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If you would like to order something, please print an order form, include your check for full payment (made out to CSIMA) and send to school with your student to give to their director. If you are going to use PayPal (see below the coordinating buttons) you must still send in your order form with a copy of your payment receipt from PayPal. If your order is received without a check or payment receipt, your order will not be placed!  Verification of payment must be included with each order!

There is a charge for using our PayPal service, please understand we are a non-profit and cannot afford to pay the fees that these services charge us!

If you have any questions, please direct them to our boutique chairperson Kate Salathiel at katesalathiel@gmail.com .

You are also welcome to mail forms and payment to:       

P.O. Box 1018
Clarkston, MI  48347
Attn: Boutique

Click here for the CSIMA boutique order form
            Print for images and using the PayPal option