How to Write Interim and Final Report

For the Interim Report:

1. Open the Interim Report Word document (attached below)
3. Put your school and school district in the Header of the document (as seen on the Interim Report Template)
5. Footer should have page numbers centered starting from Grant Application and continuing on until the end of the Interim Report.
6. Write your Interim Report using this template and send by e-mail attachment as a Word Document to the Teacher in Residence.

For the Final Report:

1. Complete the Final Report by using the Final Report Guide (attachment below) pasted in your Word Document and completing the information required in the guide and then send the entire document to the Teacher in Residence in electronic form by e-mail as a Word Document. 
2. Remember that your financial claims go to Carla Green (see How to File a Financial Claim on the left side of this web page for details) and not to the Teacher in Residence.

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