Race War

If U.S. President Barack Obama is assassinated, there is a high probability that a Race War will be ignited by the U.S. government, the mainstream media, and the alternative media in the immediate aftermath. If the U.S. government's provocateur Hal Turner is any indication, there will be talking heads all over America playing the race card in an attempt to divide racially and conquer politically. Based on the political rhetoric and news articles produced since Obama has taken office, a full blown Race War may be the master plan rather than an organic bi-product of an Obama assassination.  

1. The Obama Race War: Since Obama announced his bid for the U.S. presidency there have been countless news articles, news reports, and commentators on both radio and television speculating that Obama is attempting to instigate a race war. Should Obama be assassinated, these predictions may come true, likely overnight. 

2. U.S. Government Prepares for Riots:
 When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1964, riots broke out nationwide in America. If and when U.S President Barack Obama is assassinated, we can expect the same thing, only that this time around the riots will be super-charged and provocateured by the full force of the U.S. government and its media propaganda machine. Based on the fallout from the London Riots of 2011, governmental provocation and instigation played heavily in the origination and fomentation of the riots. While the UK police stood down, rioters looted and caused mayhem with little or no regard for law enforcement. Based on the evidence and data available, the Obama administration will follow the London blueprint. Preparation for violent riots in America started immediately after the London riots subsided and riot drills are occurring across the nation. Whether the Occupy Wall Street protests are part of these riot drills is secondary, for as 
Mark Potok of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center recently stated, "I think there is a huge amount of anger out there...What we're really lacking at this moment is a kind of spark."

3. "Machete": The Fox funded and Fox distributed movie "Machete" is a violent race war film with endless racial killing. "Machete" was likely a beta-test aimed at testing the current race relations in America and is likely not the last race war film that Fox will fund and distribute. While there is no way to currently know, it is highly likely that racially charged films are sitting on the shelf right now awaiting the perfect time for release.

4. Hal Turner: In order to understand exactly how the U.S. government works its divide and conqueror methodology, look no further than Hal Turner. To the public, he was an ultra-right-wing radio talk show host and internet blogger with an audience of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, but was secretly working for the U.S. government the entire time. Should Obama be assassinated, count on Hal Turner types such as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck to incite racial riots and violence.


Since Obama announced his bid for the U.S. presidency there have been countless news articles, news reports, and commentators on both radio and television speculating that Obama is attempting to instigate a race war. Should Obama be assassinated, these predictions may come true, likely overnight.

Title: Racist Attacks On Obama Growing More Heated
February 20, 2008
Southern Poverty Law Center

Abstract: With the selection of Barack Obama as the first black Democratic nominee for president seeming more possible by the day, racists and white supremacists are posting increasingly ugly and even threatening remarks on the Internet.

“OBAMA WILL DIE, KKK FOREVER,” concludes a Feb. 15 post by “Rodney” to a blog run by a person identified only as Strider333. Above that signoff, Rodney wrote: “The KKK or someone WILL assassinate Obama! If we get a NIGGER President all you NIGGER’s [sic] will think you’ve won and that the WHITE people will have to bow to you[.] FUCK THAT.”

On traditional white supremacist and neo-Nazi sites there are lengthy discussion threads about what would happen if Obama were elected president. Dozens of those posts are derogatory and employ all kinds of racist slurs. Others speculate that such an Obama victory would kick off a race war between whites and blacks. And some even raise the possibility that he could be assassinated. But talk like that is rare and extremely careful — probable evidence that the “white nationalists” who inhabit these sites are deeply concerned that their comments are being monitored by law enforcement for any criminal threat relating to the presidential race. In fact, Obama reportedly received federal Secret Service protection unusually early in the campaign season because of concerns about a racially motivated attack.

The most heated anti-Obama talk appears to be on Internet sites that allow people to post messages anonymously. One such site, JD Underground, is a list ostensibly devoted to lawyers, although further details were not available. It has carried a particularly venomous thread, entitled “Nigger President,” that has stretched from January into this month.

“I’m hoping someone will do his public duty of putting a bullet through Obama’s head,” said a poster identified as “Kill Da Nigga.” Another poster suggests “bring[ing] back lynchings” and concludes with a warning: “LOOK OUT NIGGER. THE KLAN IS GETTING BIGGER!!!!!!” And a third, using the screen name “amerikkkan,” says only, “The deep south is making plans” (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2008).

Title: Savage: "I Fear That Obama Will Stir Up A Race War...In Order To Seize Absolute Power"
October 8, 2008
Media Matters

Abstract: During the October 8 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage invited callers to discuss what they "fear the most if [Sen. Barack] Obama wins" the presidential election. After airing a clip of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Savage said: "I fear that Obama will stir up a race war. You want to ask me what I fear? I think Obama will empower the racists in this country and stir up a race war in order to seize absolute power." Savage later said: "I want you to call this show and tell me what you fear about Barack Hussein Obama as president."

YouTube Video

As Media Matters for America has documented, Savage declared on the June 13, 2006, broadcast of his program that if Sen. Hillary Clinton ran for president, it would "stir up a race war, a civil war in the country to get that hag, that harridan elected." Savage added that a Clinton presidential campaign would provoke "race riots" and "will be one long hate crime against white people."

From the October 8 [2008] Broadcast of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:

SAVAGE: What do you fear the most if Obama wins is the question. I think it's a very fair question. Kentucky, Sean, what do you fear about an Obama victory?

CALLER 1: Well, I'll tell you. I'm very fearful and absolutely disgusted because, you know, Obama, he spends 20 years in this lunatic racist church, and people just think that -- you know, I mean, how can you sit there for 20 years listening to that guy and not hold some of his beliefs? It's not credible. It's just not credible.

SAVAGE: Well, because the media made it sound as though it was an anomaly and anyone who pointed out Reverend Wright was a racist -- but we all know that that's false. In other words, Reverend Wright is the soul of Barack Hussein Obama. You know that and I know that. And on that note, I think we should play Reverend Wright so you remember who he really is. This is the inner Obama as let out of the box. Listen carefully.

WRIGHT [audio clip]: The government gives them the drugs, pills, bigger prisons, passes a "three strike" law, and then wants us to sing, "God Bless America." No, no, no. Not "God Bless America," "God [beep] America." That's in the Bible. For killing innocent people -- God [beep] America -- for treating us citizens as less than human.

SAVAGE: I fear that Obama will stir up a race war. You want to ask me what I fear? I think Obama will empower the racists in this country and stir up a race war in order to seize absolute power. I believe that's what he will do. It will not be as overt as you may think, but it'll be a subtle race war on every level imaginable.

And what you just heard is the inner Obama. Because I wouldn't sit in a synagogue, a church, or any house of worship if the rabbi or the minister was that inflammatorily hateful. I would have gone in and walked out. You sit there for 20 years, he marries you? You baptized -- I think he christened the children, and then he says he has no idea why he was there? Is he joking? He sounds just like the corporate executives who say that they feel heartbroken about what happened to their company. I don't believe a word he says. I believe that's the real Obama, and I believe that's what we're gonna see if he wins.

And this -- the shame of it all is, is the shmoo on the other side, the shmoo John McCain. Every time he gets up, he congratulates Obama for doing so well. He should get up there and point fingers, and say, "Look, you want us to forget Reverend Wright but you sat there for 20 years. How can you stand there and tell me that you didn't approve of him? He married" -- no, but McCain won't do it.

McCain is a nice guy. McCain likes Obama more than he does Michael Savage. McCain is part of the system. Obama is the system candidate. He's an organization man. He can as much think his way out of the box as I can become a man thinking inside the box. I can't think like men inside the box. He can't think like men outside the box. And so, therefore, the twain shall never meet.

San Diego, Jillian -- welcome to The Savage Nation.

CALLER 2: I absolutely agree with you as far as the race war goes. I think the greatest thing that concerns me about Obama is his resentment toward this country. I feel that him and his wife feel that they have fought very hard against whites, and that everything that they have, they are entitled to versus being thankful and feeling privileged for living in this country, and what this country has provided in terms of opportunities.

SAVAGE: Correct. And affirmative action helped both of them, there's no question about it.

CALLER 2: And I --

SAVAGE: And of course, that was because of social engineering on the left side.

CALLER 2: I feel that he is, like you said, going to give a voice to all those people who feel resentment toward whites, essentially. And -- and it's going to be --

SAVAGE: Oh no, I want everyone to strip off all of their social constraints right now on this show. And I want them to get down to the core fear that they have for Obama. I want to hear it on this show, and I thank you. And you can call me at 1-800-449-8255. Don't hold anything back.

I mean, I don't want you to go over the top with language that I can't run. I want you to call this show and tell me what you fear about Barack Hussein Obama as president (Media Matters, 2008).

Title: KKK Warns Of Obama 'Race War'
November 6, 2008
The Telegraph

Abstract: Just hours after his victory, the term "Obama assassination" appeared on the top 100 Google search terms.

In a video shot before the outcome of the election was known, the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, predicted "there may be a backlash" if Senator Obama won the presidential race.

YouTube Video

In a lengthy rant on the Klan's official website, the white supremacist said: "We are in a race war."

The Ku Klux Klan website "welcomed" Obama's election because "it could mean an awakening of our spirit and blood". He went on to describe the poll as "the last real election this country is going to have" before describing Senator Obama as a Marxist whose intention was to redistribute the earnings of hard-working whites.

On the other side, reports have emerged from the US that Black Panther members were intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

he news comes as people scramble to get copies of Barack Obama's historic newspaper editions, paying up to $600 online.

Although US President-elect Barack Obama will not take office until January, he will be guarded as he prepares to move into the White House.

Throughout the 22-month campaign the secret service investigated more than 500 death threats against the 47-year-old African-American.

Two white supremacist skinheads were arrested last month over plans to shoot Obama and kill other blacks.

Accordingly, Senator Obama's closest relatives will also be affected. Family outings will be cut out and his daughters will receive protection on their way to and from school.

While Obama's wife Michelle — a corporate lawyer — has expressed her concern over the threats facing their family, Obama has previously said it's "not something that I'm spending time thinking about day to day."

"I think anybody who decides to run for president recognises that there are some risks involved," he said.

As well as the KKK reaction, "Impeach Barack Obama" Facebook groups have already surfaced on the internet, with one attracting more than 700 members.

Four US presidents have been assassinated — Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John Kennedy (Telegraph, 2008).

Title: Is Obama Fomenting A Race War?
April 30, 2010
Washington Times

Abstract: President Obama is inciting racial division. He rightly fears that the Democrats will suffer huge losses in November’s midterm congressional elections. Republicans are within reach of retaking control of the House of Representatives. Even the Senate may be in play. His party’s grip on power is threatened - and with it, Mr. Obama’s radical socialist agenda.

Fear breeds desperation. Hence, Mr. Obama is resorting to the worst kind of demagoguery: playing the race card. In a video to Democrats, the president embraced identity politics; black, Hispanic and female voters are to be courted at the expense of white middle-class America.

YouTube Video

“It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African-Americans, Latinos and women, who powered our victory in 2008, stand together once again,” he said.

Mr. Obama conveniently ignored the large chunk of white voters - suburbanites, latte-sipping professionals, environmentalists, labor union members - who voted for him in huge numbers. For Mr. Obama in the 2010 election, whites no longer matter - especially white Christian males.

In recent memory, no president has so deliberately and publicly sought to pit racial and gender groups against each other. The president is not simply the titular head of a party or the leader of government. He is the head of state and embodies the collective will of the American people. He is the president of all Americans - not just certain segments of his electoral coalition. Mr. Obama’s rhetoric is reckless. It is fostering civil strife and racial animosity.

Imagine the media uproar had President George W. Bush, for example, in 2006 called for “whites, Southerners, Christians and veterans” to vote for the Republican Party. Mr. Bush would have been excoriated (rightly) for racist and sectarian pandering.

Mr. Obama is fracturing America. He is calling on the primacy of race and gender in order to perpetuate his national socialist revolution. He is championing a revanchist tribalism - the politics of grievance and racial victimology that undermines our common national identity. Just like his old pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Obama is an anti-American, virulent race-baiter.

Instead of seeing Americans, he classifies people according to their race and gender. Modern liberal identity politics is rooted in fascist doctrine. The most influential philosopher of the 20th century was Martin Heidegger. His 1927 classic work, “Being and Time,” is widely acknowledged as profoundly influencing Western thought - especially the academic left and its embrace of postmodernism. It’s the very culture from which Mr. Obama - by his own admission - comes.

The German thinker developed the theory of the primacy of race, blood and group identity in a secular, relativistic world. Heidegger rejected eternal Judeo-Christian principles of moral absolutes. Instead, he called for the will to power through racial communities and tribal solidarity. Heidegger adamantly opposed democracy, capitalism and market-oriented growth - denouncing them as unjust and oppressive.

What is conveniently ignored is that Heidegger also was a passionate Nazi. He admired Adolf Hitler. He was a member of the National Socialist Party. Heidegger believed that fascism - with its racialism, neo-paganism, economic corporatism, worship of state power, rabid environmentalism and hatred of Western civilization - represented the true future. Sadly, he may have been right.

Today’s Western liberal elites are Heidegger’s heirs. For decades, the American left has been obsessed with race, class and gender. It despises America’s national heritage and common culture. The Founding Fathers’ dream of a republic based on limited government and rugged individualism, the Constitution, the notion of American exceptionalism, our roots as an English-speaking, Christian civilization based on a distinct national identity - these idols must be smashed in the name of progressivism.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Mr. Obama’s presidency is not simply about erecting European-style social democracy. It is more insidious and dangerous than that. It is an attempt at establishing a liberal fascist regime - Heidegger meets Jane Fonda.

The results are similar to what exists in other fascist states: a pliant dominant media, greater government control over all aspects of national life, a bloated public sector, economic sclerosis, a corporatist economy, permanently high unemployment, crushing taxes, a hostility to Jews (Israel), a growing intolerance to dissent, the demonizing of critics and an irrational cult of personality.

The most distinctive characteristic, however, is the incitement of racial conflict. Fascism thrives on fomenting ethnic divisions and hatred, targeting internal race enemies to galvanize supporters behind their leader.

This is what Mr. Obama is doing today. He and his Democratic allies have deliberately fanned the flames of racial tensions over Arizona’s immigration law.

The state statute does nothing more than empower local police to enforce existing federal immigration laws. Overrun by Mexican drug cartels, a soaring crime wave and many illegal migrants, Arizona’s authorities are taking action to protect the border in the wake of federal government inaction. The state’s comprehensive immigration enforcement law is simply patriotic common sense and self-defense.

Mr. Obama, however, has blasted it as “misguided.” The liberal media is comparing the law to Hitlerism, a form of apartheid and white supremacy, supposedly for its racial profiling of Hispanics. The Rev. Al Sharpton is leading an economic boycott of the state. The attack on Arizona’s immigration law is an attempt to frighten Hispanics into believing that white Arizonans are seeking to impose a racial caste system. It is deliberately playing the races against one another to help Mr. Obama get higher voter turnout among minorities in November.

The consequences are the gradual Balkanization and breakup of America. The mainstream media refuses to report on one overriding reality: Racial violence has broken out in protest of Arizona’s law. Gangs of Hispanic protesters in Arizona have been throwing rocks and bottles at police, spitting at them and denouncing them as “pigs.” Massive rallies are planned across the country this weekend to demand amnesty for illegal aliens. Event leaders will use Arizona’s law as a rallying point to channel ethnic anger and rage.

Mr. Obama is fueling greater ideological, political and racial polarization. Not since the Civil War have Americans been so divided. He is laying the groundwork for a possible race war. Welcome to Mr. Obama’s fascist America (Washington Times, 2010).

Title: The Coming Race War
Date: July 24, 2010
Source: Feministe

Abstract: Well, Andrew Breitbart, smearing Shirley Sherrod in order to refute the NAACP’s resolution against “racist elements” in the Tea Party turned out to be a pretty bad idea. Yes, you cost her her job, but she’s making black people look good. It’s too bad you’re not like, a journalist, or something, and did some digging to find the full video before you declared it to be an example of reverse racism. Ms. Sherrod is actually a really worthwhile person, unlike yourself, and now the world knows it. So kudos to you for bringing our attention to a woman who was and is working to bring black people and white people together in solidarity during a time when so many are feverishly working towards the opposite.


I try to avoid watching Fox News. I hear about it on the real news and I see its headlines on my iGoogle page, but I can’t bring myself to waste the electricity changing the channel on my TV to “FNC”. Apparently Glenn Beck has been heralding the coming race war. I’ve always understood “the coming race war” to mean the time that racist white militias finally band together and kill off all the browns. I also thought it was a joke, and kind of funny. Beck, however, wants us to believe otherwise. He’s saying that the “New Black Panthers” are going to start a government-backed race war to kill off Big Whitey.

Of course this is silly. Fox News has been complaining about the tiny group of New Black Panthers for like a decade. I don’t know who they think Obama is, but if anything is true about him, it’s that he’s not demonstrably a militant black man. I’m more militant than he is, and I’m a bougie tragic mulatto living in the suburbs. I don’t see any medallions, dreadlocks or black fists adorning the Oval Office. But we’re supposed to believe that in between getting blamed for the oil spill and fomenting socialism, he’s been training this small elite squad of brothers to take out the white menace with the U.S. Army at their disposal? I’m really just speechless.

There was a time when I wasn’t always hearing about reverse racism, race wars, etc. in the mainstream media. It kind of seemed like most reasonable people had come to the conclusion that racism was bad, we needed to work against it, and that if you were a violent, loud mouthed racist you should just stay in your cabin and keep it to yourself. We didn’t worry about them because they stayed in the woods, for the most part, and everyone thought they were “crazy” anyway. I was focused on rooting out insidious racism, the kind that you can’t easily identify, the kind that exists in progressive communities, the institutional kind that deeply affects every person of color and which still exists today but has been obscured by all this blatant racism and the fact that we now have a black man in the White House.

I could be romanticizing pre-2008, but it just seems like we wouldn’t be seeing articles like “Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege” during the Bush years. They knew to keep their racism under wraps back then. I’m almost laughing to myself remembering when the GOP was respectful of black people because they felt like if they tried hard enough, they could lure a few over the fence. Case in point: Michael Steele, head of the RNC. He became head of the RNC during the 2008 campaign as, I think, a way to say “hey black people, we’ve got ourselves a Negro too!”, and also as a way to criticize Obama without seeming racist. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way they planned, and the black guy still won. So what’s the point of respecting black people or other nonwhite people now? They’re all just going to vote for the Colored, right? Because all people of color are a monolith, especially those predictable darkies.

I think the “racist elements” of the Tea Party/GOP are playing their end game. Calling him any name they can think of, blaming him for everything from AIDS to increased activity on the sun, doing anything they can think of to bring him down before the end game plays out. What happens then is yet to be seen. Will it be the repudiation of the Tea Party by the majority of U.S. citizens in this coming midterm election? Will it be the end (again) of acceptable blatant, virulent racism? Will something ominous happen to Obama? I couldn’t tell you. But you can’t be a right wing ideologue with unstable, easily manipulated followers and go on and on about a “coming race war” without something happening at the end. I know what some of Beck’s followers would really like it to be, and that’s scary.

I live in California, Los Angeles to be exact. I saw this on a bumper sticker the other day:

“Where’s Lee Harvey Oswald When You Really Need Him?” (Feministe, 2010).

Black Caucus Incites Race War Against Tea Party Americans
Date: August 31, 2011
Source: Infowars

Abstract: Playing the race card against the Tea Party is the only ammo Democrats have to fight against the growing movement toward a restoration of our constitutional republic.

But it is isn’t simply Democrats who fear the Tea Party. Republicans hate it too, as the daughter of John McCain revealed last year.

Neocons hate the Tea Party too. That’s why they are hyping the faux Tea Party candidate Rick Perry and have said nice things about Sarah Palin, who urged Obama to attack Iran. Perry is a Bilderberg elitist and Palin an outright neocon. The other supposed Tea Party candidate, Michele Bachman, who lavished praise on George W. Bush, is so desperate to win the election she is now promising to wave a magical wand and reduce gas prices.

Establishment Republicans – who are looters of wealth the same as their supposed ideological foes the Democrats – went out of their way to sabotage the Tea Party and turn it into a cheering section for the One Party state.

Hustlers of color are working overtime to rile up constituents who view the government as a magical ATM. They are inciting violence when they say Tea Party racists want to hang black people from trees and then instruct them to confront members at their homes. If they can’t keep their racket going, they will incite a riot.

The Black Caucus is afraid Tea Party Americans will finally reduce the size of the federal government and end the wealth redistribution scam that has gone largely unchallenged for more than sixty years.

It will take more than a few agents provocateurs at Tea Party rallies with racist signs to convince most Americans that those of us who want a return to the Constitution are members of the Ku Klux Klan (an organization taken over by the FBI under COINTELPRO).

Most people know the Black Caucus is pimping racism and using imagery from an Antebellum South that no longer exists to stir up emotions and keep the grand theft larceny going.

In the video we are told the Tea Party stands against poor people. In fact, the Democrat Black Caucus stands against poor people and black Americans. It is a front for the global elite who are equal opportunity creative destructionists determined to turn America into a third world backwater (Infowars, 2011).


When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1964, riots broke out nationwide in America. If and when U.S President Barack Obama is assassinated, we can expect the same thing, only that this time around the riots will be super-charged and provocateured by the full force of the U.S. government and its media propaganda machine. 

Based on the fallout from the London Riots of 2011, governmental provocation and instigation played heavily in the origination and fomentation of the riots. While the UK police stood down, rioters looted and caused mayhem with little or no regard for law enforcement. Based on the evidence and data available, the Obama administration will follow the London blueprint. Preparation for violent riots in America started immediately after the London riots subsided and riot drills are occurring across the nation. Whether the Occupy Wall Street protests are part of these riot drills is secondary, for as Mark Potok of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center recently stated, "I think there is a huge amount of anger out there...What we're really lacking at this moment is a kind of spark."

Why Police Were So Soft On London Looters: They 'Were Ordered To Stand And Observe' As Capital Burned (But In Manchester They Were Hunting Looters Within hours)
Date: August 10, 2011
Source: Daily Mail

Abstract: Police were ordered to 'stand and observe' rioters as they laid waste to London's streets instead of confronting them, it was claimed today.

Scotland Yard insiders have revealed teams were frustrated at their inability to wade in and arrest troublemakers while they looted and burnt out shops.

They had apparently been told to try and contain any violence but not to haul away offenders who would instead be identified through video footage later, according to The Times.

It was only on Monday night, when the riots escalated still further, that tactics changed and armoured vehicles called Jankels were used to disperse the crowds.

On Tuesday night, some 16,000 officers also flooded London's streets - almost triple the previous night's deployment - and they were finally given the green light to confront the gangs.

The Met has also come under fire for taking three days to issue any images of suspects - and then only releasing 12 grainy pictures. The Mail Online managed to produce another 30 with ease.

In contrast, Greather Manchester Police were issuing images online via social network sites within hours of similar violence in their area.

In Birmingham, police tracked down suspected rioters hours later and smashed into their homes to arrest them.

Officers mounted raids on around a dozen properties across the city and made seven arrests. They also recovered apparently looted items.

The police's tactics have led to much public criticism from residents and business owners, who are bemused at the 'soft' approach when their livelihoods are being ruined.

Eye witnesses have told of ranks of police standing by while mobs of youths rampaged and stole from shop fronts and terrorised residents.

However, it has been suggested that the approach may also have been dictated by the sheer scale of the problem with teams unable to spare officers to make arrests on the spot.

There have also been calls for far more robust measures - including plastic bullets, water cannon and even the Army - to quell the chaos. 

It has been suggested that the softer approach has been sparked by controversy over the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 riots and wider criticism of policing during protests.

Mr Tomlinson was struck by a policeman wielding a baton during the G20 protests in 2009 and shoved to the ground.

He suffered massive internal bleeding and died minutes later. The officer involved is now awaiting trial for manslaughter over his death.

Scotland Yard was also heavily criticised in the High Court in April for using 'kettling' during the G20 demonstrations.

Judges ruled the Met had broken the law in the way it kettled 5,000 protesters because it was 'unjustified' and an unlawful deprivation of liberty. 

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen insists 'nobody' gave any instruction to go soft. 'I'm now aware of any order to take things easy,' he told BBC's Radio 4 Today programme.

He said: 'We have had this allegation made a few times. You have to realise we had over 3,000 officers on Sunday night. That is the size of two small forces combined. It is a significant asset that we put out there.

'We filled the cells of London on Sunday and Monday night, we drove Jankels at looters - if that is taking things easy, I don't understand that logic.'

He admitted there were 'significant gaps' in the police response and that they were 'enormously stretched'.

But he insisted: 'As far as I'm concerned Chris Allison and Lynne Owens who led this did not give any instruction and nobody else has either.'

On wider tactics, he said everything 'from local engagement to extreme use of force' had been considered.

Officers trained in using baton rounds were ready if needed but there are currently no water cannon on the British mainland, he added.

Baton rounds, or plastic bullets, can only be used if sanctioned by the commissioner of the Met Police and have never been fired on the British mainland.

They were issued to police at the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham in 1985 but never used - although the weapons are apparently also issued annually for the Notting Hill Carnival (Daily Mail, 2011)

Title: NYPD Riot Units Conduct Drills
August 14, 2011
Metro News

Abstract: In the wake of the London riots, the NYPD Disorder Control Unit held a “mobilization exercise” on Randall’s Island on Friday to rehearse its response should out-of-control riots break out here, Metro has learned.

Approximately 180 police officers total from each borough’s task force, including the horseback and aviation units, came out for the drill, according to police.

“The London response wasn’t that great — they were outnumbered and taken by surprise,” said Mike Codella, a retired NYPD detective. When he was on the force, riot drills happened once a year at most, he said.

The training exercise comes the same week the NYPD has stepped up its monitoring of social media, used to organize mayhem across England and also to coordinate teen mobs in Philadelphia.

Police will now troll sites like Twitter and Facebook for suspicious activity, gang feuds and house parties as part of a new juvenile justice unit (Metro News, 2011).

Title: Mayor Bloomberg Predicts Riots In The Streets If Economy Doesn't Create More Jobs
Date: September 16, 2011
Source: NY Daily News

Mayor Bloomberg warned Friday there would be riots in the streets if Washington doesn't get serious about generating jobs.

"We have a lot of kids graduating college, can't find jobs," Bloomberg said on his weekly WOR radio show.

"That's what happened in Cairo. That's what happened in Madrid. You don't want those kinds of riots here."

In Cairo, angry Egyptians took out their frustrations by toppling presidential strongman Hosni Mubarak - and more recently attacking the Israeli embassy.

As for Madrid, the most recent street protests were sparked by widespread unhappiness that the Spanish government was spending millions on the visit of Pope Benedict instead of dealing with widespread unemployment.

Bloomberg's unusually alarmist pronouncement came as President Obama has been pressuring reluctant Republicans to pass his proposed job creation plan.

"The damage to a generation that can't find jobs will go on for many, many years," the normally-measured mayor said.

Bloomberg gave Obama kudos for coming up with a jobs plan.

"At least he's got some ideas on the table, whether you like those or not," he said. "Now everybody's got to sit down and say we're actually gonna do something and you have to do something on both the revenue and the expense side."

And everybody's got to share in the pain.

"When you start picking and choosing which groups do and do not, that's when it becomes unfair in a lot of people's minds," the mayor said. "But we're all in this together."

Obama didn't create this economic mess, it developed "over long periods of time," Bloomberg said.

Obama's approval rating has sunk along with the economy, but the ratings of the Republicans who have stymied his attempts repair the damage are even worse, most polls show.

Already, House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, has drawn a line on raising taxes on the rich to pay for Obama's proposed $447 billion jobs plan, which aims to help the middle class (NY Daily News, 2011).

Rush Limbaugh: Obama White House Is “Setting Up Riots”
October 6, 2011
Source: Ology

Abstract: On his program this afternoon, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the protests in Downtown Manhattan calling themselves Occupy Wall Street. He quoted an anonymous friend when he said that it is possible that the White House was behind the protests to some degree and claimed that the Obama Administration wanted to foment riots to advance an anti-corporatist agenda.

Limbaugh clarified on his program that it was not his opinion, nor would he say that he shares this opinion, merely that he was giving voice to a “prominent individual” who shared this opinion with Limbaugh.

Limbaugh was referencing President Obama’s acknowledgement of the Occupy Wall Street protests during an hour-long press conference held today in which the president said that the protests represent the “broad-based frustration” among Americans with the financial system. This has widely been interpreted, albeit tentatively, with the ongoing protests in near Wall Street.

The Occupy Wall Street protests also received a boost of support today from Vice President Joe Biden today at the Washington Ideas Forum: “Let’s be honest with one another,” said Biden. “What is the core of that protest? The core is: The bargain has been breached. The core is the American people do not think the system is fair, or on the level. That is the core is what you’re seeing with Wall Street(Ology, 2011).


The Fox funded and Fox distributed movie "Machete" is a violent race war film with endless racial killing. "Machete" was likely a beta-test aimed at testing the current race relations in America and is likely not the last race war film that Fox will fund and distribute. While there is no way to currently know, it is highly likely that racially charged films are sitting on the shelf right now awaiting the perfect time for release

Title: New Film ‘Machete’ Evokes Race War
Date: May 9, 2010

Abstract: Director Robert Rodriguez’ new film ‘Machete‘ has created controversy after a promotional trailer released online makes provoking comments about Arizona– namely its new immigration laws– before depicting a machete-wielding vigilante who leads an uprising and massacre against Texas authorities. The filmmakers called it a ’special’ Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona, inviting viewers into a violent on-screen race war with red-saturated 70s exploitation violence and endless killing.

YouTube Video

While some critics have praised this “message to Arizona” as being “most eloquent” on the immigration issue, others have become concerned about the message truly sent by a bloody and racially-charged film.

The trailer insinuates that the film’s lead is hired to assassinate a Texas senator rallying so hard against illegal immigrants that he calls their very presence on United States soil “terrorism.” However, ‘Machete‘ realizes he’s been betrayed, and instead set-up as a patsy for a failed-assassination attempt to be blamed on what is termed crudely by the film’s villains to be “Mexicans” and “cucarachas.” From there, he develops a taste for revenge and initiates an out-and-out killing spree, recruiting an angry mob along the way, whose leader decries “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” in downtown Austin.

The trailer shows a crowd all holding up machetes in preparation for battle. As the film is not scheduled for release until September, we cannot say whether the film will be as violent and over-the-top as the trailer implies, but if the wary crew members are any indication, this film could be an unwanted wedge of racial anger that no one wants unleashed.

Curiously, FOX, who is ‘Machete’s’ distributor, blasted the film in a May 6 articled entitled, “Violent movie declares war on Arizona for immigration law.” However, the article was pulled and deep-sixed. The URL pulled up a ‘page not found.’ Talking Points Memo blasts the fact in their article, “Fox News Scrubs Article Criticizing Fox’s Robert Rodriguez Film “Machete” as “Racist” & Declaring “War on Arizona.” Clearly, Rupert Murdoch & co. are playing both sides of a potentially explosive cultural-political issue. FOX won a ‘bidding war’ for the film, which grew out of a parody trailer spliced into the 70s-cult throwback “Grindhouse,” a double-header release featuring works by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, both notable for their excessive and stylistic violence.

It has been established that the Ford Foundation and other top organizations have funded and influenced groups like MEChA and La Raza. Border enforcement is lax because big businesses take advantage of the low wage labor; meanwhile, the same NAFTA, WTO and CAFTA visionaries ship jobs overseas and gut the industrial base in America. The clash of cultures is then pressured further by fiery rhetoric, mythically-driven liberation theology, perceived job opportunities, language barriers and political issues. For ‘Machete’ to call for such violence and glorify killings in relation to such a sensitive political topic is potentially criminal if it caused people to act out in real life.

So what of the role of cinema and television cultural products in the larger picture of shaping the opinions and habits of our increasingly naive and shallow population? One need only read between the lines, flip through the channels in a critically-evaluating way (rather than a hyponotic, dreamy way) and read the statements of the ruling elite, who have made sport of pushing our buttons. Public relations ‘founder’ Edward Bernays makes some very naked admissions about “controlling” and “steering” the public in his book Propaganda:

Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized… In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. (Ch. 1 Organizing Chaos)

Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government (p. 20)… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it (p.71).

British aristocrat Bertrand Russell also makes some very compelling statements about the intentional manipulation of public thought in his seminal The Impact of Science on Society:

I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Mass psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study… This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. It is, of course, as a science, founded upon individual psychology, but hitherto it has employed rule-of-thumb methods which were based upon a kind of intuitive common sense. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education’. Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the Press, the cinema and the radio play an increasing part.”

We now know that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms.

Threats and different types of attacks have already taken place by pro-illegal immigration protesters, particularly those incensed over the Arizona issue. Scares and potential threats have been made against political figures, including some “white powder” feared to be anthrax mailed to now Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Surely Rodriguez does not mean to tie in fantastical acts of racial violence with the very contentious issues that many immigrants are angry enough to act upon?

Divide & Conquer is an age old tactic, employed with skill by the British Empire’s “Great Game” strategists, who frequently pitted one tribe or nation against another to maintain control over their colonies and to expand their conquest into other territories. Leaders have been caught up in racial divide in the history of Mexico & Texas, despite a long history of co-mingling and harmony among white and hispanic populations in that era. ‘Machete‘ proves all too evocative of the infamous 1915 Plan of San Diego one of the most insulting episodes in history, where a plan was made to kill all white males and use an all-out race war to re-conquer the Southwest. More recently, the CIA has been known for writing & disseminating racially & religiously-charged textbooks to places like Afghanistan– a seed that grew well to destabilize the region.

Alex Jones has spoken out against this frightening trailer because it appears like political dynamite likely to incite real violence, riots or killings. He hopes to diffuse its possible effect before anyone is hurt, injured or worse. To the Hollywood creators of our un-reality, please do not use your powerful weapon of film as a wedge against the people or to suggest that we turn inwardly, violently against ourselves. ‘Machete‘ projects a dangerous image, and it is only fair to warn against its potential.

Director Robert Rodriguez should recognize the problem of potentially inciting real violence, and clarify his intentions with this film. Perhaps the controversy will drive the publicity and box office sales of this film, but I doubt he wants to have blood on his hands. Let’s hope the trailer is a poor indicator of the film’s message (Infowars, 2010).


In order to understand exactly how the U.S. government works its divide and conqueror methodology, look no further than Hal Turner. To the public, he was an ultra-right-wing radio talk show host and internet blogger with an audience of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, but was secretly working for the U.S. government the entire time. Should Obama be assassinated, count on Hal Turner types such as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck to incite racial riots and violence.

Title: Neo-Nazi Threatmaker Accused Of Working For FBI
Date: January 11, 2008
Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Abstract: New Jersey radio host Hal Turner is well known as one of the most vicious neo-Nazis in America, a man who routinely suggests killing his enemies.

Railing against President Bush, he told his audience last June that “a well-placed bullet can solve a lot of problems.” He has written that “we need to start SHOOTING AND KILLING Mexicans as they cross the border” and argued that killing certain federal judges “may be illegal, but it wouldn’t be wrong.” In 2006, after he published an attack on New Jersey Supreme Court justices that also included several of their home addresses, state police massively beefed up security for the members of the court, checking on one justice’s house more than 200 times.

YouTube Video

Hal Turner is one serious extremist. He may also be on the FBI payroll.

On Jan. 1, unidentified hackers electronically confronted Turner in the forum of his website for “The Hal Turner Show.” After a heated exchange, they told Turner that they had successfully hacked into his E-mails and found correspondence with an FBI agent who is apparently Turner’s handler. Then they posted an alleged July 7 E-mail to the agent in which Turner hands over a message from someone who sent in a death threat against Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.). “Once again,” Turner writes to his handler, “my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a possible crazy.” In what is allegedly a portion of another E-mail, Turner discusses the money he is paid.

On Thursday, as the E-mail exchange was heatedly discussed on a major neo-Nazi website, Turner suddenly announced he was quitting political work.

“I hereby separate from the ‘pro-White’ movement,” he said, adding that he was ending his radio show immediately. “I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it.”

The FBI declined comment. “Longstanding FBI policy prohibits disclosing who may or may not provide information,” Agent Richard Kolko of the agency’s press unit said. Reached in New Jersey, Turner also declined all comment.

The apparent revelation set off a torrent of criticism from experts in criminology and the use of informants. “This is clearly over the line,” said James Nolan, an associate sociology professor at West Virginia University who is an expert in police procedure and a former unit chief in the FBI’s Crime Analysis, Research and Development Unit. “Informants may be involved in drugs, and you overlook that because of the greater good. However, these are viable threats — they could be carried out — that the FBI clearly knows about. I want to see the FBI stop it.”

Informants, of course, are commonly used by law enforcement agencies that have no other way of proving suspected criminal activity. “These are frightening groups whose members deserve to be investigated and infiltrated,” said Jack Levin, a criminology professor and expert on the radical right at Northeastern University. “My concern is that Turner’s methods actually are more dangerous and destructive than the evil they are seeking to cure. His threatening messages may actually inspire neo-Nazis to up the ante, to engage in even more destructive behavior.”

Turner, 45, has developed a reputation as one of the hardest-line racists on the radical right since starting up his radio show seven years ago. He has routinely ranted about such things as a “Portable Nigger Lyncher” machine and slimed those he hates as “savage Negro beasts,” “bull-dyke lesbians,” “faggots” and worse.

But it is his threats that are legendary.

In 2006, Turner told his audience to “clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition … [and] then do what has to be done” to undocumented workers. Around the same time, he suggested that half the U.S. Congress “may have to be assassinated.” A year earlier, he suggested “drawing up lists of yeshivas,” or Jewish religious schools. He once started a website called for the purpose of posting photos and names of those who marched in favor of immigrant rights. Hearing that anti-racist activist Floyd Cochran was visiting Newark, N.J., last June, Turner said he had “arranged for a group of guys to physically intercept” Cochran and added that Cochran would likely “get such a beating that his next stop is going to be University Hospital.” In a July letter, Turner wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes the Intelligence Report: “If you do not change your stance soon, you will face a wrath of fury that you will never be able to defend yourself against. We have the ability to reach out and touch someone.”

Last July, Turner posted photographs of a pro-immigrant activist being taken away by an ambulance outside Turner’s North Bergen home. “Click the images below to see how I kicked the shit out of one such douchebag,” he wrote.

Reaction on the radical right to the apparent revelation was mixed, as activists tried to figure out if Turner really was an informant. But to many, there was little question it was Turner, based on the style of writing in the E-mails. “It does sound like Hal,” wrote “Varg” on the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi website. “I agree,” responded “Yankee Jim.” “The Email definitely sounds like Hal.”

Turner’s alleged E-mail to his FBI handler is also addressed to a detective sergeant with the New Jersey State Police who trained with the FBI Police Executive Fellowship Program in 2004. Interestingly, as long ago as May 2006, Turner wrote of a visit paid to him by the two men, saying they had come to his house to warn him that “Washington has instructed us to close you down.” In that same posting on his website, Turner described himself as the type to inspire “a whole slew of potential Timothy McVeighs. I don’t make bombs,” he added, “I make bombers.”

“It’s become so routine,” Turner said of FBI visits in a 2005 interview with The (Hackensack, N.J.) Record, “they are like my private FBI agents.” (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2008).

Hal Turner
  July 28, 2009

Abstract: Harold Charles "Hal" Turner (born March 15, 1962) is an American white nationalist, Holocaust denier and blogger from North Bergen, New Jersey. In August 2010, he was convicted for making threats against three federal judges with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Prior to Turner's arrest, his radio program, The Hal Turner Show, was a webcast from his home once a week.

Turner was a paid FBI informant for several years, supplying information about right-wing groups to federal agents. The original allegations that Turner acted as an informant for the FBI surfaced in 2008 after unidentified hackers claimed on Turner's website's forums that they had read email correspondence between him and an FBI agent, apparently his handler.

This led to a discussion on a neo-Nazi website on January 10, 2008, in which Turner revealed he was quitting political work, was ending his radio show and that he was separating "from the 'pro-White' movement".

The FBI has declined to comment on the matter. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League reported on the emails that "a neo-Nazi Website had posted material reportedly found by the hackers, including alleged exchanges between himself and law enforcement agents which indicated that Turner had been providing information to them."

On July 28, 2009 in a Chicago courtroom, Turner's defense lawyer said that Turner worked as a paid informant for the FBI. In December 2009, The Record published an investigative report on Turner's "complex" relationship with the FBI and Federal Marshalls, noting that all parties broke off contact at several points (Wikipedia, 2011).

Records Show Feds Used Ultra-Right Radio Host For Years
November 29, 2009
North Jersey

Abstract: They called him "Valhalla." But it was more than a nickname. For more than five years, Hal Turner of North Bergen lived a double life.

The public knew him as an ultra-right-wing radio talk show host and Internet blogger with an audience of neo-Nazis and white supremacists attracted to his scorched-earth racism and bare-knuckles bashing of public figures. But to the FBI, and its expanding domestic counter-terror intelligence operations in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Turner was "Valhalla" — his code name as an informant who spied on his own controversial followers.

YouTube Video

Turner's clandestine past was confirmed this past summer when he was jailed on charges that he made threats on his blog against three federal judges in Chicago. In court after his arrest, federal prosecutors acknowledged Turner's FBI ties but downplayed his importance and even described him as "unproductive."

But an investigation by The Record — based on government documents, e-mails, court records and almost 20 hours of jailhouse interviews with Turner — shows that federal authorities made frequent use of Turner in its battle against domestic terrorism.

As Turner took to his radio show and blog to say that those who opposed his extremist views deserve to die, he received thousands of dollars from the FBI to report on such groups as the Aryan Nations and the white supremacist National Alliance, and even a member of the Blue Eyed Devils skinhead punk band.

Later, he was sent undercover to Brazil where he reported a plot to send non-military supplies to anti-American Iraqi resistance fighters. Sometimes he signed "Valhalla" on his FBI payment receipts instead of his own name.

His dual life of shock jock and informant offers a window into the murky realm of domestic intelligence in the years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks — in particular, the difficult choices for the FBI in penetrating controversial fringe groups with equally controversial informants.

In interviews, conducted before Turner was released on bail, he said the FBI coached him to make racist, anti-Semitic and other threatening statements and now he feels double-crossed by the bureau after his arrest. The documents reviewed by The Record, however, show repeated instances of federal agents admonishing Turner for his extremism.

Federal prosecutors in Newark and Chicago declined to respond to Turner's claims, as did FBI officials. "We do not comment on matters before the courts and will not address Mr. Turner's allegations in the press," said the FBI's Weysan Dun, who runs the bureau's Newark field office.

Turner's "Valhalla" life will likely be on display this week when he is scheduled to go on trial for his alleged blog threats against three federal appeals court judges in Chicago who upheld a law banning handguns. The trial, originally set for Chicago, was switched to Brooklyn, with a judge flying in from Louisiana.

The trial may have its share of political intrigue. Turner's defense attorney, Michael Orozco, said he plans to subpoena Governor-elect Chris Christie to testify about whether he advised the FBI about Turner while Christie was U.S. attorney in Newark. On Friday, Orozco filed a motion to dismiss the case, accusing the government of "outrageous conduct."

But the center of the court battle will likely be the story of Hal Turner and his FBI connections, which began in 2003 with the Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force, and continued on and off until this year.

Rumors of Turner's FBI work surfaced two years ago after unknown Internet hackers electronically broke into his Web site and found e-mails between Turner and an FBI agent. Turner never acknowledged his FBI role until after his arrest in June — and then with a mix of anger and chagrin.

"Imagine my surprise," he wrote in one of several letters from jail to The Record, "when agents from the very FBI that trained and paid me came to my house to arrest me."

In a memo only two years earlier, the FBI said Turner "has proven highly reliable and is in a unique position to provide vital information on multiple subversive domestic organizations." The memo went on to say that Turner's "statistical accomplishments include over 100 subjects identified, over 10 acts of violence prevented and multiple subjects arrested."

"I was not some street snitch," Turner said in one of several lengthy interviews at the Hudson County Jail, where he was kept until the terms of his bail were worked out in October — terms that prevented him from talking to reporters after his release. "I was a deep undercover intelligence operative."

Misgivings on Both Sides
Whatever his role, one thing is clear: The relationship between Turner and the FBI often was rocky, with both sides cutting ties several times.

In March 2005, Turner abruptly quit. In a letter to his FBI handlers, he cited a "complete failure" by the agency "to achieve the goals for which I began the relationship," the "dismal lack of arrests," the failure to track down a "threat to kill me and my family" and "exploitation" by the FBI "to interfere with content of my Internet Web site."

By June, however, Turner was again on the FBI payroll. The FBI, meanwhile, harbored its own doubts about Turner.

Five days after Turner's March 2005 letter, an internal FBI memo summarized rising concerns that his rhetoric was too controversial and possibly dangerous.

"Is he a big mouth? Yes," the memo said. "Does he say really deplorable things? Yes. Is he a physical threat to anyone? I don't think so."

Records show the FBI continued this kind of questioning throughout its connection to Turner — valuing his ties to right-wing hate groups, but also worrying that his audience might follow up on his violence rhetoric.

In a July 2007 memo, Turner's primary FBI handler, Special Agent Stephen Haug, wrote that Turner "will continue to be admonished in the strongest possible terms and on a periodic basis about his rhetoric and the potential of it inciting acts of violence."

Haug went on to say that Turner would be "instructed to utilize his celebrity status to insure he continues to remind those who follow his rhetoric that such rhetoric is not intended to incite violence."

"In balance," Haug wrote, "this source's value outweighs the discomfort associated with source's rhetoric. Source's unique access provides important intelligence which, if lost, would be irreplaceable."

Turner, meanwhile, often tried to assure the FBI that his shock jock rhetoric was not serious. "The audience loves the rip-roaring radio psycho," he wrote in one e-mail to the FBI. "They literally throw money at it. Just be confident that the personality you hear (or hear about) on radio is not real life. I have zero intention of doing anything stupid."

Nonetheless, Turner's statements were closely watched.

In February 2008, in the midst of the presidential primary season, Turner attracted the attention of federal officials when he turned against then-Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

"I'm starting to come to the realization that it may be up to a sole person, acting alone, to make certain this guy is never allowed to hold the most powerful office in the world," Turner wrote on his Web site. He later removed the statement.

But later that year, court records show that he contacted federal authorities to say that he had heard of a possible assassination plot by white supremacists against the president-elect.

"I didn't like Barack Obama," Turner explained in an interview. "But he won the election."

Seven months after the possible threat to Obama, Turner was in FBI handcuffs — for allegedly threatening the Chicago judges.

"Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed," Turner wrote on his blog on June 2. "Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty."

Turner also posted photos of the judges, their work phone numbers and office addresses as well as a map of the courthouse that pointed out "anti-truck bomb barriers."

"The word 'deserve' is just an opinion," Turner later told The Record. As for posting the photos of the judges, he added: "I can't tell you to this day how sorry I am."

Even if he wins his federal case, Turner's legal problems will not be over. In June, Connecticut authorities charged Turner with inciting violence against state officials who supported a proposed state law to give Roman Catholic parishioners greater control over church finances.

In each case, Turner contends his words are protected as free speech under the First Amendment. Turner's attorney, Orozco, adds that other federal prosecutors routinely ignored his outlandish statements. "He has made other controversial remarks about judges, none of which have ever been prosecuted," wrote Orozco in a legal brief.

"I never intended for anybody to feel threatened," Turner said.

Longing to be Heard
Whatever his intentions, it remains unclear who the real Hal Turner is.

A fraud? A serious threat to homeland security? A white supremacist? A loyal citizen trying to help the FBI? A radio showman trying to build an audience — and income — with shocking statements?

After he was arrested by FBI agents in June, Turner was sent on a journey that took him to jails in Newark, Oklahoma and Chicago — often in solitary confinement. By late September, he was transferred back to New Jersey and sent to the Hudson County Jail in Kearny. In all, he spent 119 days behind bars.

In the interviews at the Hudson County Jail, Turner offered many glimpses of his personality and motivation.

"My country needed me," he said when asked why he accepted the FBI's offer in June 2003 to become an informant. "I'm a loyal, patriotic decent American citizen."

But why did he say — or hint — that some judges and other officials should be killed? Turner blames the FBI, saying that while agents never said he could threaten judges, they coached him on the limits of what he could say. As a result, Turner said he felt he had wide latitude.

"I was given specific instructions," he said. "Here, I am in prison, betrayed."

In one of his more controversial statements, Turner gloated over the murder of the husband and mother of a federal judge in Chicago in 2005. But Turner described his rhetoric as fake, arguing he hoped it "would solidify my anti-government credentials" among ultra-right-wing groups he was spying on.

As for hanging out with neo-Nazis and skinheads, Turner said, "That's not me. It never has been."

Raised in Ridgefield Park, the 47-year-old Turner labored more than a decade in a variety of positions with several moving-van companies. In 1988, while working for a moving company in Atlanta, Turner was arrested on a drug possession charge. In interviews, he said he had a cocaine addiction at the time and checked into a rehab program.

By the early 1990s, Turner moved to North Bergen and worked as a real estate agent. Within a few years, however, he began to dabble in politics, trying to beef up the Republican Party in overwhelmingly Democratic Hudson County. He also was a campaign manager in New Jersey for Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

Politics seemed to offer Turner something he never realized he had — a voice and a need to speak out on hot topics. Now, however, several close associates question whether that voice is authentic or just the work of someone looking for the limelight.

In 1997, when Ramapo College Finance Professor Murray Sabrin ran for governor on a libertarian platform, he hired Turner to manage his campaign. Turner was a frequent caller on WABC's popular talk radio shows with Bob Grant and Sean Hannity — "Hal from North Bergen," as he came to be known.

Turner surely had a conservative flair, especially on such issues as abortion and immigration. But Sabrin noticed a complete shift after Turner started his own talk radio show. In particular, Sabrin, who is Jewish, found some of Turner's remarks to be anti-Semitic.

"People have a public face and a private face," said Sabrin. "Everything that he is doing now is a complete 180-degree shift. It's totally opposite from what I knew. I don't know where this is coming from. I certainly wouldn't have tolerated it."

For several years, the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based civil rights group, has regularly monitored Turner's radio broadcasts and blog. Indeed, the center was one of the first organizations to raise questions that Turner might be an FBI informant.

Hearing now that Turner admits to being an informant, the center's director of research, Heidi Beirich, was especially critical of the FBI. "We've never seen anything like this with informants. It's essentially idiotic on the part of the FBI. Anybody who spent two seconds looking at Hal Turner's Web site would know he is a wild hare," she said.

Indeed, Turner's own recounting of his life with the FBI does not always mirror what records show he did.

Turner, for example, says the FBI asked him to participate in a mission to plug leaks of information inside the Department of Justice to a variety of groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League. Turner also says the FBI asked him to specifically criticize such African-American leaders as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

"I was supposed to be a counterbalance to Sharpton," Turner said.

Officially, the FBI declined comment on those unproven stories by Turner. The documents bear no trace of those operations. 

Expedition to Brazil
Unofficially, FBI and other federal officials expressed a mix of dismay and outright anger when told of Turner's claims of being coached to make provocative statements.

"Absurd," said one. Another added: "And pigs will fly beginning with the next full moon. It never happened."

During interviews with The Record, Turner was at times unclear on some details. FBI records indicate, for example, that he did not become an informant until June 2003; Turner originally said he was recruited by federal agents in 2002, but later said he was mistaken.

Along with Haug of the FBI, his other regular contact was Leonard Nerbetski, a New Jersey State Police detective assigned to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Requests to interview Haug and Nerbetski were turned town by the FBI and by the state police.

In an early communication, Turner reported to the FBI about a meeting in Elmwood Park by the National Alliance. A few months after that, FBI records show that Turner was reaching out to several national leaders of the alliance.

FBI memos indicate that the bureau had appropriated as much as $100,000 for Turner's work as an informant.

"It was good money," said Turner, who would not say how much he was ultimately paid by the FBI.

Turner said he was earning about $15,000 a month from his suddenly popular radio show and blog.

As 2004 wore on, Turner found himself reporting to the FBI about a possible theft of evidence in a Bergen County drug case and about an attempt to set up a chapter of the Aryan Nations in northern New Jersey.

A year later, with the FBI paying for his visa and passport renewal, Turner embarked on his most ambitious mission — to confer with a wealthy white supremacist in Brazil who was considering making a $1 million donation to his American counterparts.

While in Brazil, Turner also reported meeting a World War II German Luftwaffe flying ace and linking up with a representative of the Brazilian Arab Society, who discussed a plan to ship $10 million in consumer goods to anti-American Iraqi resistance fighters.

After Turner returned to New Jersey, the records show that the FBI investigated the Arab Society representative and even reached out to U.S. officials in Brazil for help in monitoring his activities. But it's not clear if the $10 million shipment was attempted.

The $1 million donation also never materialized, records show. The Brazilian benefactor backed out of the deal when an American white supremacist did not accompany Turner on the trip.

Records indicate the FBI wanted Turner to return to Brazil to spy on white-supremacist training there. But Turner never went. While in Brazil, Turner said, he carried a gun for protection, which was not authorized by the FBI.

Only a few weeks after returning to the United States from Brazil, Turner again found controversy. In a radio broadcast, he targeted African-Americans.

"A full day of violence against blacks would be a really nice thing," he said.

Turner went on to call for "lynchings, church burnings, drive-by shootings and bombings to put these subhuman animals back in their place," according to a report complied by the Anti-Defamation League.

The episode illustrates the complicated relationship between the FBI and Turner. Despite Turner's racist radio rhetoric, the FBI also valued his undercover work — and was apparently willing to take a risk with him again — and pay him, too.

For example, a July 2005 memo by the FBI said Turner had been paid $10,365 in the previous fiscal year and that he "provided information which continues to be highly accurate and sensitive."

Turner continued to reach out intermittently to the FBI — with tips including a possible KKK murder plot — until June 2, 2009, the day he posted the alleged threats on his blog about the Chicago judges.

In an e-mail that day to the FBI, Turner says he has heard reports that agents had interviewed skinheads and others about him.

"Am I unapproachable?" Turner asked in the e-mail. "Geez, I'd think by now I would have proved myself. It's not like I'm gonna go postal or anything."

Three weeks later, Turner was arrested.

Four months after that, Turner, unshaven and wearing frayed green prison garb and fumbling with a loose tooth, sat in an interview room at the Hudson County Jail and pondered his journey — from shock jock to FBI informant to inmate charged with a serious federal crime.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," he said (North Jersey, 2009).

The Hal Turner Timeline:

1992: Serves as the North Jersey coordinator for Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign.

1994: Organizes a rally in Trenton, attended by members of the white supremacist Nationalist Movement, in support of WABC radio host Bob Grant.

1996: On Curtis Sliwa’s radio show, reveals the name of a sex offender who had moved to Englewood, thus violating the confidentiality restrictions of Megan’s Law.

1997: Manages the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign of libertarian Murray Sabrin.

2000: Enters elective politics and comes in last in a three-way primary race for the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Bob Menendez.

2002: Begins broadcasting daily radio show; speaks at rally of the Aryan Nations in north-central Pennsylvania.

2003: Recruited by the FBI as confidential informant “Valhalla”; attends National Alliance meeting in Elmwood Park and its leadership conference in West Virginia.

2004: Provides information on the National Alliance, Aryan Nations and Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as well as on a white supremacist plotting to bribe a judge and steal the evidence in his cocaine trial in Bergen County.

2005: Designated an extra-territorial source by FBI headquarters, travels to São Paulo, Brazil, and meets a noted white supremacist who wanted to donate up to $1 million to the American National Alliance. He also reportedly meets a member of the Brazilian Arab Society who proposes a venture to ship U.S. consumer goods to the Iraqi resistance.

2006: Travels to rallies around the country and warns FBI about pending attacks on two white supremacists suspected of being informers, and a television news reporter.

2007: Citing serious control problems, the FBI’s Detroit office closes Turner as a confidential informant after he refuses to call off a “Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism” he organized in Kalamazoo, Mich. “While source’s closing may negatively impact the timeliness of future receipt of information concerning potential extremists, this information is not so valuable as to outweigh source’s uncooperative and renegade behavior.” It is not the end of his relationship with the FBI.

2008: Hackers break into Turner’s computers and post an exchange of e-mails between him and his FBI handlers. He is warned to close down his show and Web site or other e-mails would be made public.

2009: Turner is arrested in separate cases for allegedly posting threats against Connecticut lawmakers and three federal judges in Chicago (North Jersey, 2009).