About RAID

CSG RAID is an action group created in response to Chiltern District Council’s announcement of a public consultation on the siting of a Gypsy and Travellers Site in Chalfont St Giles on Green Belt Land at the end of The Lagger.  CSG RAID’s aim is to act as a focal point to inform, advise, mobilise, and most of all encourage individual villagers to respond to the proposal in an appropriate and effective way. 
To this end, a number of concerned residents recently set up CSG RAID, which has already embarked on a number of activities to raise awareness of the seriousness of the proposal, and the urgent need to respond by 14th October 2013 at 5 pm, when the consultation period ends.
The heart of Chalfont St Giles is officially designated a Conservation Area, affording special protective measures to preserve the character and appearance of the village. Chalfont St Giles has a strong sense of community of which we can all be proud. To preserve the identity of the village and safeguard it for future generations we need to act now.  CSG RAID can not do this for you but we can do it with you.  It is essential for every one of us to understand the implications of allowing such an inappropriate development of the proposed site, and the responsibility we all have to protect our village.
CSG RAID understands the pressure on local authorities across the country to respond to central government's requirements for more sites to be made available, but believes strongly this this proposal is inappropriate for a number of reasons - all detailed here.
Encouraging residents to respond to planning applications is often met with apathy and disinterest.  However, CSG RAID believes that this proposal, if approved, will have a lasting impact on not only local residents, but also the wider population throughout the village. It is in the interests of all us that Chiltern District Council is left in no doubt as to the concerns of everyone in the village, and that means that everyone should be encouraged to write and express their views.