Search Engines

This site contains different types of search engines-choose the one that you likeĀ 

A search engine is a tool used to find files, images, videos,news items or any other data. Most search engines provide a single interface to search for different types of information.In this site is a collection of search tools that provide better search results.

The CSE search engine allows you to search for a customized search engine that you want. The customized search engines are made using the Google customised search engine interface.The CSE search engine can be followed at coop search blog.

A tool called the Google Result filter is also available. It takes multiple query's and finds which of these have search engine results on Google and separates them accordingly.

The search engine nightmare is a search engine spoof that generates results using a java script to link to sites like delicious, simpy, wikipedia, technorati etc.. for the query given.