Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) is part of Senior Corps, a network of national service programs that provides older Americans with the opportunity to apply their life experiences to meeting community needs.

Senior Companions serve one-on-one with the frail elderly and other homebound persons who have difficulty completing everyday tasks. They assist with grocery shopping, bill paying, and transportation to medical appointments, and they alert doctors and family members to potential problems.

Senior Companions also provide short periods of relief to primary caregivers. Because of the program, thousands of citizens are able to live with dignity in their own homes.


The Senior Companion Program is open to healthy individuals age 55 and over with limited incomes. All applicants undergo a background check, as well as, pre-service and in-service training on such topics as Alzheimer‘s disease, diabetes, and issues related to mental health.

Volunteer Benefits

For their service, Senior Companions receive $2.65 an hour (tax free), reimbursement for transportation, annual physical examinations, meals, and accident and liability insurance during service. This income does NOT interfere with your social security.


The CSI Office on Aging receives grants to sponsor and operate Senior Companion projects. Community organizations that address the health needs of older persons work with the Office on Aging to place and coordinate the services of the SCP volunteers.