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Debra Evans

Project management professional, PMP, and Certified Scrum Master, CSM, who'd like to continue leveraging my web application software project and program management experience in a department such as marketing, engineering, information technology or operations.

LinkedIn and Resume Blog.  I can be reached by e-mail or on Twitter.

Interest in Cloud Computing

I've worked on Software as a Service products and other web applications so cloud computing in general is interesting to me.  I want to continue learning about the business aspect of cloud computing.  I want to learn more about virtualization and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

My Contributions to Cloud Computing SIG

Summary of projects and activities I've worked on from October 2009 to the present.
Cloud Computing Influencers
Social Media Hierarchy of Needs

  • Cloud Building Blocks project, indepth research on cloud computing elements
    • Helped Chuck Nelson, project visionary, break down original concept into manageable sub-projects for SIG members
    • Worked on project naming and positioning
    • Set up original project site