ADRC Programs

The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). ADRC's serve as single points of entry into the long-term supports and services system for older adults and people with disabilities. Sometimes referred to as a "one-stop shop" or "no wrong door" systems. ADRC's address many of the frustrations consumers and their families experience when trying to find needed information, services, and supports. Through integration or coordination of existing aging and disability service systems. ADRC programs raise visibility about the full range of options that are available, provide objective information, advice, counseling and assistance, empower people to make informed decisions about their long term supports, and help people more easily access public and private long term supports and services program.

The ADRC is not just about senior services or Older American Act services, but includes information and assistance about long term cares issues for anyone. The goal is for people to get all the information about long term care they may need with one telephone call.

On January 2, 2013, Area IV AAA was officaially designated as the Aging and Disability Resources Center for the eight counties of the South Central Idaho region through a memorandum of understanding with the Idaho commission on Aging.

In order to provide sustainability funding for ADRC programs. In January 2014, an addendum to the Area IV Performance Based Agreement for the SFY 2014 with ICOA was signed to participate in the MIPPA program. Under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA), states, territories, and the District of Columbia received funding to help Medicare beneficiaries apply for the Medicare Part D Extra Help/Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) and the Medicare Savings Programs (MSP's). Funding is also used to provide Part D counseling to Medicare beneficiaries who live in rural areas, and to promote the new Medicare prevention and wellness benefits.

IN May 20147, we signed an agreement to participate in the SMP program. With this capacity grant the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Administration on Aging (AoA) seek to expand the capacity of the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program to reach more Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries their families and caregivers in each state. CMS and AoA plan to achieve this by: expanding and enhancing the volunteer work force; expanding SMP outreach and education to beneficiaries; expanding the grantee's ability to manage beneficiary inquires and complaints in a timely, professional manner; and improving and enhancing state-level SMP program and volunteer.

Educating consumers to prevent health care fraud is the essence of the mission and message of the SMP program. SMP projects recruit and train volunteers to educate their peers about how to protect their suspicious activity to SMP when detected, to ensure appropriate resolution or referral. The SMP Program empowers seniors through increased awareness and understanding of health care programs, to protect them from the economic and health-related consequences associated with Medicare and Medicaid fraud, error, and abuse.

In June 2014, Blue Cross of Idaho contracted us to provide education and outreach training for those individuals who are dual eligible - having both Medicare and Medicaid - to sight up for the Blue Cross True Blue program which provides case management services for these individuals as well as providing additions benefits.

In November 2014, we were notified that ICOA has received a new "Transforming state LTSS Access Programs and Functions into a No Wrong Door System for All Populations and All Payers Grant". The grant requires them to address the following two items:

  1. Establish new Mission and Vision for the Idaho No Wrong Door/ADRC.
  2. How we can improve in engaging stakeholders in the development of an Idaho No Wrong Door/ADRC.

In March 2015, three AAA IV staff members attended training for transition managers for the Idaho Home Choice program, and are now certified to provide services. In July 2015, we were approved as a Medicaid provider for Idaho Home Choice service and added to the Idaho Home Choice providers list on the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website.