excited to delve into a world that has countless possibilities and that will surely help me in many ways in the future. In my free time, I love to volunteer, eat, bake, and spend time with family and friends. I want to see the world, so I hope to be able to study abroad and travel more in the future. I am so thrilled to be in this program and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Cynthia: I was born and raised in Elk Grove, California my entire life. Currently, I am undeclared in the College of Letters and Science with an interest in computer programming. I'm hoping to explore this field more in depth before declaring a major in CS. In high school, I was involved in Mathletes, MESA, and JNHS. In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction novels, listening to K-pop, and watching romantic comedies. I am incredibly nerdy and I love video games, even though I tend to shriek when monsters appear and attack. I am super excited for Cal and I can’t wait to meet you all!

 Hey fellow CS Kickstarters! My name is Jane and I’m from right here in the Bay Area. Born and raised in San Diego, I moved to the Marin/San Francisco area in 1st grade and have been living here ever since. My intended major is economics/pre-business, but I am open to exploring my other academic interests for a second major or minor. I am also interested in studying languages and I plan on continuing to learn Spanish so that I can study abroad in Spain one day. I have absolutely no previous computer programming experience, but I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with it, as well as meeting all of you lovely people! I love traveling and have been fortunate enough to visit many memorable and beautiful sights from around the world. In my free time, I enjoy cooking up new recipes, playing tennis, watching the latest movies, exploring around SF, sampling the local food at the Farmer’s Market, reading mystery novels, and listening to radio music.

Professor in EECS
HCI / Computer Graphics

Kathy Yelick 
Professor in EECS
Scientific Computing

Marie-Ange Eyoum
Marketing Engineer at Intel

Professor in EECS

Lucine: My name is Lucine Oganesian and I’m from Glendale, California. I am tentatively a bioengineering major at Cal, and I hope to do a lot of research in the future. I am very much interested in neuroscience and am seriously considering learning another language while in college (either Japanese or German). In my free time, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, playing video games, practicing piano, taking nighttime strolls, reading up about random facts, and napping. As of now, I have pretty much zero experience in computer programming, but I really would like to learn (hence why I am so excited about CS KickStart). I can’t wait to meet all of you in August.

Serena: Hi! My name is Serena and I'm from Claremont, a small college town near the LA area. I'm an EECS major, but don't have that much programming experience so I thought this would be a chance to find out more and meet some new friends as well! Some of my hobbies include playing piano, tennis, ice skating, reading, baking, and exploring new places. I look forward to meeting you guys at Berkeley (:

Jing: I was born in Seattle, Washington, but I've lived almost my entire life in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I plan to major in mechanical engineering because I love math and physics, especially mechanics. I'm also interested in biology, so I hope to focus my career in that direction in the future. In high school, I was involved in marching band, FBLA, and various community service clubs, and I played piano outside of school. In my free time, I'm typically at the library reading new novels or watching Korean dramas with my friends, and I’m almost always listening to music. I have no experience programming, which is why I'm super glad to be a part of this program, and I'm excited to meet everyone!

Shana:  Hi everyone! I was born in Texas but moved to South Orange County, California in elementary school. I'm an undecided undergraduate in the College of Letters & Sciences looking to double major in sciences and humanities. I have no programming experience, but I'm looking forward to exploring Computer Science and seeing if I like it enough to study it further! In my spare time, I like to read, draw, paint, and play piano.

Emily: I was born and raised only 40 minutes away from campus in San Jose, California. I applied as an MCB major, but plan to switch to either Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering by the start of my 2nd year. My interest in general engineering acted as a phenomenal impact in my decision to apply to CS KickStart. I wanted to explore the different opportunities given by engineering, and found that even in the subject I consider my "home," bioengineering, I still need CS skills to fully grasp the multidisciplinary concepts. I definitely want to explore the boundaries to which CS can be integrated into different departments. During high school, I spent my extra time working in a lab, watching Gilmore Girls or some form of trash tv, redecorating, and eating!

Joan: My full name is Anne Julliene but I go by Joan. I have an identical twin sister named Jill. I moved to the United States in 2003 from the Philippines. I do not have much experience in computer science, but I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge in the subject. My only experience is from taking an online introductory computer science class. I am thinking about majoring in business, but I want to keep an open mind. I am excited to learn more about computer science because I believe that in this technological era, it is extremely useful knowledge, which will help me in college and beyond, whether or not I major in it. My hobbies include volunteering, cooking and baking, listening to music, reading, and traveling. I have not traveled very much but I hope to make up for that in the future. I can’t wait to have this new experience and meet you all!

Mandy: Hey everybody! I’m Mandy and I was born in China and happily immigrated to San Francisco years ago. I will be a Freshman with a tentative Computer Science major in L&S and I’m super excited to become a Cal Bear! My love for computer science has grown a lot in these past few years through different opportunities such as making an Android mobile app prototype and even more through my computer science class where I learned how to program. Computers and programs have always been around helping me on a daily basis and I’d like to become someone who joins this trend to ease more people’s lives in the future. Outside of class, I love to go around my city to find delicious food and bring my friends to different places; I also enjoy making food myself! So excited to meet every one of you during CS KickStart 2012!

Lilian: I am from Kenya. I am social and making new friends is part of my hobby. My other hobbies are swimming, reading, cooking, visiting friends, eating, watching movies, listening to gospel rock music (Skillet and Fireflight are my favorite bands), taking nature walks and facebooking* - just to mention a few; the list is long. CS KickStart is a great opportunity for me to develop my programming skills and satisfy my thirst for quality programming.

Linda: At heart, I'm an artist, but I recognize that I have other skills that could be honed in order to become a well-rounded individual; an individual who needs guidance to become both technically advanced as well as creative and thoughtful. In short, I think if I study computer science, I can meld the two fields together to create my own unique experience at Berkeley, and I believe this program can help me take a step in the right direction.
As for background information about me, I'm from a small town in Connecticut, where the most interesting thing about our town caught in the middle of the woods is the town ice cream shop and surrounding cow pastures. Big cities, the west coast, and sharp colored pencils all interest me....though I also really also appreciate nature, having been raised in a really forested area. In addition to drawing, I also like to game and to argue. Incessantly. Years on a high school debate team has perfected my angry ranting into educated angry ranting.
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