What is the CSix Cloud Computing SIG?

We are a diverse special interest group (SIG) of Silicon Valley technology and business professionals.
Our ambition is to master many facets of cloud computing by hands on learning and teaching each other.

We share our accumulated knowledge both inside and outside SIG membership via websites, social media and meetings.
We are a resource for cloud computing experts as well as those unfamiliar with the field.
Members are encouraged to participate in cloud computing related projects, research, technology implementations and discussions.
  Opportunities exist for members to showcase talents and expertise through projects, presentations, whitepapers and other channels.
Cloud Computing SIG is a non-profit group without affiliation to any cloud service vendor or professional organization   Potential employers or partners may view the biographies page to discover which SIG members are actively looking for new challenges and opportunities.


We encourage visitors to take a look at member-created content, bookmark and return to this site regularly, since the content is continually being refreshed. 
Please see About this SIG for more information.



The CSix Cloud Computing Group is a virtual (online) group.  Meetings are "on hold" until further notice due to an uptick in the economy in Silicon Valley.  
Please continue to post to the Google Groups Cloudy items.