What is Homemaker Service?

Homemaker Service is a program available to seniors aged 60 years and older who need assistance in order to remain in their own homes, thus maintaining their independence and dignity.  The services are designed to carry out and assist with selected household tasks and promote health and safety.

Homemaker services are provided by a trained and supervised homemaker that is contracted by the CSI Office on Aging to perform authorized tasks based on the older individuals need.  Some of the types of activities the homemaker can provide are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Meal Planning and preparation
  • Essential shopping
  • Limited personal care and bathing

How does Homemaker Service work?

The CSI Office on Aging has limited funds available to provide homemaker services within the eight counties of South-Central Idaho.  When a request for homemaker service is received by the Office on Aging, the individual/s is assessed to verify the level of need. If level of need is met, services will be authorized for the expenditure of funds for the amount of hours required to complete the authorized tasks.  This service is based on a sliding fee scale and total income less medical expenses are assessed. The provider agency is chosen by the consumer from a list of contracted agencies.