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Almost, Maine-Cast List

posted Mar 17, 2017, 4:52 PM by Andrew Keat
Thank you all for your patience. This has been one of the most challenging casting experiences of my career. We have incredible talent at Chatfield, and not enough roles to fill. I would encourage everyone to ensure their enrollment in the Children's Theatre class next semester. We will be taking one acts to the Thespian Conference next year! 

Almost, Maine

Pete-Connor Mace
Ginette-Katie McCraw

East-Damon Haggans
Glory-Stephanie Kiel

Jimmy-Atticus Levy
Sandrine-Georgia Moore
Waitress-Alyssa Oldham

Steve-Chandler Brown-Tuffield
Marvalyn-Autumn Mejia

Gayle-Eliana Stromberg 
Lendall-Dawson Cummings

Randy-Cole White
Chad-Jason Suchomel

Phil-Davis Moline
Marci-Haley Skarulis

Man-Adrian Leyba
Hope-Hope Trapp

Dave-Nate Pixley
Rhonda-Ren Turner

Thank you all again!