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Had a long week.....

veröffentlicht um 31.01.2013, 15:28 von blyatspinat
Hi Guys,
ive made a few new things for the ASGL GUI 2013.


+ Added effects to the Background
  + Animated stars

+ Re-Designed Scoreboard
  + Added "Clanname" Bar.
  + Graphical changes
  + Layout changes

+ Re-Designing a new "Chooseteam"-Window.

  + New Pictures @ T & CT-Windows
  + Added new Font
  + Teams are RED and BLUE now.

(Never see Valve's crappy Yellow Teamcolor again!:D)
+ small changes to other Files (Actually only in my mind ;D)

I have to redo some things because of Updates from 31.1.2013.
Need to use the Updated files to keep the new functions working.

Stay tuned-IN !