Whether people like Obama or not, the staged or real assassination of Obama must be stopped at all costs. An assassination "event" of Obama would ultimately divide America between black and white, Democrat and Republican, and would inevitably cause riots, looting, violence, bloodshed and chaos across America.

Obama Family Targeted
Obama family death threats, scares and emergencies indicate that the Obama family may be targeted in the near future. While Obama himself is still a major false-flag terror target, the shift to Obama’s family appears to have been made after shortly after the foiled 2012 DNC Terror Plot on September 6, 2012.  Based on recent Obama family news events and propaganda, Michelle Obama or the Obama daughters may be attacked, killed or kidnapped in a desperate attempt to instantly give Obama global attention and to possibly start a race war in America. Interestingly, on October 27, 2012, just 10 days prior to the 2012 election, Al Qaeda called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners with the purpose of trading victims for Islamic jihadist prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay.

Obama White House Rigged for Demolition
On September 12, 2012, it was reported that after nearly two years and $86 million worth of construction,
the West Wing of the Obama White House has emerged from its visual seclusion “remarkably unchanged”. According to the report, the construction project began in September of 2010 with the excavation of a huge multistory pit in front of the West Wing. Aside from the suspicious construction, the White House has been the target of a number of high-profile terror plots and threats: On January 18, 2012, it was reported that an Occupy Wall Street protester threw a smoke bomb over the fence of the White House. Two months later on March 8, 2012, it was reported that a top hacker and committed anarchist who worked closely with the LulzSec, openly spoke of burning down the White House. Six months later on September 30, 2012, it was reported that the White House was attacked by hackers allegedly linked to China’s government. The unprecedented cyber-terror attack targeted the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, ultimately breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands. A month later on October 21, 2012, it was reported that a year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials

Spectacular terrorism demands an audience and there is no better place for it than Live TV. The images of terror must be burned into the collective mind of the masses in order have their desired terrorizing effect. Due to the 30-60 second lifespan of an assassination attempt, a sitting TV audience must already be in place prior to the assassination taking place. The future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama will be no different and it is highly likely that his assassination will transpire at some live political or sports function that is being broadcast worldwide on television. As the L.A. Times headline from the 2008 Democratic National Convention foreshadowed, "Plot Unfolds To Assassinate Obama On National TV". With history as our guide, it is highly likely that Barack Obama will assassinated on Live TV. Due to Obama's fame and celebrity status, it is likely that the event Obama attends will have a massive TV audience ranging somewhere between 75 and 100 million people who will witness the assassination.

Access: Obama Assassination on Live TV

As with most earth changing events of the last 50 years, the slogan "AS SEEN ON TV" can be dutifully applied. The election and future assassination of a black U.S. President is no different. The information contained within movies and television is scientifically and subliminally programming America for future events, namely the assassination of Barack Obama. The following TV shows and movies give insight into the future assassination of U.S. Barack Obama: "The Manchurian Candidate" (2004), "24" (2006), "Shooter" (2007), "Death of a President" (2008), "Rise of the New Right" (2010), "Homeland" (2011).

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Access: Secret Service Scandals

On July 15, 2011, a Dragunov sniper rifle was reported stolen from a U.S. military base along with 26 AK 74's. Why the U.S. is storing Russian made weapons at a U.S. military base is beyond comprehension, but the weapons were allegedly stolen nonetheless. Should Obama be killed JFK style, rest assured a sniper rifle will be used and the Russian angle regarding the Dragunov will again be played up in the media. 

Access: Obama Assassination Rifle?

Just as Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011, had its own Joint Threat Assessment memo from the U.S. government, so too does the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. In reality, a "Joint Threat Assessment" nothing more than public premeditation, issued in writing, of the act of terror itself and are issued to gain plausible deniability whereby providing political cover if and when an act of terror is committed.

After a terror attack, the government agencies who issue the memo can emphatically state that there was a known threat and that they issued the warning in response to the alleged known threat. The "2010 State of the Union Address: Joint Threat Assessment" is the first ever know U.S. Presidential "Joint Threat Assessment" and unfortunately 8 of the 10 pages are either missing or have been classified. Shortly after its release, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz echoed the Joint Threat Assessment stating that Obama assassination "Is most likely, though, to be a lone assassin...rather than an organized network".

Access: Joint Threat Assessment Memos

The U.S. and Israeli government apparently know the inner workings of the plot to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama because they are all predicting the exact same thing: a "lone wolf" or "lone offender" will attack Obama. A "lone wolf" or a "lone shooter" is much easier to handle publicly, criminally and politically than a grand conspiracy. The propaganda groundwork for the "lone" Obama assassin has been fed to the American public via mainstream and alternative media outlets in an attempt to divert attention from the real terrorist group that will execute Obama: Israeli Mossad. Remember, "Lone Wolf" is the new terror buzzword and it means that everyone in America is now a terror suspect.

Access: "Lone Wolf" Obama Assassin

On April 25, 2010, would-be Obama assassin Joseph McVey, 23, was arrested while impersonating a police officer in North Carolina. Aside from being armed with a gun, McVey was "driving a car that was made to look like a law enforcement vehicle with working lights and sirens." Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged shooter of the Norway Terror Attacks, was also dressed as a police officer and so too may be Obama's shooter. At Obama's presidential inauguration in January of 2009, 40,000 agents and officers from some 94 police, military and security agencies were on duty including more than a dozen counter-sniper teams that were stationed along the inauguration parade route. An officer could go rouge at any moment and there is no way to know which officers are on the take.

Access: Obama Assassination & Fake Cops

Just in time for the upcoming Obama assassination, two white individuals with McVeigh sounding names were arrested in attempted assassination plots on U.S. President Barack Obama. On April 25, 2010, Joseph S. McVey, 23 was arrested in North Carolina, and on July 7, 2011, James V. McVay, 41, was arrested in North Dakota. Interestingly, Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged shooter of the Norway Terror Attacks, has also been repeatedly compared to Timothy McVeigh. Should Obama be assassinated, the shooter will likely suffer the same fate.

Access: Obama Assassination Plots & Patsies 

Zbigniew Brzezinski who dealt directly with Osama bin Laden in the early 1980's is none other than Barack Obama's foreign policy adviser. Since bin Laden's death, Brzezinski appears to be recycling the bearded Islamic boogeyman myth with alleged terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki who was coincidentally dining at the Pentagon months after 9/11. Should Barack Obama be assassinated, there is little doubt that Anwar al-Awlaki & Co. will take the credit for the attack and finger alleged "rightwing" white American accomplices in the process. An assassination of Obama by Al Qaeda would give America, and the world for that matter, a newly conceived perception that Al Qaeda has the power to remove world leaders. This would obviously be a huge shot in the arm for the flailing War on Terror.

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The list of potential scapegoats for the assassination of Obama and future false-flag terror attacks is quite long, but fails to include Israel which has routinely committed acts of terror against their own people, the Palestinians, and the American people. The biggest threat to U.S. world domination domestically and globally are as follows: 9/11 Truthers, Al-Shabaab, Christians, Gun Owners, Iran, Palestine, The Haqqani Network, The Irish, The Tea Party & Ron Paul, and U.S. Military Veterans.

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Should Barack Obama be assassinated, the state of Israel and their Mossad would be the likely assassins. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz stated in 2010 that, "Obama's election may usher a political climate that could produce an assassination attempt...It is most likely, though, to be a lone assassin, he says, rather than an organized network." The Secret Service is investigating Atlanta Jewish Times owner and publisher Andrew Adler for calling for President Obama's assassination when he described the third of three options that Israel must take in regards to Iran:

"Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies. Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?"

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As if singing in concert, individuals from all walks have life have predicted the future assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama. Do these celebrities know something we don't? Is there a master plan to assassinate Obama?

Obama Assassination Predictors: Nobel winner Doris Lessing (2008), Governor Jesse Ventura (2008), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2008), Oscar winner Samuel L. Jackson (2008), Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi (2008 & 2009), KKK Head Ray Larson (2009), the Nostradamus Child (2010), TV personality Glenn Beck (2010), Infowars host Alex Jones (2010), and First Lasy Michelle Obama (2011)

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Three distinct and rather shocking events regarding Obama's security have occurred within a 13 month time frame, none of which have ever occurred to any of the previous 43 U.S. Presidents. The first two incidents, the "White House Fence Jumper" and the "White House Security Breaches", appear to be false-flag operations aimed at subverting the reputation of the Secret Service in order to convince Obama that he needed an extra layer of security and protection. The third incident a few months later was likely hinged on the fallout from two previous security breaches when Obama was subsequently given a secret and unprecedented security team entitled the "Presidential Threat Task Force".

The new task force enables access to Obama outside of the Secret Service and makes a future assassination all the more likely. The "Presidential Threat Task Force" is so secret that to date there has only been one news article written about it, ever. Roughly 8 months after the security breaches, the new Presidential Threat Task Force that now protects Obama was instituted. The "special" U.S. Presidential protection task force operates within the FBI’s National Security Branch and consists of 20 representatives from pertinent agencies including the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, the NSA, the Defense Department, and unnamed analysts. 

Access: Presidential Threat Task Force

The amount of individuals and terror groups that allegedly want to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama is staggering. While some of the noted cases may in fact have been legit threats to Obama, most if not all of them appear to be staged events conducted to give the appearance that Obama is in tremendous danger.

Subsequently, almost all suspects charged have never had a trial or been convicted of any crime. An evaluation of the weapons, plots, and rhetoric contributed to these men and woman appear to be ripped from a bad movie. After almost four years and more than 45 blatantly unsuccessful assassination plots, mental deficiency or retardation must be attribute to these suspects unless they are indeed patsies in a bigger scheme orchestrated by intelligence agencies. While not infallible, the following data regarding would be Obama assassins and plots is the most comprehensive list ever compiled. 

Access: Obama Assassination Plots & Patsies

The memos produced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) actually predict the future. The DHS is so in tune with terrorist activity that they routinely predict what type of terror events will occur, who will commit them, and why the perpetrators were inspired to carry out the attacks. All that seems to be missing from their memos is the actual date of the attack and the names of the individuals responsible. In regards to the assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama, DHS's "Rightwing Extremism" states that "rightwing terrorists" are "antagonistic" and that these terrorists are in the "early planning stages" of an attack on Obama. A few months after this report was published, DHS along with the FBI, US Capitol Police, U.S. Northern Command, the National Counterterrorism Center and a host of other agencies published the 2010 State of the Union: Joint Threat Assessment which basically spell out the who, what, and where of the upcoming assassination of Obama. 

Access: DHS Obama Assassination Memos

The Osama bin Laden assassination ordered by U.S. President Barack Obama on May 1, 2011, clearly puts a fresh bulls-eye on Obama by the alleged terror group Al Qaeda. The blatant murder of Bin Laden, whether real or perceived, gives well needed plausible deniability to the Israeli Mossad if and when they decide to assassinate Obama. While it's not clear who's responsible for the horrendous war on terror script writing, it is clear that it's getting more pathetic and predictable by the day. While news sources confirmed that Osama passed away on December 26, 2011killing him again to incite an alleged revenge killing appears to be the underlying motive as evidenced by the rash of recent news articles that Osama bin Laden has a plan to assassinate Obama. The assassination of SEAL Team 6 on August 6, 2011, shows that an Obama assassination plan by "Al Qaeda" may already be underway. This was the exact same SEAL team that allegedly killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1, 2011, and it plays quite nicely into the narrative of revenge. Although the military and the media state that none of the SEAL Team 6 members that died in the crash actually participated in the Osama bin Laden assassination, intelligence from the military families who lost their sons state otherwise. 

Access: Osama's Revenge 

Alex Jones is the host of the Infowars radio show which boasts an audience of over 2 million gun-owning Americans. Aside from calling for a violent revolution, but not in those words, Jones' Infowars crew was allowed unfettered access to Operation Mountain Guardian and will likely play some role (judas goat) in the aftermath of future Mumbai style terror attacks on America. If Alex Jones' behavior on December 31, 1999, is any indication (Jones went on air and repeatedly stated that Russia had nuked America on the eve of Y2K), Jones will again attempt to bait his listeners into a full-blown panic and subsequently order his audience to attack the U.S. federal government in the wake of staged terror attacks. Coincidentally, Jones is holding a "money bomb" on November 3, 2011, in which he is attempting to bilk another $500,000 dollars out of his audience just prior to his scheduled betrayal of America. Pictured on the Jones' webpage is a rocket ship taking off, which is exactly what Jones will do after his attempt at prematurely ejaculating the 2nd American Revolution is completed.  

"You don't know who's good or bad until you get to that crisis point."
 ~Alex Jones, October 14, 2011

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