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Budget Narrative


Funds from this grant will used to support educator and student participation in the following roles:

CSI Mentors will receive stipends for creating and structuring the activities, challenges, and prompts for student and staff based on a variety of technology tools and venues.  Through this stipend they will provide mentoring and guidance, and oversee each challenge in the project implementation. Funds will also allow Mentors will participate in the CVEDC professional development “Games in Education; Theory and Practice” with Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

CSI Teacher Leaders will receive extensive professional development and participate in action research that leads to best practices for implementing the challenges within the program learning environments.  Teachers Leaders will receive game supplies, robotics material and developer tools for their classrooms and schools to support the implementation of these best practices and technology.

CSI Student Advisors will organize and lead groups of students to participate in the program, and supervise and scaffold their participation in the learning challenges. Funds from this grant will allow CSI Student Advisors and Students to attend several technology challenge events and conferences throughout Vermont and to participate in the virtual online technology community

One team of students and their teacher leader will attend the ISTE technology conference in Philadelphia, PA in June 2011.

CSI Partners will be professional game designers and educational creativity experts hired to provide professional development, resources, and support for the CSI program activities and challenge events.  They will deliver hands-on training, challenge examples, and activities for Mentors and Teachers leaders to use in the program with students.  Partners will also provide hosting and support for a virtual online community, technical and open source software support and educational, mathematical and engineering support for student activities and game challenges.

Additional funds will support the evaluation of this project (10%) and to hire a curriculum and TPCK consultant to work with teachers in support of the educational alignment of activities, challenges and technology integration with local content and the Vermont and National Standards.

All of the research, activities, challenges and educational creativity and innovation from the CSI Program will be combined and applied in a special 3-day Gaming Institute open to all Vermont educators.  This Institute will begin the next step toward sustainability of the CSI Program and will NOT require any funding from this grant.