Pre-Workshop FUN

Now that we have some extra time before the rescheduled workshop on January 11, we would like to encourage you to explore, interact and participate in some of the fun opportunities below in preparation for the workshop day.

By participating in this pre-workshop FUN you will
  • Gain an understanding of game play and game design as learning pedagogies
  • Explore the technology tools, learning how students can create and play games using this technology
  • Begin to plan how to integrate these pedagogies and technologies into your content areas and literacy
  • Start to formulate ideas for combining these three knowledge areas into student learning challenges

Take the Learning Climate Survey

A very short self-assessment of how learning happens in your school


Exploration Time - PLAY PLAY PLAY

Scratch -  

Play with  some student-created games and stories 
       Frog vs. Cat    Bee Story      Night at Dreary Castle      Wisdom Quest

Watch some Intro to Scratch videos 

Login with one of our temporary workshop accounts and begin the tutorials and PLAY.
Usernames are workshop1, worskshop2, etc up to workshop30
Corresponding passwords are play1, play2, etc up to play30

Check out some of the featured games
Begin to build your own - it's easy - and think about how Game Narrative can support Game Play in student learning.

Interactive Fiction

PLAY - Wondering what to do next on that new iPad or iPhone? 
 Download  Frotz a free interactive fiction suite on iTunes and Play
 Play interactive fiction right from your web browser -

CREATE - Visit the Inform7 site,
Click the Download tab, and try writing your own interactive story. Share your ideas and experiences with us on January 11


This is the heart of our CSI workshop.  Think about how we can apply our own learning, pedagogical knowledge, technology knowledge and content knowledge to create the best learning opportunities for students

Creating Learning Opportunities

Here are the links to the FULL workshop pages and resource page if you want to have EVEN MORE FUN!
Games and Learning and Literacy Workshop Agenda
Games and Learning and Literacy Workshop Page
Read Watch Listen Play Resource Page