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David Chase Taylor and bring Truth to the world via publishing fact-based books, videos and websites without fear or bias.

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Name: David Taylor
Bank: Credit Suisse AG
Account Number: 187005-50
ACCOUNT/IBAN: CH17 0483 5018 7005 5000 0

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David Chase Taylor
Bertastrasse 8
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You can send a personal letter or email on behalf of David Chase Taylor to the following locations and let them know that you are monitoring and supporting David Chase Taylor in his fight for political asylum. For more information on David Chase Taylor's case, please log onto:

Please refer to: David Taylor / Swiss Asylum # ZH 2266202
Zurich Canton Asylum Office:
Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich
Berninastrasse 45
8057 Zurich, Switzerland

Federal Asylum Office: digital contact form
Federal Office for Migration
Quellenweg 6
3003 Bern-Wabern, Switzerland

Non-Profit Swiss Asylum Office:
Bertastrasse 8
8036 Zurich, Switzerland