1. Is this a CSUMB program or a Hartnell program?
    This program is offered by both CSUMB and Hartnell. Students will take courses primarily at Hartnell during the first 1.5 years with a few courses at CSUMB and primarily at CSUMB during the second 1.5 years with a few courses at Hartnell. Even though classes will be scheduled in different campuses, CSin3 cohort will have a seamless, single program experience throughout the three years. Look at the sample degree pathway on the program information page. The bachelor's degree at the end of this program will be awarded by CSUMB.

  2. How many students will be accepted in to the program?
    We anticipate accepting 36 students into the program - qualified, enthusiastic and interested students will be accepted into the program on a first come first serve basis.

  3. If I am interested in this program, which institution should I apply to?
    To apply to the CSin3 program, you should apply to Hartnell College first. Please visit our prospective students page for further instructions.

  4. How much will this program cost me?
    Based on the tuition fees of academic year 2012-2013, the estimated tuition for degree completion for California resident students will be less than $13,000. This does not include cost of living or any additional fees beyond tuition.

  5.  Year  
     School Enrolled
     Year 1  
     Hartnell  $2070
     Year 2
     Hartnell/CSUMB  $966/$2985
     Year 3
     CSUMB  $6108
       Total  $12,129

  6. I know that the CSIT program at CSUMB has four different concentrations - which concentration will I be graduating as part of CSin3?
    CSin3 program is being offered only for the Software Engineering concentration at this point. The program will expand to include other concentration in the future - we do not know at this point when that would be.

  7. How will transfer from Hartnell to CSUMB happen?
    The program staff will guide you through the transfer process and ensure that it is seamless. You will have to apply for admission into CSUMB through the normal transfer process and you will receive guidance through every step of the way.

  8. Am I required to complete the CSIT degree program in three years?
    CSin3 program is an accelerated pathway through the traditional CSIT degree program. It is possible for you to move into a more traditional pathway, but you will not receive all the student services provided for the CSin3 students. 
  9. When will the courses for the three year pathway be offered?
    The sample pathway that is being planned will give you an idea on the courses you will take each semester. The program staff will work with the appropriate departments within both institutions to develop a semester schedule for the students in the CSin3 program. Students will receive instructions before each semester with the schedule.

  10. How much flexibility will I have in choosing courses?
    Since this is a cohort based program, all the students in CSin3 program will be required to register for courses pre-selected by the program. Not registering in any of the recommended courses will automatically drop you from the program and you will not be able to take advantage of many of the student services.

  11. Will there be any housing arrangements for students in the CSin3 program?
    We now have housing/dorm availability for CSin3 students available through CSUMB student housing.