Intensive Respite

Respite care is defined as: A temporary rest or time off from regular caregiving tasks

What is Respite Service?

Respite Services provide relief for live-in, 24-hour, family caregiver from the continual demand and stress of providing supervision and/or personal care to individuals with physical or cognitive impairments.   This is accomplished by utilizing qualified individuals to take care of your loved one while you get a break, or “respite”, from the demands of providing constant care. Respite can be provided by contracted agency staff or volunteers.

Who is eligible for this service?

Persons of any age who serve as unpaid caregivers for persons 60 years or older, or unpaid caregivers for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease of any age.

Individuals age 55 or older who are relative caregivers        of a “child”. 

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How does CSI Office on Aging Intensive Respite work?

The CSI Office on Aging has limited funds available to provide respite services within the eight counties of South-Central Idaho.  When a request for respite service is received by the Office on Aging, the caregiver and care recipient is assessed. The senior services specialist will authorize the expenditure of funds for the amount of hours required to complete the authorized tasks.  Intensive Respite services are provided by a trained and supervised worker that is contracted by the CSI Office on Aging. The provider agency is chosen by the consumer from a list of contracted agencies.