Support Groups

Shawna Wasko is the Public Information/Contracts Manager at the Office on Aging (OOA).  Part of her duties also include facilitating the Caregiver Support Group, Grandparents as Parents, and Widowed Support Groups for the OOA.  Shawna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource and Development and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Learning and Development.

Shawna was widowed in 1980 when her daughter Brandie was 22 months old.  Shawna began facilitating widowed support groups shortly afterwards.  She has her own 501 (c) (3): Widowed Wellness Programs of Idaho, Inc.

Shawna began volunteering for the OOA over 30 years ago, and has a passion for helping seniors thrive while dealing with the many aging issues they face.




Shawna Wasko